8 Best Wholesale Suppliers to Buy Direct from China

Do you have a problem finding bulk orders for your business?

Do you want to buy goods from China wholesale suppliers?

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You are at the right place.

Let me share my experiences with buying wholesale from China suppliers. You will see why buying wholesale from China is possible and easy after reading this article.

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Three Steps to Locate China Wholesale Suppliers

Many people have heard that China’s long delivery times and high MOQs can be a barrier to wholesale purchases. You will learn why buying wholesale from China is a safe and easy option if you read the rest of this article.

If you are able to find the right place and how to, it is possible to buy wholesale in China.

Step1 – Find and research your supplier

Option 1: Buy from Chinese Wholesale Sites

You can begin your China wholesale website right away.

There are pros and cons to both:

* Many wholesale sites offer lower minimum orders than factories.

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This is because factories are more expensive to produce. They are reluctant to accept small orders.

Wholesale can be purchased anywhere and at any time

The internet has made it possible to do business online. Many Chinese websites offer bulk buying, such as Chinabrands and Alibaba.

• Save time and effort

You can have a long-lasting relationship with the right supplier as long as they are reliable. It is easy to buy wholesale online. You only have to wait for orders. It is important to choose a reliable supplier. To track the status of your order, it is better to have tracking numbers. Trustworthy logistics such as DHL, EMS, and others are also recommended.

* You cannot check the quality of the item on your own

It is possible that the goods you receive aren’t as beautiful as the pictures on the website.

Option 2: Visit trade shows and factories

Guangzhou hosts China’s largest trade show

There are pros and cons to both:

* You might get a lower price

You can save money by directly negotiating with the manufacturer. There are many factories on the trade show. There are many options available to help you choose the right one.

* This is a great place to discover new products

You can find the latest trends in the future season by contacting hundreds of manufacturers.

* You must visit China

It can be time-consuming. It takes at least one week for you to visit the factory or exhibition and negotiate with suppliers. It is not necessary if you do not intend to purchase large quantities of merchandise. You can’t visit all the suppliers at an exhibition in a single time.

Notice: China’s trade shows are generally held in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangdong.

Option 3: Find Wholesale Companies from Directory Websites

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One most popular directoryof wholesalers and suppliers in China

There are pros and cons to both:

There are many wholesale companies to choose from

Directory websites are intended to provide information and services for the public. A list of wholesale businesses is available according to various fliters. To find reliable suppliers, search for information in renowned directories like Globalsources and Salehoo.

* Contact the manufacturers yourself

The directory only provides information about manufacturers including their location and price. You can inquire for more information on your own.

* Higher MOQ Orders

It is easy to understand that you work with factories and manufactories. Therefore, orders can be limited.

Step2 – Record price, location, and other services

You need to choose a wholesaler many times before you can determine if they are right for you. Before we can choose a Chinese wholesaler, it is important to do some research. This includes recording the location and price of the wholesaler to help you decide which one to buy wholesale from China.

Why should we be focusing on wholesale suppliers?

All supliers come from China but they all have their own business models and service. You can get free shipping or discounts on some, but it is important to weigh all costs.

Step3 – Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

It doesn’t matter how much inventory you have. Wholesale MOQ is a great way to lower your business’ risk.

To manage your inventory, it is important to establish a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Manufacturers will often ask for orders of 500-1000 or more items. However, even though the price may seem lower, it is important to remember that inventory can sell quickly. Even if the item can be sold quickly, it’s a good idea to keep it in stock if it is a hot seller. You should understand the benefits of a minimum order quantity. Sellers on Amazon and eBay tend to lower their risk and have an efficient inventory management.

A minimum order quantity is required to wholesale a trail. It is safe to order from China online, do you think? If you are able to find out where and how to purchase from China, it is safe. To reduce risk, wholesale a minimum quantity to ensure that the wholesaler is tested. Although it doesn’t cost much, a minimum order speaks for itself. It is easy to determine the delivery time, product quality, customer service, as well as other details.

China’s Best Wholesale Suppliers

Many international buyers travel to China to buy wholesale products and then resell them to their home countries. Imagine you are looking to import electronics, clothing and toys. Here are 10 reliable companies that I found to import wholesale products from China.


They eliminate intermediate links and ship directly from the producers to their foreign customers. The products are more affordable. They will be cheaper than what you can find elsewhere. Chinabrands allows you to purchase directly from their stock, which is stored by their cooperating manufacturers.


* Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

* They can integrate with multiple platforms

* Choose from over 5000+ manufacturers and 500000 SKUs

* These points can be used to offset the cost of your payment.

* Only work with Chinabrands team. They handle everything efficiently.


It is well-known for its ecommerce website from China. It is the largest wholesale b2b site. Alibaba is a marketplace that allows you to purchase products from other manufacturers. There are likely to be fraud manufacturers so make sure you do your research before purchasing.


* Headquarter: Hangzhou, China

* It is composed of small businesses from China

Alibaba can help you find any product

* Generally, has higher MOQs that other platforms.


Alibaba Group acquired AliExpress to allow Chinese companies to sell to foreign customers. They offer both a b2b ecommerce website and a b2c one. Similar to Alibaba, Aliexpress allows you to purchase from various companies that are selling on Aliexpress.


* Headquarter: Hangzhou, China

* There are many suppliers and products.

* There are generally MOQ limits.

* Aliexpress products are not part of the website.

Global Sources

This directory is well-known for its foreign trading capabilities. Fliters can be used to find information about all types of factories and categories. They are well-known for their regular Hong Kong trade fairs, which allow international business to meet with Chinese manufacturers face-to-face.


* Headquarters: Hong Kong, China

* Huge selection of China wholesale suppliers and products

* They are well-known for helping international sellers.


Lightinthebox, an online shop that combines B2B and B2C is a popular seller with a wide selection of products. You can chat online to ask questions about products and services.


* Headquarters: Beijing, China

* All items will be shipped by Lightinthebox staff

* Although they are a small category, cell phones and dresses from this brand sell very well.


DHgate is similar in concept to AliExpress. They are a b2b wholesale business that sells products from mainly small and medium-sized Chinese manufacturers. There are approximately 40 million products listed on their websites. Many companies have their own store pages on DHgate. It is recommended to contact sellers to inquire about scams.


* Headquarters: Beijing, China

* DHgate offers 40 million SKUs

* Buying bulk is the best option.

* You are purchasing from Chinese manufacturers registered on DHgate.

All 6 top China wholesale websites are very affordable. Their business models are different and therefore the risk. Continue reading to find the answers to your frequently asked questions.

FAQs on Wholesale Purchases from China

1. Where can I find Chinese wholesalers online?

Part 1 has already solved the problem. Let’s summarize.

* Buying from Chinese Wholesale Sites

* Directory of Wholesale Companies

* Visit Trade Shows to Find out more

You will also find a list with Chinese wholesalers. These wholesalers can be viewed individually.

2. Do you allow me to launch my own private brand on wholesale products

Yes. You can negotiate with manufacturers as long as they are your supplier. They will generally do what you want. They might not be able to fulfill large orders or reject you. You will need to pay extra fees if you wish to have your products private labeled. Delivery times can also be lengthy.

3. Products made for China are not in compliance with foreign labelling regulations.

This problem is not a major concern. Here are the top 6 Chinese wholesale companies. All of them are geared towards foreign ecommerce businesses. Most of their products comply with foreign labelling requirements. They have the ability to notify sellers of product violations, especially in China. Before you make payment, confirm that the products are exact.

Four Tips to Help You Buy Wholesale From China Suppliers

Beware of scammers

Be aware of the “intermediaries” that are mixed on the internet. These people purchase the product cheaply from the manufacturer, then sell it to them at a higher cost. You should pay more attention when shopping on websites such as Alibaba and DHgate. They are not the owners of the products, but they belong to the sellers who have registered their sites. While there are scams in online wholesaling, they are still the best way to buy from CHINA. Many manufacturers are trustworthy and reliable. It’s simple to identify scammers after asking a few questions

Don’t use money transfers

Small collections are not compatible with money transfers. It is important that buyers pay first. This is not a good option. Paypal is the best option. It is the largest online payment service provider in the world, making it a great choice for international transactions.

* Get a tracking number

Ecommerce requires a tracking number. The risk of losing the product to China wholesale suppliers is increased.

Always verify the exact products before you make payment

You don’t have to be anxious about buying online. There are ways you can avoid losing your money. You won’t be disappointed if you don’t pay until you have confirmed the products.