8 Free Instagram Influencer Search Tools to Use

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Because of the popularity of the new digital advertising techniques, influencer marketing is becoming more popular. Finding the right influencers to help you run a successful campaign is the hardest part. It would be great to find a website that can assist you in finding influencers. Many of these websites are free.

Many companies that work with influencer marketers have begun offering free versions of their paid software. The free versions are limited in capabilities and may not be able to meet all your needs. This list of freemium platforms will help you find the right one for your brand and business!

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Due to the severe impact COVID-19 had on many brands, marketing budgets were cut and many campaigns stopped. It was crucial that influencer marketing agencies were able to adapt to the budget cuts while still driving traffic to their platforms in order to allow brands to continue with their campaigns. Many of the new versions of their software are now available for free.

The new versions are free and allow brands to find influencers while still allowing them to work with brands for a living. While it might seem absurd that influencer marketing companies have opened up their platforms, it will create brand loyalty and keep customers coming back after COVID-19.

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Each platform will have different “locked content”. It is important to be aware of the features available on each platform’s free version. Find below our list of the top influencer search tools that are free.


NeoReach recently launched their freemium platform. They work with large companies such as Moose Toys and Netflix.

NeoReach’s tool, which you can find here, is free and gives you access to an extensive influencer platform with over 2.6 million creators. You can organize influencers into lists and look at some audience demographics. This will allow you to discover influencers you might not have found on other platforms.

This search tool is free and can be very useful when it comes down to convenience. If you want to improve your play, the entire influencer market is available at your disposal. Professional advisors are available to help you find the best ways to run your campaigns.

It seems too good to be true! There is nothing to lose. All the benefits of NeoReach’s freemium tool will be apparent.


Influencer.co elevates their free platform to a new level by introducing a social media-esque concept that allows users interact with other brands and influencers. This unique feature allows for connections that are not possible on other platforms.

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Let’s get down to the details! Like other platforms, Influence.co allows users to create lists of influencers which help brands organize their potential creators. You can use the free influencer search tool to make simple searches, limiting your list to 50 influencers. You can then generate three lists, outreach to influencers, and publish campaigns up 12 times per month.

Upgrade to Business Pro to get unlimited searches, unlimited lists, advanced search, and more.


Upfluence allows users to create amazing campaigns by using their huge database of influencers in almost every niche. This tool allows you to search for influencers using an advanced AI tool. It analyzes creator’s content for reach and engagement.

The AI system allows users to narrow their search by using keywords. It will then filter through thousands of influencers to find exactly what they are looking for. This platform has a Google Chrome extension you can download which gives you real-time data when you’re on an influencers platform.

This innovative influencer marketing tool works well for all brands, regardless of their size. Upfluence can help you take your campaign to the next level. And it’s all free! It’s free!

Post for Rent

Post For Rent doubles up as an influencer marketing tool and a message board that displays reviews of brands and influencers. This could prove to be very useful before you start a campaign. Influencers can see ratings left by influencers about the brand. This feature allows brands and influencers to determine if they want to partner with certain people.

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Post For Rent reduces the burden on the brand. A brand can post a public campaign and it will alert influencers if it aligns with their profile. They can then apply for the campaign. This cool feature isn’t available on any other platform and can be used to activate creators you might not be able find.


TrendHERO has everything you need to track Instagram analytics all in one place. You can search any IG account, even if it is hidden, and analyze it thoroughly. You can also track its performance. You must first locate suitable profiles to gain these analytics. TrendHERO has you covered. There are several ways to search for influencers using the service. The service offers a powerful search engine and the option to find 500 creators that are similar to yours. It also has a sponsored content search.

Search tools

TrendHERO’s Discovery tool is a powerful search engine that includes 16 filters. You can search for content creators and influencers by location, gender, language, country, follower/following count and number of posts and engagements.

Supported social media platforms


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The service is free to sign up, but you will only have limited access. There are three tariff plans available, starting at $10.


Creator.co is an influencer-marketing platform that offers a huge database of content creators. You can choose from half a million. The Creator Search tool is available to make your search more efficient. This tool allows you to search influencers based either on their audience criteria or their profile data. It is very useful for marketers who want their message to reach the right audience. The best thing about this service is the fact that it provides the first three creator profiles from the search results free of charge. To see their profile stats, click on “Analyze”.

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Search tools

Search filters for creators include the following: location, gender, age, gender, language, country, follower count and account type. Follower gender, age and language are all filters for audience search.

Supported social media platforms

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.


Marketers and brands can sign up for a $395/month basic subscription plan or upgrade to a $995/month more advanced tariff. Creators are welcome to join the Creator.co Community for no cost.


HypeAuditor, another analytics platform for influencer marketing, focuses on authenticity. The base includes more than 20 million profiles on multiple platforms. The Discovery tool allows you to search for profiles on social media based on audience details, influencer data, profile quality, and engagement.

Search tools

Search criteria for influencers include location, gender, age, gender, language, category, and location. Audience search covers audience age, gender, country and city, interests, and size. The Quality & Engagement search filters include ER, growth rate and audience quality score as well as brand mentions.

Supported social media platforms

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.


The service is free to use with limited features. This is particularly convenient for people who are just starting out and want to learn more. If you’re ready to pay for more, you can choose a basic subscription at $399/month. You can still get more value from the service by purchasing add-ons for the Basic plan and an Enterprise subscription. For more information about the upgrade costs, please consult the HypeAuditor Sales Department.

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BuzzStream began as a link-building platform, but it has expanded to meet your influencer marketing requirements. These features include an analytics tool and influencer search. The influencer search tool does not have multiple filters, as you will find on many other specialized influencer marketing platforms. Instead, you can search online for keywords related to content. After you have gotten the search results, it is possible to view the profiles of the creators, stats, and contact information.

Search tools

BuzzStream provides a simple search engine tool called BuzzStream Discovery, which allows you to search for influencers and bloggers based on keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Supported social media platforms

BuzzStream is focused primarily on blogs. It also includes information about bloggers’ social media profiles.


BuzzSTream gives you a 14-day trial period for free. After that, you will have to choose from one of four monthly subscription options ranging in price from $24 to $99.


PitchBox, an outreach and influencer marketing company, is similar to BuzzStream but focuses on standalone blogs, not social media. It is a simple discovery tool that lets you search for bloggers using relevant keywords, just like BuzzStream. Once you have found your search results you can filter them with integrated SEO software, and then send them emails or follow-ups.

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Search tools

Simple search tool that allows you to enter relevant keywords.

Supported social media platforms

PitchBox is about blogs, but reports from bloggers often include information about social media profiles such as Instagram.


PitchBox does not have any pricing information, but you can explore the options and possibilities with a request for a demo.


Heepsy is a platform that is specifically designed for outreach and influencer searching. There is a database of over 11 million content creators across three major social media platforms with at least 5, 000 followers/subscribers. Heepsy’s advanced software utilizes advanced filters to provide precise search results. Once you have your influencer list, you can export it to your device.

Search tools

You can search for influencers using relevant keywords, followers, ER, language and location.

Supported social media platforms

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.


The service is free to try with limited search results. If you are interested in exploring more, you can subscribe to one of three plans: $49, $169 or $269 per plan.


Keyhole provides a variety of solutions to help content creators find, track, and analyze their work. The platform’s search tool does not offer advanced filters, so it is extremely simple and quick to use. You simply need to type keywords in the search bar to view profiles included in the search results. Profile previews provide information about the influencers, including their followers, posting frequency and average engagements.

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Search tools

Search using keywords and social media platforms

Supported social media platforms

Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.


Keyhole offers a free trial, and three subscription plans: Standard (starting at $79 per monthly), Team (starting at $179 per per month), and Enterprise (with customized pricing). You can also make year-end payments.


Klear, an influencer marketing platform, helps brands connect with influential people in the most efficient way. The service allows you to search for content creators within its vast database that includes dozens of niches as well as multiple social media platforms.

Search tools

You can search for content creators by location, platform, niche, creator type, age and audience demographics.

Supported social media platforms

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.


If the few features you like, Klear is free to use. To explore all the solutions Klear offers, you can order a demo to help you determine your budget.

How to find the best Instagram influencer search tool that suits your brand

Suitability is a relative concept when it comes to Instagram influencer tools. It all depends on your brand and its size.

However, you should consider a few things when looking for the right tool.

Pricing. Pricing is important regardless of whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional working for a large company. You don’t need to spend a lot if you just want to find micro-influencers to help you market your small brand.

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Simple/Advanced search filters. To save time and make sure you find the right content creators from a large database, it’s important to use granular search filters. However, not everyone requires sophisticated influencer search software. Some people are satisfied with just basic filters and a simple keyword search.

Database. You need a good database to select from when you are looking for creators to help you with your marketing campaign. You also need to ensure that the database contains real people with authentic profiles.

User-friendliness. The creator search software should be both powerful and easy to use. It should simplify complex problems and make them simple.


It can be hard to find the right person to work with in times where there are many influencers but not enough authenticity. These services are a great solution. They offer search software as well as multiple methods to analyze profiles that appear in search results.