8 Free Zendesk Alternatives for Marketing Campaign

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Zendesk is a market leader in customer service and helpdesk solutions. Zendesk is one of the most recognized brands in helpdesk technology. It holds 72% of the market and 15% of the live chat market.

Zendesk, a company that aims to bridge the gap between customers (and the companies they buy from) is a major contributor to the digital landscape. Zendesk has many customers, including Squarespace and Vimeo. It’s easy to see why Zendesk is so popular. This solution is not for everyone.

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for helpdesk software alternatives. Today we will be discussing some of the most popular solutions for customer support.


Zendesk is a complete helpdesk and live chat system that helps companies provide better customer service. There are many options. Some offer live chat only, others provide complete customer service. HubSpot offers the best service, marketing and sales solutions available.

HubSpot’s best “alternative” to Zendesk is the HubSpot Service Hub. This is the HubSpot Suite segment dedicated to customer service. HubSpot offers a complete CRM that can be used to manage sales and customer service. A comprehensive back-end feature list will be available to you for supporting interactions and managing support.

You can find everything you need, including conversational bots and customer reporting, live chat functionality and automatic routing. Knowledgebase access is also available. The vendor offers a free trial plan that allows you to test the entire feature set.


HubSpot has a variety of pricing options so that you can create the service you want. You can access collaboration and performance tracking features, analytics, team email and insight tools. Many of these features are included in the live plan function. The Starter Growth Kit costs $42 per month, rising to $126 per monthly. This includes HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub and Sales access.


Comprehensive feature set

A wide range of sales and marketing products available

Chatal bots

Amazing free option

Excellent CRM functionality


Extra features make it quite expensive

For better service, there are additional costs

No screen casting function

Who is the best?

HubSpot is ideal for companies who want to access all their functionality in one place, including sales, service and marketing. HubSpot is the best CRM and service platform for you if you are looking for an integrated solution.


Sendinblue can’t replace Zendesk in all cases, as it doesn’t have the same features that a help desk software solution can. You do get email marketing and some CRM functionality. Sendinblue, a popular alternative to Zendesk, was launched in 2012 and provides everything you need for connecting with your customers.

You can use the email marketing templates, transactional emails and SMS marketing solutions. There is even a live chat function that looks similar to Zendesk’s. The service includes a CRM that allows you to track and improve your relationships over time. You get the CRM free of charge, but you can unlock more features if you pay more.

Sendinblue is GDPR compliant. This means that you won’t need to worry about security or compliance issues as your business grows.


Sendinblue offers a free trial version to help you get started. This allows you to test out some features before spending any money. A Lite version is $25 per month and allows you to send up to 100,000 emails per day. If you’d like, you can upgrade to Premium at $65 per month. Premium kit includes marketing automation, unlimited email sending and many other additional features.


Excellent customer support

Easy segmentation

Multiple SMS and email integrations

Support for landing page and forms

Functionality for A/B testing


Steady learning curve

Email editing is not possible

Who is the best?

SendinBlue is a Zendesk alternative. While it may not offer a complete helpdesk solution but it will give you the tools to make your customer service strategy stand apart. This product is for you if you are looking for an email marketing solution that also doubles as a service to your CRM needs.


Freshdesk, another innovative helpdesk solution for people looking for helpdesk technology, makes it simple to build a knowledgebase that contains vital information for your customers. Freshdesk is an online helpdesk system that’s easy to use and packed with technology to make customers’ lives easier. This simple-to-use service is great for small businesses just starting out.

Freshdesk features include comprehensive knowledgebase articles, helpdesk ticketing functionality and reports. You can also get insights for your team through Freshdesk. If you wish, you can also use gamification elements to improve your service or sales strategy. Freshdesk’s flexible pricing system is another major advantage. Freshdesk seems to have a solution that suits every budget.


Freshdesk offers a free package called “Sprout”, that gives you standard phone support, email support and a knowledgebase. It also includes support for email ticketing software. Blossom is $25 per agent per year. This includes social satisfaction surveys and custom domain mapping. Huddle spaces, time tracking, and huddle spaces. Garden costs $44 per month and includes multilingual help desk functionality, ticket templates, forums as well as report scheduling and live chat.

Estate is the second-most expensive option at $49 per user per monthly. It includes multiple product support, portal customizations, shared ownership, agent roles customization, enterprise reports, and portal customization. For $99 per agent per year, you can get IP whitelisting and custom email servers. You also have access to the EU data center and skill based routing.


Enjoy fun gamification features with your team

There are many options for pricing

Get started with a free version

Service options are extensive

Excellent customer service and support


The best reporting tools are not available.

You can only get key features if you pay more

Who is the best?

Freshdesk may be the right choice for you if you are looking for a flexible, scalable solution that will grow with your company. You will find plenty of functionality here that can be used by businesses of any size, along with excellent customer support and service. You may have to pay more for the best features.

Help Scout

Help Scout is a great alternative to Zendesk. It focuses on customer service and support in real time. You can use in-app messaging to create a social media-like experience for customers and share your inbox with other team members for collaboration. The app includes state-of the-art customer management tools and a variety of features to help you track your ticketing system’s workflows.

Help Scout supports market leaders like Litmus, Reddit and many others. Help Scout’s customer-service platform prioritizes the needs of clients. There are also self-service portals that can be used to assist customers in solving their own problems. He


It’s amazing that Help Scout pricing starts at $20 per user per month, considering the many features you get from live chat to real-time reports. For startups and non-profits just starting out, there are many discounts available.


All your team members can communicate quickly and easily

Customer service is available via multiple channels

For your teams, a collaboration system

Great for tracking emails and tickets

Software that improves customer service and is easy to use


Downtime is a regular problem

There is no free version to get you started

Who is the best?

This product is perfect for providing consistent customer service where each customer receives the best possible experience. Help Scout allows you to deliver a personal and human level of support.


Intercom is one the newest companies to enter the helpdesk space. The Zendesk option for younger companies offers a range of features similar to HubSpot. Intercom is a tool for companies who want to do more than just CRM and support. It offers access to many features, including custom bots and product tours.

Advanced email marketing functionality and account-based marketing are available. Intercom is the only tool that offers the same level of innovation as it does. It’s not an easy task for any business to manage Intercom pricing.

Companies may need to spend thousands to unlock all the features offered by Intercom. Intercom is more complex than the other services desk solutions discussed here.


Intercom offers a variety of pricing options. You’ll need to pay around $499 per month if you want to access custom bots. You’ll need to spend at least $199 per monthly for product tours. You can also get the basic live chat for $49 per monthly, but it doesn’t include any knowledgebase functionality and email marketing. For $99 per month, you can get the Live chat and knowledgebase as well as an email offering.


A wide range of features and options available

All-in-one marketing, sales and service solution

Amazing and innovative features

A wide range of additional tools available, such as custom bots

Product tours and targeted marketing


Some of the most important features are quite expensive.

High learning curve

Who is the best?

Intercom is the right choice if you are looking to stay on the cutting-edge of customer service, marketing and sales. Intercom’s solution is top-notch in terms of innovation and new features. But you must ensure that you have the financial support and budget to manage it.


LiveAgent is another option for companies looking for customer support software. The omnichannel app is easy to use and can handle all your customer support needs, including live chat, social media, and live chat. LiveAgent is a powerful SaaS solution for ticket support that your agents can use easily.

Although LiveAgent isn’t as well-known than Zendesk, it’s still a very popular service. You might also miss out on the latest functionality offered by companies at the forefront of customer support and service.

LiveAgent’s core function is to provide reliable support desk. Here you can track customer satisfaction, track responses, automate support tickets and keep track of all correspondence. The customer service platform connects to your call center via API technology. This ensures that you don’t lose track of any important conversation.


LiveAgent provides a variety of automation, tagging and customer satisfaction options for eCommerce businesses. It also offers a variety of pricing tiers. You can choose to upgrade to $15 per month or a free plan for basic ticket administration. For more advanced automation rules and detailed reports, you can also upgrade to the $15 per agent plan.

Upgrade to a plan that costs at least $39 per monthly if you want to really explore the wider range of self-service options available and tools for your team.


A simple and intuitive array of features

More affordable than self-service options

A wide range of price options available

It is simple enough to use for any type of company

Excellent heritage


Interface slightly out of date

No email marketing functionality

Support via live chat

Who is the best?

This tool can help you streamline customer service by providing a standard service and ticketing platform with many ticket management features. LiveAgent is a great tool for companies and start-ups looking for a reliable portal to self-service.


LiveChat is a great alternative to Zendesk if you want to be more chat-focused. This solution is feature-rich and offers an alternative to the FAQ page. It also allows customer support teams to use chat to communicate with customers.

This is one of the most widely used live chat tools available. It’s almost like talking to customers over Slack. You can have multiple chats open at once, and you will be notified when someone is in need of help. Tags, archiving and file-sharing are all possible. To make your service more efficient, you can also explore mobile apps and integrations.

LiveChat is a widget that can help you improve customer service. Live chat is a popular option for customers today. Live chat could be more than a standard channel support experience.


LiveChat’s customizable service is very affordable. Prices start at $16 per Month and go up to $149 per Month depending on the level of support you require.


You can share your good experiences with others:

Simple to use: LiveChat has a simple interface that allows you to track conversations without having to use complex tools such as Salesforce or Zoho desk.

LiveChat has a reasonable pricing policy, depending on what service you offer.

Available Apps: Track customer service via Android and iOS apps.

LiveChat functionality could help you make more sales


Customers might need to repeat themselves because of missing integrations

Scripted responses don’t work

You are missing certain functions

Who is the best?

LiveChat is a great tool for customers who already have good customer relationships and want to make it easier to reach them. Customers expect live chat functionality on all websites.

Finding Your Zendesk Alternative

Zendesk is a popular chat and customer service platform. It’s not the only option. There are many options available, from less-known ones like HappyFox to market leaders like Jira or Kayako. Each company will find something that suits them.

To determine which solution is right for you, think about the preferences of your customers. What do your clients prefer to do with you? You can use your clients’ needs to help you find the right support solution that suits your needs.