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Have you received an Amazon suspension for dropshipping?

It can be difficult to navigate an Amazon dropshipping suspension. Drop shipping is a preferred method of fulfillment for a large number of Amazon Sellers. Drop shipping is still a popular method of fulfillment. However, drop shipping has seen an exponential increase in the number of Amazon Account Suspensions. Appeal Wizards works with many Amazon Sellers who have been blindsided by these Account Suspensions. We decided to explain why dropshipping is often the cause of many account deactivations. Drop shipping may be the reason behind your Amazon Account Suspension. Contact us today!

It will not surprise anyone who uses e-commerce to know that drop shipping is a common practice, but it can be surprising to many Amazon Sellers that their accounts are at risk of being suspended. This is because many Amazon Sellers don’t follow the Amazon Drop Shipping Policy to the letter. If you are unfamiliar with the policy, make sure to read it on Seller Central.

Many people are familiar with Amazon’s dropshipping suspension. However, Amazon’s Drop Shipping Policy states that this is an acceptable method to fulfill orders. It is true. This thinking leads to many Sellers being subject to the’surprise suspension’. This policy also requires Sellers to comply with the Amazon Business Agreement’s other requirements. Let’s suppose your drop shipper experiences a delay in shipping and the order is not processed within the Amazon timeframe. This would be a violation of the Amazon Drop Shipping Policy and the Business Agreement. You may have received coupons from your supplier along with shipments. These codes could be a violation of the Seller Code of Conduct.

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An Amazon dropshipping suspension can be a quick way to get your account deactivated. Even a small oversight could lead to a suspension. These account suspensions are just as likely to happen for a new seller who isn’t aware of the subtle differences between Amazon and Ebay.

Like most suspensions, these suspensions can cost you time and money as well as your Amazon Seller Account. Sellers who violate the Amazon Drop Shipping Policy will have to rework their business plans before they are allowed to sell again. You can avoid this by proactively implementing a strategy to replace your drop shipping dependence. For example, you could keep inventory on hand and ship yourself, or use Fulfillment By Amazon to pass the responsibility to Amazon (not yours). If you’re currently dropping shipping and cannot change your business model even after a negative suspension, we can help.

Drop shipping is a risk that you may not be able to avoid if you’re lucky enough to read this article without suspension. Drop shipping can be a serious problem if you don’t have the right supplier or a strict approach to monitoring your Account Health metrics. A policy violation could become a near inevitable outcome over the course of a year. Amazon Sellers may not be able to store inventory, or feel comfortable shipping their own orders. In these cases, we recommend that you seek experts to inspect your account for vulnerabilities. We offer an Account Monitoring service, which you can find out more about here.

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Drop shipping is when an Amazon seller allows a third party to fulfill your orders on your behalf.

Amazon drops shipping suspensions sellers who dropship directly from Walmart/Sam’s Club to customers. This is your chance to make a change in your business strategy. Amazon seems to be increasing their enforcement of dropshipping policies.

To avoid Amazon Drop-shipping Suspensions, it is important to:

Be the seller of record for your products.

All packaging slips, invoices, and external packaging must identify you as the seller.

Take out packing slips, invoices and other information. Before shipping, identify a third-party drop shipper.

Accept and process customer returns.

Respect all terms and conditions of your seller agreement, as well as any applicable Amazon policies.

Drop shipping is not allowed on Amazon.

You can order products online from an alternative retailer and have them shipped directly to your customers.

If you are not identified as the seller of record for the shipment, or if any other person (including an online retailer) appears on packaging slips, invoices, or packaging.

Shipments orders should include packing slips and invoices.

You should not receive packaging from Walmart/Best Buy/any other retailer to your customers.

What sellers should know about Amazon drop shipping suspensions

Drop shipping suspensions on Amazon are a hot topic. Dropshippers make up a large portion of Amazon sellers. We actually have a lot of dropshippers clients. We’re going to gather everyone’s opinions at Amazon Sellers Lawyer.

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Sellers can submit invoices prior to suspension.

Drop shipping via Amazon is a good option. You should be able to get invoices that date back to when your goods were shipped. This will allow you to justify your sales to Amazon so that you can keep selling your products.

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