Free and Best Amazon Dropshipping Course for Beginners

Dropshipping refers to selling products on an eCommerce site without having to maintain inventory or ship the goods to buyers. It originated in the early ’50s with the advent of mail-order companies.

Dropshipping is a more efficient way to manage inventory than traditional methods. It also eliminates shipping and delivery costs.

Amazon was the first eCommerce platform that started dropshipping with book distributors based out of Seattle.

Amazon has expanded beyond book sales to include electronics, video games and software.

Amazon’s success at dropshipping has made Amazon evolve into becoming the largest online global retailer.

Amazon currently has the largest warehousing facilities anywhere in the world. This allows them to fulfill dropshipping orders.

Online store owners have the ability to set the price for the products they sell, but the supplier or manufacturer of the product has the responsibility for packaging and shipping.

Dropshipping is a business that has made Jeff Bezos billions of dollars. However, it has also made millions and billionaires from eCommerce entrepreneurs who have seen a goldmine in dropshipping.

Dropshipping doesn’t mean that you can become a 6-figure entrepreneur by selling dropshipping products. You still need to choose an online platform, set up an online shop, select a product, and set the price.

However, you can still sell on Amazon, an online retailer that is very popular. Internet entrepreneurs can launch and scale their dropship businesses to earn 6-digit incomes and more.

However, it is important to have the right information before you can engage in this lucrative venture, especially an Amazon dropshipping course.

An Amazon dropshipping course will teach you everything you need to be a successful seller and dropship on Amazon.

Dropshipping millionaires are inspired by these courses.

Why you should take an Amazon Dropshipping course

Dropshipping Amazon courses are a great way to learn the secrets of millionairedom, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned eCommerce entrepreneur.

The following skills and knowledge are available through an Amazon dropshipping program:

  • Dropshipping on Amazon
  • Selecting your products, and selecting suppliers
  • Social media platforms and tools for advertising
  • Increase your sales volume and increase cashflow
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Expanding into new products
  • FBA Strategy
  • Additional insights about dropshipping

I am going to show you how to increase your dropshipping income by introducing you to the best Amazon dropshipping courses.

Let’s look at the top Amazon dropshipping courses. A free Amazon dropshipping course will be discussed for those with tight budgets.

Build a Dropshipping Empire from Scratch (proven blueprint) by Theo McArthur

This course will help beginners who want to be 6-digit entrepreneurs or those who have failed at dropshipping.

This course will teach you everything you need to dropship from scratch until your first $10,000. This course is taught by Theo McArthur. It covers the proven dropshipping methods, the selection of the right products for your store and how to find the right supplier.

Theo McArthur will teach you how to dropship Amazon.

  • How to locate and choose suppliers to dropship your order
  • How to set up an online dropship business
  • How do you choose the right products for display?
  • How to easily set up a dropshipping website at a low cost
  • How to set up an automated payment system
  • Strategies to convert your website into a money-spinning machine
  • How to increase your dropshipping income up to $10,000 per month as profit

This course includes 8 hours of video, 10 articles, 34 downloadable resources and lifetime access to materials. You will also receive a certificate of completion and a coupon.

You can also access the dropshipping course via your TV or mobile device.


These are the requirements for this course:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Notepad and other text editors
  • Time
  • Motivation to succeed in dropshipping

About the instructor

Theo McArthur, a 6-digit online store owner at Amazon and other online retailers, is an experienced 6-digit online store owner. She shares her strategies for earning more than $10,000 per month from online stores in this course.


This item is priced at approximately $19.99

The Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum

This course will teach you how to sell products on Amazon in creative ways. Brett Bartlett, along with other members of the team, has assembled this course.

Jim Cockrum will instruct you in this course:

  • How to access profitable inventories anywhere in the world
  • How to create your brand
  • Amazon FBA: The secrets to success
  • Dropshipping with Amazon’s FBA
  • Selling at a higher price while surviving the competition: Here are some tricks
  • How to automate your sales and other processes in your online store
  • How to create a successful Amazon online store using proven strategies
  • Dropshipping tips from around the globe
  • Apps and tools to drive traffic and sales

Subscribe to this course to get access to hours of videos about starting and running an Amazon online store.

Additionally, you will receive discounts on automation tools and apps that scale up your business. You also have access to more than 200 wholesale courses and a private Facebook group with more than 50,000 members.

This is the course you need to learn Amazon dropshipping.

About the Instructor

Jim is an Amazon millionaire. He is also the founder of course. He has helped many students and trainers around the world become Amazon-certified business owners.


This course is available for $29 per month or $499 for the whole course. You can also pay $183 in three payments, which amounts to $549.

The Last Amazon Course by Brock Johnson and his team of expert dropshippers

This course covers everything you need to know about Amazon’s business model and dropshipping.

Brock and his team will teach the following topics in this course:

  • The Amazon machine: This section explains the Amazon business model in detail and how you can get started. Learn how Amazon ranks products and what your clients need.
  • Find products and opportunities that no one is considering, as well as how to choose the right products.
  • How to negotiate the price and quality of your products with suppliers.
  • These are the top techniques to make your store a best-seller.
  • Use the right images and multimedia
  • Amazon SEO – How to list your products with Amazon SEO
  • How to get 5-star customer reviews and avoid negative reviews
  • How to increase your product sales using Amazon advertising. Strategies to use to make sure your products remain at the top of the best-selling categories
  • Ex-Microsoft lawyer shows you how to set up your company. How you can save over a thousand dollars on taxes and how to outsource when necessary.

Subscribe to this dropship Amazon course to get access to 350 videos, downloadable resources and discounts. You also have forum membership and frequent updates.

This course is loved by its audience, who believe it to be the best Amazon dropshipping course on the market.

About the Instructor

Brock Johnson, a 6-digit eCommerce entrepreneur aged 27, has sold over 5,000 products on multiple platforms. He currently has over a million customers through Amazon.

Famous for selling six million dollars worth of products within six months on Amazon, he is also well-known.


You can access 375 videos, downloadable resources and community forums for $1 per month.

You get $2 off your annual membership fee for $10.

A $24 one-time fee will get you a Lifetime Lite membership. This gives you access to Brock’s Facebook group and live streams.

The Lifetime Plus plan starts at $39.

Wholesale Ted’s Premium Course (formerly known as The Dropship Club) by Sarah

This course will teach you how to create an online dropshipping shop with “Print on Demand”. Sarah, a millionaire dropshipper, will share her knowledge.

  • How to sell products via the Amazon platform and other eCommerce platforms with ‘Print On Demand’
  • How do you find the most popular products to dropship?
  • How to run a Facebook advertising campaign that is successful
  • Google Search Engine Optimization Strategies
  • The best sales psychology techniques
  • How to choose niches and products when building and scaling an online store
  • How to update your product page
  • How to fulfill orders with Orberlo and printing

Subscribe to this course to get access to video training and downloadable resources for 10 hours.

About the Instructor

Sarah is a multimillionaire dropshipper who has sold thousands of products on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms. Her dropshipping course has helped many students succeed.

Her ex-students are also successful dropshippers.


Ecomm Clubhouse membership costs $67 per month and gives you access Ecomm’s video library and other resources on dropshipping or online shops.

Join the Ecomm Clubhouse today to get access to Sarah’s teaching on becoming a successful dropshipping agent on Amazon.

Ecom Freedom X Course by Dan Vas

This course will teach you how to build a Amazon business that can change your life.

Dan Vas said that selling on Amazon FBA is a proven method if you follow the steps. If you understand all of the numbers, there is literally no way that you can fail.

This course will teach you the following information from Dan Vas

  • How to find the most profitable Amazon products for building your brand
  • Building a brand that lasts on Amazon’s online marketplace: Strategies
  • Amazon apps and tools that can help you make 6-digit profits
  • How to negotiate with Amazon’s profitable product suppliers
  • Avoiding and recognising bad Amazon suppliers
  • How to make SEO-compliant product listings on Amazon. Stay ahead of your competitors
  • How to get 5-star customer reviews for your product
  • How to rank your products highly on Amazon and ensure that they remain on the first page.
  • How to set up and manage an Amazon seller account
  • How to create a second Amazon seller account
  • Dropshipping with Amazon’s FBA: A to Z
  • How to increase your product rankings using email marketing
  • Facebook Ads: How to increase sales and advertise on Facebook
  • How to make a million dollars in Amazon’s store and how you can get your money back from Amazon
  • How to increase sales with virtual assistants

Subscribe to this course to receive access to over 50 videos and PDFs, personalized mentoring to help you reach a 6-digit annual income, lifetime unlimited access to the course, the Ecom Freedom Course Facebook Group, and tons more amazing bonuses.

About the instructor

Dan Vas, an entrepreneur, helps others to start a dropshipping business. Dan Vas became an eCommerce millionaire at the age of 22.

His YouTube channel is well-known for its dropshipping videos.


A one-time payment of $997, or a two time fee of $598 can be made. If you are not satisfied with the content, you can request a refund.

Amazon Dropship Mastery by Bryan Guerra

This course will show you how to optimize your Amazon online store and generate traffic to your website. It also teaches you how to make 6-digit income with your website.

Bryan Guerra guides you through the steps of mastering Amazon dropshipping.

Bryan Guerra, a dropshipping instructor at Amazon, will show you how to:

  • How to optimize your Amazon dropshipping site for high earnings
  • How to make your website stand out from the rest
  • Dropshipping strategies that work to increase sales
  • Selecting profitable niches and products
  • How to optimize your product listing for Amazon’s search engine
  • Overview of digital marketing
  • How to get traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
  • How to use automation tools in your Amazon business.

You will have lifetime access by subscribing to this course.

Access to the course materials for TV and mobile devices, as well as a certificate of completion.

About the Instructor

Bryan is an entrepreneur in eCommerce with a 6-digit number and the founder of Invert Media. He is an expert on eCommerce, Online Marketing and Customer Acquisition.

Bryan is a great teacher who can help you dropship on Amazon.


Access to all course materials is available for a fee of approximately $14 You can return your money within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied.

Online Retail Mastery by Beau Crabill

Dropshipping on Amazon does not always require that you invest large sums of money.

Beau Crabill, an Amazon drop shipping instructor, will show you how to make money selling products on Amazon without having to spend on advertising or creating new product listings.

Beau is focused on the Amazon FBA business and making millions of dollars as a profit.

  • Selling on Amazon – The steps of setting up an Amazon store
  • Set up an Amazon seller account
  • Get familiar with your Amazon seller account
  • FBA vs FBM: How to Fulfill Orders
  • How to increase sales in your store
  • To sell at the highest possible price, monitor the ‘buybox’
  • Understanding sales rank – Product research
  • How to source the best products and suppliers
  • Strategies to get your suppliers to respond quickly
  • Dropshipping – How to get your products directly from the supplier to customers
  • How to get ungated
  • Additional information to help you become a dropshipper success story

About the Instructor

In 8th grade, Bill began trading when he sold socks for $12 to his classmates. He became a 6-digit eCommerce entrepreneur and once declined a $70,000 college scholarship.


For $997, you have access to Crabill’s online Retail Mastery course, resource library, done-for-you supplier scripts, and lifetime updates.

Access to the latest tools, software, and applications is available. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can get a refund within 30 days.