Ancient Wisdom (AW) Dropshipping UK Company Review

Ancient Wisdom Dropshipping is dedicated to providing the highest quality giftware and delighting customers, while also helping you grow your retail business. Dropshipping Supplier is the only one that imports handcrafted giftware directly from India and China. We also manufacture Aromatherapy, Home Fragrance Items, and Bathroom Gifts in our UK facility in Sheffield.

Due to Brexit issues, orders to the EU cannot be shipped from our UK website at the moment. There is a solution. Place your orders at our European distribution centers in Spain, Slovakia,.

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Why Dropship!

AW Drop Shipping allows you to sell our products directly on your website or online shop.
You can purchase stock and then worry about shipping and packaging to your customers.

No Subscription Charges

Low minimum order requirements and very low delivery costs

Drop shipping has been our business for many years Gifts since 2011. Gifts since 2011. 5000 product lines available to Dropship

Manufacturing in UK

Ancient Wisdom is a trusted wholesaler of giftware Since 1995, based in Sheffield and a manufacturer Bathroom, Aromatherapy and Home fragrance products

Dropshipper of choice for giftware in the UK

You have found the right place if you’re looking for giftware dropshipping services that offer new products every week, great deals, and fair trade.

Ancient Wisdom dropshipping is dedicated to providing the highest quality giftware and delighting customers, while also helping you grow your retail business. Dropshippers are the only ones that can import handcrafted giftware directly from India and Nepal. We also manufacture Aromatherapy, Home Fragrance Items, and Bathroom Gifts in our Yorkshire-based UK factory.

Gifts are our passion. It is important to be passionate about what you do. We have been passionate about providing the best gifts for our customers in Europe and around the globe since 1995.

We are pleased to inform you that we offer dedicated customer service. Every day, we export wholesale gifts and packaging all over the world. You can take a look at the main departments or go to the main menu bar to see links to all of our departments and top-selling product lines. We would be delighted to do business with you.

What Do We Dropship?

Drop shipping is available for a variety of items, including gifts, soaps, essential oils, aromatherapy products, bags and jewellery. Our UK production facility is located in Sheffield. We produce premium aromatherapy products, home scent, and delicious bathroom products. All of our giftware products are hand-picked from all over the globe, including China, India, Indonesia, and China, and sourced directly from artisans or manufacturers.

Made in England

Ancient Wisdom, a giftware wholesaler located in Sheffield, UK, is a manufacturer of home and bathroom fragrance products.

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Business ethics

These are difficult topics, but they are not ones we ignore as a company. Many people don’t believe ethics and business are compatible. We are happy that most of our customers agree with this idea, and we work hard to make sure our suppliers do the same.

User Guide for Ancient Wisdom Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping with AW is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to efficiently process your orders.

Step one.. Select products to sell.

Choose your products. Choose the products that you want to focus your marketing efforts. You can browse the products and departments by clicking the “Add to Portfolio” button. These items will be added to your “Portfolio”, which you can access from the tab on the menu bar. You can quickly see what items are out of stock and which ones are in low stock.

Step two.. Add customers.

You can either manually add customers to your orders or upload a list of existing customers. Click on “Customers” in the menu bar. Next, click on “Add Customer”. Fill out the required fields. As you receive orders, you’ll be able see which customers are the best and track your sales.

Step thee.. Add orders.

You have successfully received your order. Click the “Customer tab” icon at the top and type the first letters of your customer’s name. Next, click “New Order”. You will now need the product code for the items you ordered. Type this into the “Add Product Code” box, then add the quantity, and click the little green cloud that appears to update your order. You can avoid mistakes and speed up your order process by using the system product codes from your store system.

You can track the sales of any products you add to your “Portfolio”, even if they are not in your existing portfolio.

When you place an order and add a customer to check out, the customer will automatically be added to your customer database.

Step 4.. Pay and Submit.

To pay and ship the order to drop-shipping, click “Go to checkout”. You can now track the progress of your customer’s order in the “Order tab”.

Save time.. You can add a credit account to your order list by clicking on the piggybank icon (top left). Payments will be applied automatically reducing your balance. You can then click on the submit order button.

FAQs about AW Dropship

Drop Shipping is complex. We understand this. This page will help you quickly locate the most frequently asked questions. If there is any information you can’t find here please contact us at

Why can’t i see prices?

Prices can only be viewed after you have registered for an account. This is done to protect the public from seeing the prices that our customers pay.

Is there an annual subscription?

All trading businesses are eligible for free registration. To speed up your application for an account, we request that you provide as much information about your company as you can.

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Why does my order have a PS1 fee?

There is no minimum order. However, in order to keep costs down, a small charge will be applied to orders below PS3. This is to pay for packing and shipping costs as well as payment processing fees (effective 24 April 2020).

When can I place my initial order?

After registering, your account will be activated in 1-2 working days*. You will then receive another welcome email. From this point, you can add items to your shopping basket.

Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

All prices are net of VAT. Tax will be added to the shopping cart.

What price should I charge for my products?

The RRP of all products listed on this site is a guideline. You can decide what you charge.

Are your shipping costs included in your price?

Prices shown on these pages are only for the item. Shipping prices can be found here Delivery prices. These prices will be added to the shopping cart.

Do I get your products shipped directly to me or can they be sent to me?

You can ship a product to any country after you have purchased it.

Do you gift-wrap my orders?

We don’t offer gift wrapping at this time. All orders are shipped in unmarked, new and recycled packaging.

Which place should I sell my products?

You can decide where to sell your products and how to advertise them once you have decided to trade. There is no need for a website.

How do I pay?

We do not have any account systems. Payments are made through PayPal, Debit or Credit cards.

Dropship to where?

Dropship Worldwide Orders to the UK, anywhere within the EU and popular world destinations can be placed through the shopping cart, for prices for shipments not on the delivery page please contact

What happens if an item arrives damaged or defective?

This is the Terms and Conditions. In short, we need photographic evidence for any item below PS15 in value. A replacement will be sent.

I received my item, but it isn’t the color I requested.

We cannot guarantee that the color you choose from the assorted packs will be available. In this instance, we will randomly choose a color.

Are you able to offer exclusivity?

We sell worldwide wholesale and drop ship, and we do not offer this service because it is almost impossible for us to control.

What discounts can I receive for multiple products I order?

Unless otherwise advertised there is no bulk discount on Drop Shipping orders, if you wish to place an order of over PS500 for one specific item code (not several items in the same or different range) please contact

What will the Ancient Wisdom name look like on the product I have sold?

Yes, and no. We produce and manufacture certain goods in-house (either here or with our suppliers overseas). Some goods will include Ancient Wisdom as a brand. These goods can be made by us or imported from outside the EU. We also sell goods made by other companies. In this instance, their names will be on the packaging.

My customers will be able to tell that the goods were purchased from Ancient Wisdom and not me.

No, Ancient Wisdom does not sell to the general population. Our goods are available for businesses to sell in their shops or online. We also offer Drop Shipping. Customers will not know the source of the goods. It’s like purchasing a cell phone from a shop.

Is there any paperwork that will be included with the goods?

No. Other than the courier label, no other paperwork is included with the shipment.

What can I do to amend or add delivery instructions after placing an order?

You can send us an email with the order number and any amendments to make any changes or instructions regarding an order. We may need to cancel or refund your order if an amendment is not possible. We do not receive messages sent via PayPal.

What time will it take for my customer to receive the item once it has been dispatched?

All orders will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days of dispatch. Delivery of small parcels is possible by Courier (UK mainland only).

Can Ancient Wisdom Help Me Design My Website?

We cannot offer web development assistance beyond what we provide in data feeds. Our customers sell through many selling channels. At our side, we have a dedicated IT team who maintains our Drop Shipping and wholesale IT infrastructure. Drop Shipping forums are a good place to start your search.

What does the Stock Figures mean?

Stock levels depend on sales dynamics. A slow-moving line won’t require the same stock level as a fast-moving item to be considered high stock. It is likely that we will not run out of stock in the near future if it is high (a yellow dot), but if it’s low (amber), then we may sell out. If the product is out-of-stock (red), and we are on order, the Portfolio page will indicate the expected arrival date.

What currency can I use to get prices?

The prices on the Ancient Wisdom Drop Shipping website can be found in Pound Sterling. This is the accepted payment method. For the most current currency conversion rates, we recommend that you visit