AzureGreenW Dropshipping Program Explained – Tips to Begin

Drop Shipping, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is a method that allows you to ship products to your customers without having to stock up on inventory space or waste valuable time shipping. Your name is not shown on any packaging or paperwork.

What does it all mean? It is very simple. Drop shipping is easy. These are the general guidelines. However, if you have any questions, please contact our office at 1 (413) 6223-2155.

  • You must be a registered wholesale client to drop ship with us.
  • Before placing an order with us, please ensure that you have received payment. We are not responsible for holding orders that you have placed before we receive payment from you customers.
  • You will have separate transactions with us than your customers’ transactions. We won’t accept credit cards from them as payment methods.
  • Your name will not be printed on the packaging or on the return label. This exception is only if you have ordered an AzureGreen product. Our name will be printed on the labels of these products in this instance.
  • Your business name and address will be the return address. International addresses must use our address as their return address. This will include your name and business name, as well as your business address and phone number.
  • For the order, we will charge standard wholesale prices. Quantity discounts are only applicable if all items sent to one customer. Quantity discounts are not applicable to each package that you send.
  • The packing slip will not include pricing information.
  • We prefer to receive payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or via Paypal. Payment must be sent to with order.
  • Drop Shipping packages are usually shipped via the U.S. Larger orders are shipped via FedEx, but the Postal Service (USPS) is more common. This is because of the average drop ship order size and the most cost-effective shipping methods available. We will never ship larger orders via FedEx unless you specifically request otherwise.
  • All wholesale and dropship shipments are subject to a shipping fee. This fee is calculated using standard carrier charges and a small handling charge.
    • Shipments via the USPS use the following formula:Carrier Charge +.95 + 3.00 = AzureGreen Shipping Cost. For example, $6.95 +.95 + 3.00 = $9.60 shipping fees
    • UPS charges for shipping are calculated as follows: Carrier Charges x.90 + 3.00 = Total Shipping Costs
    • FedEx charges for shipping via FedEx are calculated using the following formula: Carrier Charges x.64 + 3.00 = Total Shipping Costs
    • FedEx Smart Post delivers are calculated using the following formula: Carrier Charges x.75 + 3.00 = Total Shipping Costs
    • Our webstore (, can provide accurate shipping cost estimates.
    • You should also be aware that USPS orders will usually include a delivery confirmation number. However, we won’t be able track international USPS deliveries accurately. This applies to orders sent via USPS to APO addresses. We will be able track all FedEx and UPS orders.
  • We will ship to any country that accepts packages from the United States. Customers are responsible for all shipments denied. International orders may also be subject to duty charges. You are responsible for any charges incurred if a package is refused and returned.
  • Drop ship orders are covered by our back order policy:
    • Drop ship domestic orders are automatically shipped. You will be notified about backordered items and the item will be shipped once it is back in stock. The packing slip will inform your customer that the item has been back ordered. There is an exception for back orders. If they haven’t arrived within 2 months, we will notify the customer. It is also recommended that your customer check back after the due date if you still want them. These due dates are computer generated, and they cannot be confirmed.
    • International orders that contain backordered items will be cancelled and shipped. All out-of-stock items will be notified to you. You can cancel an item and avoid paying customs fees.
    • However, we may be able to work out an alternative arrangement with one our customer service representatives.
  • You will assist your customer if they need to return an item or address any other issues with their order. You must notify us within ten (10) business days of receiving your order if any items are damaged or missing. We will credit your account and rectify the problem.We are not responsible if packages are stolen.We will file tracer documents with the shipping companies and forward that information to you. We will ask you to provide us the information we need about who picked the order and how it was packed. We will also need a photo of any damage to be able to contact our distributors and get reimbursement.
  • Drop shipping orders are easy on our website. Simply go to and select your items. Then, add to cart and select drop ship. Enter your customer’s shipping address into the “ship to” field.
    • Do not abbreviate your customer’s address when entering it in a web order. Also, don’t copy and paste foreign addresses as the symbols may not be compatible with US format. For the correct format, please consult
    • Before placing an order, please double-check all addresses. The USPS website allows you to confirm addresses. An address correction fee of $16.40 will be charged to your account if an order is sent to an incorrect address. It may be returned to you by the shipping company if it isn’t correct.
  • An order is not considered a dropship if we ship it directly to you or another address for your business. If we ship it directly to your customer, an order is considered a dropship order.