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Dropshipping is a fast-growing business BaapStore Review. Everyone wants to make money online. The Internet has given people endless opportunities to make money. With digitalization reaching its heights, there is an untapped potential for them to blossom and shine.

People dream of selling their products online. However, it’s not easy. BaapStore, it isn’t easy to open an eCommerce shop from scratch.

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Although you can still sell products online via dropshipping platforms, those products will belong to someone else. Dropshipping allows you to sell products that are owned by another person and make money.

It doesn’t require large investments from your part. BaapStore, a dropshipping platform with everything you need, is a great choice.

In A Nutshell

BaapStore has been an amazing dropshipping platform for eight years. BaapStore launched as a company without a brand in 2011. Later, the name “BaapStore” was registered under the company “Uptail Private Limited”. In 2016, it supported more than $400,000 in products and 26,000 pin codes for delivery networks.

BaapStore was founded with the intention of increasing its customers’ profits by offering them many products under their own names. Customers can focus entirely on their sales and revenue, with no need to worry about inventory or delivery.

BaapStore Features

BaapStore offers many appealing features:

White-labeling, and Products Listing

BaapStore allows you to sell products without telling consumers that BaapStore offers the products. You can set the prices and it will offer you products at wholesale rates. BaapStore will be listed in all orders and shipments.

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They have a wide range of products to choose from and no restrictions as to who can see them. Because it offers multiple categories, its listing efficiency is remarkable.

Auto-refilling thousands of products

BaapStore has more than Rs 50,00,000. This means that you won’t need to make large investments in order to purchase the inventory. No matter what pricing plan you choose, this inventory is available at no cost. BaapStore is responsible for refilling products that are most popular in the market. The store also regularly adds new products.

Delivery and shipment integrations

BaapStore offers a wide range of delivery options. It covers more than 26,000+ pincodes across India. International shipping is also available. Delivery within India is free, but customers who live abroad will be charged a delivery fee.

BaapStore offers great integrations with reputable courier companies around the globe. They will dispatch the product on the same day as the order. They ensure that they have enough stock to dispatch the products on time.

eCommerce website marketing and hosting

A diamond package will allow you to have your own eCommerce website. This is not possible with a bronze package. You also get a domain free of charge and the option to choose from a variety of themes and skins for your website’s layout. The eCommerce website can be run on mobile phones, too. They also offer decent payment gateways.

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BaapStore offers web hosting with Cloud Server and SEO services for diamond package customers only.

BaapStore’s marketing strategy is brilliant because it gives unlimited access to banner images. The banners can be expensive and will be required for many occasions and festivals.

You can get the following: BaapStore Premium Banners and BaapStore Premium Templates. Users who are Gold or Diamond members have these features.

Well-Categorated Products

BaapStore does a great job categorizing products. BaapStore has simplified sections that make it easy to find the product quickly. The owner can then easily start a drop-shipping business for various products.

No programming knowledge necessary.

BaapStore is easy to use and requires no prior programming knowledge. BaapStore is easy to use even for non-technical people.


BaapStore offers excellent marketing tools to their resellers in order to grow their business. These tools include: – Gift Vouchers, Affiliate Marketing and Referral Codes.

Admin Access

BaapStore allows you to access the admin area, where you can create the eCommerce platform. The following are available to you:

  • Menu formats
  • Add new products
  • Add new categories
  • Add banners
  • Add co-admins
  • Add shipping policies and rules
  • Searches made easier by adding filters
  • Set-up multi-currency options
  • Integrating blog links
  • Mentioning return policies, etc.

Buyers’ Guide

Because it helps the customer decide whether or not to purchase the product, the product page must be easy-to-use and informative. BaapStore makes it simple for customers to buy:

  • Wishlist option
  • Filters
  • Titles, descriptions, SEO keywords, etc. Each product should have a title, description, and SEO keywords.
  • Delivery available same day
  • Before purchasing, compare the products
  • No sign-in required for guest checkout
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Multi-channel sales

Resellers can sell products on any platform they choose, including Facebook, Amazon, Whatsapp, Amazon, and other social media platforms. Only one requirement is that the platform allows “seller shipment” and “self-shipment”.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

BaapStore Review: Benefits

  • BaapStore doesn’t display its name on the website. Instead, it displays the brand name of the resellers.
  • It is extremely affordable for the high quality services it offers.
  • The reseller’s online business is enhanced by their intense and results-driven services.
  • It performs product listing efficiently.
  • This platform does not require any coding knowledge.
  • It is connected to all the top shipping and courier companies, ensuring that you receive your orders promptly and at no additional cost.

What is BaapStore?

BaapStore works very easily and you’ll soon be selling products online and making income.
BaapStore plans can be purchased to get access to over 10,000 products at wholesale prices.

Start selling products via Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms like Whatsapp.

With the buyer information, place orders on your BaapStore reseller portal

BaapStore ships products to you on your behalf.

BaapStore Pricing Packages

BaapStore offers three pricing options to its customers: Bronze, Gold, or Diamond. There are annual fees, as well as one-time charges. You can choose from different services and offerings depending on the package that you choose. BaapStore’s Diamond Pack includes everything you need.

  • Bronze Package costs Rs. 17,495
  • The Gold Package is Rs. 35,988
  • The Diamond Package is priced at Rs. 59.899
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Products Prices

BaapStore offers products at affordable prices. You won’t find them anywhere else. The resellers get more orders because they charge less than other sellers.

BaapStore Pros

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Unlimitless products available at wholesale prices
  • SSL Certificate Free
  • Courier delivery by excellent companies
  • Customer support available 24 hours a day via ticket or phone
  • Cross-platform sales

Conclusion: BaapStore Review

BaapStore is without doubt one of the best dropshipping platforms. BaapStore is a fantastic platform that helps resellers make more money.

Imagine that you want to start an online business and not have to make huge investments or deal with marketing, inventory, delivery issues, loss, unsold products, sales, etc. BaapStore is your one-stop shop. BaapStore is the perfect eCommerce platform. It offers everything you need and can make huge profits with minimal investment.