Best Dropshipping Websites in India (Free and Paid)

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A website requires basic setup, domain name, hosting and customization. Once you have all that set up, you can make it a blog or an online store. If you are looking to start your own online store, you will need reliable Dropshippers to deliver the products you desire through your site.

Who is a Dropshipper and what are their responsibilities?

Dropshipper is a type of supply chain management where the retailer does away with stock and transfers the customer orders to the supplier, another retailer or wholesaler. These businesses or individuals then ship the goods directly at the customer.

Dropshippers are important

Dropshippers are basically the channels through which any online store can advertise and license pop-culture merchandise like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Marvel. All manufacturers and companies must have legal access to allow the sale of approved versions of these products. Dropshipping is a great way to start your own store quickly and economically.

Dropshippers also allow vendors and stores legal access to licensed merchandise. Selling licensed goods to consumers can be difficult due to strict licensing laws and regulations. Dropshipping allows e-commerce businesses to have legal access all licensed products that are commonly marketed so that they can market to their customers.

Dropshipping in India

Dropshipping in India is an affordable way for entrepreneurs to start their own e-commerce business. Dropshipping allows entrepreneurs to sell products online without the need to ship or hold inventory. It is a low-risk business model for those just starting out. Dropshipping saves you money because you only purchase items from customers once they have placed an order on your site. India is the largest market for online retailers and its e-commerce revenues have been increasing at 51 percent annually.

By 2020, eCommerce revenue is expected to reach $120 billion. Dropshippers from India are allowed to market their business to anyone outside India. However, it is clear that India’s e-commerce industry will expand and make it worthwhile to enter.

Locating Indian suppliers or Indian suppliers that can drop ship goods is the first step to locating your Indian store. Local suppliers to India can increase delivery times and improve the likelihood of goods being delivered on time. Shopify is one of the fastest growing e-commerce websites on the planet today. It is also the most preferred dropshipping source for many eCommerce companies today. This is what I will be discussing in this post. Let’s start by understanding the dropshipping and wholesale market in India.

Dropshipping is better than buying wholesale in India.

India’s traditional business model would see a commodity produced by a producer being sold to distributors, then passed on to wholesalers or retailers, before reaching its end customers. Each of these parties would make the required profit margins. India’s wholesale market will be more expensive than in other countries due to high product prices and transportation costs.

Because the products are expensive, you need to purchase large quantities in order to guarantee reasonable prices and a guarantee they will sell. Shipping costs can be high due to the fact that individual companies do not have access to government incentives such as ePacket. High employee costs mean that you will need to hire more people to pack and ship the goods.

You (online retailer) do not need to hold products in stock when drop shipping, but rather pass orders from customers and shipping information to either manufacturer/wholesaler, who then ships the products directly to customers. Dropshipping allows companies to automate a lot of their business, allowing them to concentrate on customer service activities like marketing and establishing close relationships.

Dropshipping is a great way for Indian dropshippers expand their businesses and sell their products all around the globe. Dropshipping allows Indian entrepreneurs to start low-risk businesses. Let’s move on to India’s payment gateways. Keep scrolling.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows online shops to sell merchandise and products. Shopify offers an extensive range of official merchandise from well-known and respected film, TV and video game brands.

Shopify store owners can sell directly from their eCommerce shops and drop the merchandise straight to their customers. Shopify allows you to quickly and easily sell licensed products from pop culture and branded merchandise in your Shopify store.

Shopify is a great dropshipping platform.

Shopify is internationally recognized for the wide range of goods it can deliver. Shopify is the only dropship supplier that can offer a wide range of approved pop-culture products. Shopify has one advantage over other dropshipping sites: this is their main selling point. Shopify offers a great selection of goods, as well as a reliable fulfillment service. All Shopify stores are able to integrate with the service and offer exclusive products to their customers.

What does Shopify do?

It is not rocket science to understand how Shopify works. It functions in the same way as any dropship supplier. These are the key steps involved in the whole process.

  • Add their products to you store.
  • Customers purchase the products
  • Shopify automatically forwards your customer’s orders to you
  • Shopify ships orders directly to customers.

Get the most from your Drop-Shipping Business

Each company has its own character. Drop-shipping does so. Drop-shipping is a great option for the young and wealthy. With the increase in internet dwellers, there is a huge market for eCommerce shops that offer high-quality goods at a reasonable price. You may be familiar with virtual shoppers, who search multiple online platforms to find the right item. Another group is more vigilant, looking for the best deal possible.

Here are some tips that will help you make your proposal more attractive to prospects.

Every discount offer that you receive is a good deal!

If you plan on running a deal, make sure to tag a justification. It is crucial to distinguish yourself from your online competitors. There are many online players who have the imagination to create targeted marketing campaigns. Many marketplaces are already well-established and readily available online. These business models are supported well and have a strong digital presence.

Digital identity refers to the brand’s popularity and loyal followers. For their virtual shops to drive large traffic, a small tweet about a seasonal sale or offer is enough. If you don’t know how to use promotions and offers, they won’t be a competitive advantage. You have an online shop that you want to promote. People are now more likely to visit your virtual shop because of the persuasive paid promotions.

People noticed that you were running a bid when they entered the store. Fantastic! They heard it! Problem arises when the visitor discovers that there is no expiration date or that it is not a seasonal offer. If the visitor is unable to answer the urgency question, you can give them a chance for reflection. What time I have to place the order. The offer does not force the customer to act.

Picking the right product

Digital has become a more diverse market. One example is how often you will receive promotional emails. It is a poor and shameless attempt to automate daily posts to your customer’s inbox. While we all make mistakes, it is important to think about the key factors that can influence the consumer.

Let me ask you one question. What prompted you to make the decision to open a dropshipping business in India? This is a great opportunity. Yes, you have found a commodity that can make money. You believe that people would be interested in purchasing your unique product online.

Is it really important how unique the product is? If they could purchase the exact same product from Amazon, or a local store, what would you buy from you? You are an unknown entity to the outside world until you have a certain level of brand exposure. What makes someone buy from an unknown company? Dropshipping by your company will help you break through this barrier. A unique business model with innovative products is the best catch.

You don’t need to have a cup of coffee every day. You can list a few cups that have particular shapes and designs. You might think that a cup with a personal handle would be a great selling point. The customer should either book the page or transfer it to their cart. Do not drop-ship any product. You need to know which products will help you make more profit and which products are likely to sell faster.

How to list your products matters

Many eCommerce businesses don’t realize that having an online store is only the beginning. The way you set up and manage the store will have a major impact on the customer. You can simply write the summary of the item or show the products on the website.

Instead of listing 5 images, you can combine 5 images to create a GIF. Consumers can see all photos on the product page without having to click on any one. You should show all variants if you have them. Instead of showing the product with a white background, give it meaning. If the product falls within the clothing category, why not hire a local model to take some photos with them and then show them?

This allows your guest to view the product in its natural environment. A video can be pinned to the product tab.

Promote your Virtual Store

A good plan for digital marketing is essential. Advertising is a key component that helps a company grow and prosper. How can customers buy from you if they don’t know what products you sell?

It is not possible to be so arrogant that people will just know you and walk in your company. You must put in a lot of effort to promote your dropshipping company. Your digital business will be discovered more often if you are consistent in your promotion. The big bucks will start to roll in when people feel the impact of your brand.

Pricing Plan

You have many online marketing options to promote your Indian dropshipping company. These are just a few of the many online marketing strategies that we have discussed.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a way to drive organic traffic to your site.
  • Google Ads can drive instant traffic to your site
  • Social Media Marketing can help increase your brand’s visibility
  • Influencer marketing can help you root your dropshipping company’s domain authority
  • Push Marketing allows you to engage, nurture, and convert your leads.

Top Dropshipping Sites In India


Another great dropshipping site in India.

Baapstore is one of India’s top ten dropshipping businesses. It offers great customer service and a large product selection.

Baapstore has over 50,000 products and more than 4,000 SKUs. It is the largest Indian online wholesaler.

There are 4 pricing options available

  • Plan 1 – Rs.15,746/Yearly
  • Plan 2 – Rs.32,390/Yearly
  • Plan 3 – Rs.59,899/Yearly
  • Plan 4 – Rs.99,991/Yearly

As little as 15,746 Rupees You can open your own eCommerce store with drop-shipping.

Baapstore is a simple solution for those who don’t know tech.

Dropshipping is easy with this simple setup. All you need are your marketing skills.

Baapstore will take care of all shipping, processing and billing needs.

Baapstore’s greatest asset is their constant updating with new marketing trends and tech features.

This means that you will never run out of the most current products or features on an eCommerce website.

Are you interested in Baapstore’s products?

Check out my BaapStore review here to get a 5% instant discount on all plans.


Indiamart is the first Indian dropshipping business on our list. Indiamart is not a dropshipping website, but it can assist you in finding dropshippers in India.

India mart is a B2B marketplace in India that brings together wholesalers as well as retail traders.

Indiamart acts as a mediator between wholesalers, retailers, and other businesses.

Let’s say you need to buy toys in bulk. You can search Indiamart for Toy wholesalers and get in touch with them right from the dashboard.

Indiamart can help you find dropshippers to sell your products.

You can also find thousands of suppliers and manufacturers who offer drop-shipping services.


Dropshipping is a special focus of

They also have a warehouse and over 5000 product inventories.

From their extensive product range, you can pick your niche products.

However, I found one very disappointing thing while I was looking through their website.

They do not allow direct registration. To register on their site, you will need to contact them by email.


TradeIndia is very similar in many ways to Indiamart.

They are India’s second largest B2B marketplace with a total of 37.47.446 sellers and 42.93.725 buyers.

TradeIndia facilitates over 312,496 transactions between buyers and sellers every week.

This is why you should sign up for their services.

Register on their platform to reach thousands of drop shippers from all over India.

However, the majority of suppliers listed here are from outside countries. If you search for Indian drop shipping businesses, you will find them here.

TradeIndia offers a large selection of products so you will never be out of fashion. You’ll find thousands upon thousands of products from different categories on TradeIndia’s website.


ExportersIndia can be a great alternative to TradeIndia if you’re looking for Indian suppliers.

This B2B Website only lists 3 countries.

  • India
  • UAE
  • USA will only show suppliers from the three above countries.

Browse country-specific products easily by selecting your country in the footer.

This marketplace lists thousands of products, ranging from agricultural products to Ayurveda products and crafts items.

These products are well-known all over the globe. These products can be sold abroad for more profit.

You can also post your requirements.

You don’t have to pay anything to reach sellers. Their service is completely free.

ExportersIndia allows you to send an inquiry directly if someone is interested in dropshipping.

If you search for “Dropshipper”, you will find thousands of manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, retailers, and exporters ready to assist you.


Snazzyway is a different kind of thing.

It is a dropshipping website for women’s undergarments based in India. It’s the perfect fit for those who deal in women’s undergarment such as bras, Lingerie and panties for ladies.

There are many undergarment options available.

Dropship in Snazzyway for Bra sets, Lingerie and Nightwear.

If you think that the Indian undergarment market is being undervalued, I will tell you: The Indian lingerie market was valued at $ 3 billion in 2017, and is expected to grow at an CAGR around 14% to $ 6.5 billion by 2023.

Are you impressed now?



Drop shipping companies in India should have all the necessary features such as large product inventories, international shipping, fulfillment and website creation. My CDS dropshipping program meets these requirements.

However, as it is a paid platform you can get tons of additional benefits by opting for their service.

These are the features My CDS offers to its partners.

  • Shopify and other platforms connect with white label online stores
  • More than 80,000 Products
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Management of returns and refunds
  • Support for tickets
  • Simple product listing

Register with them, launch your eCommerce shop, and then pass your orders on to them. All the rest of the process is automated.

They will handle your shipping, return and payment.

It’s an amazing platform for entrepreneurs like you.


Seasonsway is a dropshipping website that specializes in fashion.

They are a fashion-related company and their products can be easily spotted in their stock.

You will find a wide range of mobile accessories, household and personal items, as well as innerwear for kids and children.

Did you know? These niches are all more lucrative than the rest.

My readers should trade in these categories if they are looking to make more money.

Seasonsway is the best place to start a trade in any of these categories.

So, which features are included in Seasonsway?

  • Seasonsway is free to join
  • You will need to either create your own website or sign up for a retail marketplace.
  • You can find a variety of fashion items.
  • A dashboard is available that allows you to manage all aspects of dropshipping, including shipping and processing.


Oberlo, a drop shipping company based in India, is new but it quickly grabs attention from online retailers.

Oberlo has many features that will tempt you to get involved.

You can add products directly to your store with the Oberlo Chrome Extension.

For any questions, you can reach us 24/7 online.

They even offer an affiliate program through Admitad, which allows you to earn a commission for every product sold on Admitad.

Oberlo’s starter plan is completely free, so you can get started today without spending any money.

Small retailers will love the free plan which includes unlimited monthly orders and 500 product listings.


Dropshipzone acts as a middleman between the supplier and the retailer.

How does it work?

  1. The retailer lists the product on the website.
  2. The customer places the order.
  3. Dropshipzone allows retailers to submit this order and pay in advance for the product price.
  4. Dropshipzone forwards this order to the supplier, and they pay the product amount.
  5. The supplier ships the product directly to the customer.

Dropshipzone offers two benefits.

  • Sign up for free
  • A big product catalog
  • The majority of these processes are automated

Dropshipzone makes it easy to start an online sales journey.

eCom Profit Hub

Indian retailers will find eCom Profit Hub a great dropshipping platform. It stocks 1,00,000.

These products can be synced directly to your shopping site. Once the sale starts, they will receive their payment and shipping details immediately.

There is no need for you to worry about the back panels. Marketing is your priority.

Marketing is more profitable.

eCom Profit-Hub can be used for free.

Dropshippers who don’t want to do back-end work but prefer to spend their time marketing are well served by eComProfitHub.


Shopnix is the dropshipping site in India that Shopnix tops.

Shopnix allows its users to create white-label shopping websites using their platform. They can then list all products in Shopnix inventory.

It offers many other cool features, including the white label shopping site creation tool.

Retailers will appreciate features like Facebook Store, mobile apps, SEO & Marketing and Inventory Management.

Pricing plans start at 1000 Rs per month, but there is also a life plan. A one-time fee of minimum 48,000 Rs can be paid to use their services for the rest of your life.

Last words

These are the top dropshipping sites in India that will allow you to sell products both inside and outside India without hassle.

No matter which option you choose, I recommend that you register for GST first. GST is mandatory in India for eCommerce websites. It is therefore illegal to do eCommerce without GST.

Now it’s time for you to choose the best. You’ve seen two types of websites in the list: Individual drop shipping sites and B2B marketplaces.

Indiamart is the best B2B marketplace, while individual dropship website, Croogle Dropship, is my favorite.

So, these are the two dropshipping sites I recommend to you. The final decision is up to you. First, address your needs. Then proceed.

We wish you the best with your dropshipping business in India.

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