Best Shipping Label Printer for Shopify (Expert Tips)

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Shipping is not something that anyone notices. Everyone notices when it goes wrong.

For shoppers who have made a purchase, there is nothing more frustrating than being made to wait. They will let you know if they aren’t happy.

Shipping is a critical part of ecommerce. It can consume valuable time and cause you to lose your customers.

Shipping apps can handle printing labels and other shipping aspects, including calculating shipping costs. Some apps are only for creating labels and tracking orders.

Here are 10 of the most popular Shopify shipping labels apps.

Each one is intended to make it easier to print shipping labels efficiently, so your products arrive where they need to without you spending too much time. But which one will best suit your needs?

Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App

Price: Free, then starting at $9/month

14 Day Free Trial

Average Shopify Rating (5 stars): (104 Reviews).

PluginHive’s Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App integrates seamlessly into your Shopify store. This app is the only one that lets you perform all shipping tasks, including printing labels and requesting pickups. You can also track shipment status from your Shopify dashboard.

This app saves you time, money, and allows you to show accurate shipping rates at checkout.

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UPS and FedEx have officially certified the Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App. This app is compatible with all major carriers such as UPS, FedEx and USPS.


  • Supports multi-carrier shipping for all top carriers such as UPS, FedEx and USPS, DHL Canada Post, Australia Post, and many others.
  • Show accurate shipping rates on your Shopify Checkout Page
  • Automated printing shipping labels saves time and effort
  • Select the cheapest shipping services automatically
  • Carrier Pickup Requests & Manifests

Address Labels

Address Labels makes it easy to print labels directly from your order screen. This saves time, effort, as well as the risk of making costly mistakes.

This means that you can no longer write labels manually or use mail merges to ship around the globe.

Price: $5/month

No cost trial Yes, 30 days.

Shopify rating average (out of 5 stars), 3.3 (26 reviews).

Main pros:

  • Mobile-friendly, clean interface
  • You can bulk print address labels right from your order screen
  • There are hundreds of templates to choose from
  • Liquid allows for easy customization
  • You can create new templates to meet your needs
  • Printing the packing slips automatically with every order reduces errors
  • Compatible with all major brands including Dymo and Avery.
  • You can choose from several paper sizes
  • For universal printing, delivery labels are available in PDF format
  • Optional: You can include a return address label with each order
  • Shipping to more than 250 countries is possible (with automatic formatting for each country).
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Very competitive prices
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Are there any cons?

  • Initial reviews were not great, but the new version is receiving 5-star reviews. User concerns and initial problems seem to have been resolved.


ShipRobot makes it easy to create shipping labels, manage order statuses, and more with just one app.

It automates a lot of the work involved in creating shipping labels. This saves you time and allows you to communicate with customers.

Price: Installation is free, but shipping labels are $20 each

No cost trial No

Average Shopify Rating (outof 5 stars): 4.3 (49 Reviews)

Main pros:

  • Shopify stores can sync orders in real time
  • In just a few clicks, you can print shipping labels for your orders
  • Bulk Label Creation – Up to 250 shipping labels can all be printed at once
  • Multiple shipping channels and sales carriers supported (USPS Canada Post, UPS and FedEx),
  • Shopify Store Admin automatically updates shipping status to “fulfilled”.
  • Sends customers tracking number emails automatically
  • Filter or search any shipment or order
  • Support for partial order fulfillment
  • You can print your own packing slips and pick lists.
  • Unlimited “ship from” addresses
  • Before you make a label, check the postage rate
  • Shipping labels can be canceled or refunded

Are there any cons?

  • Support has been reported to have some issues
  • High-volume printers of labels may be more expensive
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This app is developed in Asia and was created by Shopify sellers to simplify the shipping process. You can have orders ready for pickup in under 20 seconds.

To support Shopify sellers around the world, the developer has offices in Japan & Singapore.

Price: No installation fees. $ 0.25 per shipment or $17/month for 100 shipments/ $125/month to ship 1,000 shipments.

No cost trial Yes, 14-day free trial

Average Shopify Rating (outof 5 stars): 4.8 (18 Reviews)

Main pros:

  • You can easily create and print bulk shipping labels
  • One dashboard provides a user-friendly interface
  • Automatically import orders from multiple stores, and sync them in real-time
  • Multiple accounts can be set up and managed by the same carrier
  • Comparing shipping rates between international carriers can help you save money
  • Manage multiple Shopify warehouses and stores
  • Get order updates
  • Print your invoices and customs papers (or go paperless, if you prefer).
  • Track your shipment
  • To filter your orders within the app, use Shopify order tags
  • Integrates with all major domestic and international carriers in Asia, Europe and the US (including DHL/ FedEx, Yamato/Amazon, UPS, etc.

Are there any cons?

  • There is currently no way to schedule pick-up from your carrier directly through the app

ShippyPro Labels & Returns

ShippyPro, an Italian-designed app for Europe, can be used to print labels and track parcels. It also allows you to manage returns.

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It is a very popular app that is used by over 10,000 ecommerce shops.

Price: Up to 30 monthly shipments are free. EU 79/month for 250 orders, EU 159/month for 1000 orders/month

No cost trial No applicable

Average Shopify Rating (outof 5 stars): 3.0 (37 reviews).

Main pros:

  • Print labels for 110 carriers easily in bulk – this includes all the major US and European carriers
  • The label creation and printing process is faster with Label Creator
  • Shipping rates comparisons can help you save money
  • Automately update customers with tracking numbers
  • Tracking notifications with your brand
  • Send customs forms to the carrier by uploading ETD documents
  • Help customers return items, if necessary
  • Support for customers in five languages
  • Up to 30 shipments available in a free version

Are there any cons?

  • There have been some poor reviews recently, mostly from disgruntled users who were not satisfied with the support. This needs to be fixed!

ReadyToShip Tracking

ReadyToShip makes it easy to print labels, update tracking, and mark orders as complete.

It was created by a group of online retailers and is intended for Shopify businesses located in Australia.

Price: Installation is free, but labels cost 5c each

No cost trial Yes, 30 days.

Average Shopify Rating (outof 5 stars): 4.8 (55 ratings)

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Main pros:

  • Shipping labels printed in one click – quick and simple
  • Shopify automatically imports orders that are awaiting fulfillment
  • Integrates with all major Australian shipping companies (Australia Post, Fastway Couriers Please, Sendle Couriers Please, Sendle DHL ecommerce and eparcel etc.
  • For easy comparisons, displays live shipping rates for customers
  • Customer addresses are automatically validated and fixed
  • Print pick lists, invoices
  • Send your tracking data in one click to Shopify and all of your customers
  • This tool will help you to manage dimensions and packages
  • Multiple stores and multiple customers can be handled
  • Scalable – For small and large ecommerce companies
  • Excellent customer service (via live chat, email, and phone).
  • Consistently high reviews

Are there any cons?

  • High volumes of labels could make it expensive

shipcloud Connector

This app is free and makes it easy to connect your Shopify store to Shipcloud.

Shipcloud, a German shipping service provider, offers freedom in choosing your carrier. If this sounds appealing, you can register at and install the app. Once you have entered your API key, you are good to go.

Price: Free

No cost trial No applicable

Average Shopify Rating (outof 5 stars): 3.8 (11 Reviews)

Main pros:

  • Shipcloud integration is greatly simplified in Shopify
  • You can easily arrange standard shipping, express delivery, and returns
  • Shipcloud allows you to connect to DHL Express, UPS and Deutsche Post.
  • To optimize shipping costs, choose the most economical option
  • Print shipping labels instantly and automatically
  • Every time you order labels, customize them with your logo
  • All carriers and customers can use integrated shipment tracking
  • You can integrate your business accounts with the carriers
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Are there any cons?

  • There have been some complaints about Shipcloud’s support and service, but these are not the fault of the app.

Japan Post

This app allows you to ship from Japan anywhere in the world with all available Japan Post international shipping methods. Domestic shipping is not supported.

Lunaris, a Shopify merchant based in Japan, developed it.

Price starting at $14.90/month

No cost trial Yes, you can try it for 7 days.

Shopify rating average (out of 5 stars),: 4.5 (3 reviews).

Main pros:

  • Shopify allows you to quickly create custom labels
  • Select from the available international shipping options for Japan Post
  • You can easily adjust the shipping weight to ensure accuracy
  • To streamline customs procedures, you can modify or add shipping information.
  • You can add insurance to your shipment by clicking a button. This reduces the chance of losing items

Are there any cons?

  • There are very few reviews that can be used to evaluate the app.


Esign has created bpost, a label-printing application that integrates with the shipping manager of Belgian carrier bpost.

This app can only be used for shipping to Belgium by businesses that use the bpost carrier.

Prices: Starting at $30 per month for 100 labels. If more than 100 labels are printed, $50 per month

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No cost trial Yes, you can try it for 14 days.

Shopify rating: Average (out of 5 stars), 2.5 (3 reviews).

Main pros:

  • Interface is simple and easy to use
  • You can print shipping labels for bpost in just one click
  • No more pasting and copying addresses
  • Batch label creation and order fulfillment
  • After order fulfillment, customers receive an automatic email notification with a tracking number.
  • Support for customers

Are there any cons?

  • This app has not been reviewed to its full extent.
  • It’s a little pricey

GLS Eastern Europe

Although it is quite simple and limited, this app is very well-reviewed and is free.

It was created for the Eastern European market only, including Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

Price: Free

No cost trial No applicable

Average Shopify Rating: 5.0 (8 Reviews)

Main pros:

  • It is easy to use and saves users a lot of time
  • You can print custom GLS labels with just one click. No need to fill out forms
  • Supports GLS Expressparcel and SMS, Flex Delivery, Standby, and other services
  • Support can help with setting up
  • It’s free!

Are there any cons?

  • Coverage area limited
  • To fully take advantage of the API, you will need permission from GLS

Correios – SIGEP – Etiquetas

This app, which is Brazilian-based, is designed for merchants who need help sending their orders via local correios (the Brazilian state-owned company that runs the national postal service) and wants to make it easier.

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Price: $4.99/month, 50 orders. 10c per order for extras.

No cost trial Yes, you can get a free trial for 15 days

Average Shopify Rating (outof 5 stars): 4.2 (14 Reviews)

Main pros:

  • All orders can be auto-imported with client information
  • Easy creation of PLP/shipping labels either for one order or all orders at once
  • All correios shipping options available: PAC, SEDEX, CARTAS, etc.
  • This tool will help you to choose the most economical shipping option in order to save money
  • Shipping label includes a customized logo
  • Automated update of fulfillment status and shipping update

Are there any cons?

  • There is no free version, and it may be a bit expensive for some users

Shopify Shipping App

The U.S. and worldwide shipping applications are most popular with readers.

There are many of them, but it is also helpful to compare features with apps that were created for specific regions or countries.

These apps are key to a successful Shopify shop because they help you save time and automate tasks that could be done automatically. This includes shipping.

You can now use your time to take care of those areas in your store that are really important and focus on the more profitable parts of your business.

Print shipping labels from Shopify

Shopify – Track your orders and print shipping labels

Shopify allows you to import your orders directly into Shipmate! You can choose the shipping carrier or let Shipmate’s intelligent routing rules do the rest. Shipmate makes it easy to import multiple orders and batch print shipping labels from multiple carriers.

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Shipmate’s unified tracking system allows you to track your deliveries and keep track of the progress of parcels in transit. You can also be notified about any missed or delayed deliveries.

Shipmate is integrated with Shopify, as well as many other online platforms and carriers. This makes it easy to print shipping labels from Shopify.

Shipmate makes it easy to link your systems with UK carriers and provides a range of useful functionality that will help you provide the best service possible to your customers.

Shopify – Print shipping labels

Shipmate makes it easy to link your systems with UK carriers and provides a range of useful functionality that will help you provide the best service possible to your customers.

Shipmate’s integration with Shopify allows Shipmate to eliminate the need for costly, lengthy and expensive upgrades to your online sales system. This will allow Shipmate to provide the best delivery service possible for all parcels, for you and your customers.

Shipmate is your smart delivery companion. It allows you to print all your parcel labels with one printer.

Place your Parcels Discreetly

Are you using different carriers for different parcels. Shipmate can be configured to automatically choose the correct carrier and delivery service for each parcel based on a predetermined set of criteria.

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You can choose from the standard criteria like weight and dimensions or you can add your own such things as department, product type, or product code. Shipmate automatically checks each aspect of your parcel to determine the best service and will output your label when you book a delivery.

Shopify allows you to track your deliveries

Shipmate allows you to track your deliveries automatically and helps you deliver better customer service. Shipmate is proactive because it alerts you to any potential problems with deliveries. This is how proactive customer service works.

You will be notified immediately if a delivery takes longer than you expected or fails to arrive in our Delivery Warnings Centre. Click through to see customer details and let them know what’s happening with their delivery.

To monitor the performance of carriers against Service Level Agreements, we interrogate tracking events. This ensures that you are always up to date about the performance of your services and carriers.

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