BigSpy vs AdSpy Detailed Comparison Review

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Digital advertising is a key tool for business growth, thanks to the growing penetration of eCommerce and the Internet.

Statista predicts that advertising revenues will reach $330 Billion by 2021, and about 82% of marketers intend to increase digital ads spend.

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The digital advertising market is highly competitive. Both small and large brands want to grab customers’ attention.

You must make better, more engaging, and more converting ads than your competition if you want your ads to be noticed.

You can use social ad spying tools to do this. You can spy on multiple social media channels and millions of ads with a variety of tools.

You can see competitor ads and get ad inspiration to optimize your marketing efforts.

We will be comparing AdSpy with BigSpy in this article. Both solutions are excellent and have some amazing features.

Let’s begin with our review, which will help you make informed decisions.

What is BigSpy?

BigSpy, an ad spy tool, is for advertising agencies, companies, and marketing professionals. This tool offers reliable data and insights to help with advertising marketing campaigns, ad design, product launches and other tasks.

The software displays trending ads every day using big data. This software allows you to discover new niches and ideas every day, which are monitored by tons of users.

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It allows users to set up ads and track their performance based upon their preferences.

What is AdSpy?

AdSpy enables marketers, top advertisers and companies to get data-driven insights and innovate, while streamlining their marketing content. This software allows you to curate the best ads and account for your content. It also helps improve your advertising activities.

AdSpy offers data from more than 90 million ads and 14 million advertisers in 203 countries.

Advanced Search and Filters


BigSpy offers intelligent search filters that help users quickly find relevant ad data. There are multiple search options available. You can search quickly for ads in the Ecom or Game sections using the keyword category search.

You can perform an advertisement location search with the software. Search can be performed based on Advertising Info, Title, Text, Landing page URLs and Advertising Info. You can use the keyword exclusion search to remove ads that are related to a keyword by entering unwanted keywords.

Filter data by keywords and ad texts. You can filter the tool by page category.

  • Baby and Kid Goods
  • Artist
  • Beauty, cosmetics, and personal care
  • Business Service
  • Dealership of Cars
  • College and University
  • Food and Beverage Company
  • Gym and Physical Fitness Center

BigSpy lets you filter ads based upon the advertiser’s marketing goals like

  • Page Post Engagement
  • Website Conversion
  • App Installs
  • COD
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You can choose from different CTA types to see ads with a specific Call to Action.

  • EMAIL_NOW for more

You can filter by different media types such as image, video and carousel. You can also filter by device type, such as Android, iOS, or PC.

Other search filters that are important include

  • Ad created time and seen times
  • Formats and types of ads
  • Type of industry
  • Countries
  • Affiliate network
  • Language
  • Dates


AdSpy makes finding the right ad data easy to use in your marketing efforts. Searches can be made based on the name of the advertiser. You can search for competitors by simply typing their name, adtext, or advertiser.

AdSpy allows you to search based upon a specific audience or demographics in order to improve your results. You can choose the gender, either male or female, or both. You can also search by selecting the age range, country, and languages.

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Technology type is another important search feature. To view ads for these stores, you can choose from multiple eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Kenshoo and ShopDirect.

It is easy to search using the user’s reactions and engagement with the ad. You can search by total likes or daily likes. To get precise results, you can choose from a number of likes between 1 and 1000.

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You can also tailor your search to other reactions to the ad.

  • Wow
  • Love
  • Haha
  • It’s sad
  • Anger and more

AdSpy displays ads when affiliate offers are found. You can filter ads based upon affiliate networks, such as

  • 411 Networks
  • AboveAllOffers
  • AC Nutryst

AdSpy only supports images and videos. They do not support carousels, unlike BigSpy.

Smart filters can be used to sort results beyond the basic search. This tool provides insights into

  • Text in the ad
  • When was the last time this ad appeared?
  • Which ad has the longest running run?
  • Type of call to action

AdSpy’s comment searching allows social media users to curate ads for you. Search through comments to find keywords that you feel are important.

This feature allows you to monitor the brands of your competitors and your own brand. It is easy to see which ads have received positive and negative feedback.


Both BigSpy as well as AdSpy have been winners. Both offer advanced and basic search options, as well as filters that can be used to assist marketers in finding ad ideas. AdSpy has search options that aren’t available in BigSpy such as targeting specific audiences like Age and Gender.

BigSpy also offers search filters that aren’t available in AdSpy.

  • Based on your marketing objectives, search
  • Categories
  • Exclusion
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Analytics and Reports


BigSpy’s reporting and analytics tools allow you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This tool gives you detailed information on ads across different social media channels.

The tool provides insights into the ad’s engagements, trends, and even the number of comments and likes. It also displays vital data about ads, including

  • Category of the Ad
  • Creativity (Image, Video, and Carousel).
  • Country
  • Type of device and OS
  • Ad Label
  • Demography analysis
  • Download
  • Ad durations
  • Ranking analysis

You can see the landing page’s final URL, outgoing links, and redirects. Access detailed information about affiliate ads, offer IDs and networks can be accessed as well.

This tool lets you view the performance of competitor ads in the last seven days and thirty days. The ad performance chart allows you to see the number of comments, reactions, and shares for the ad. You can also see how engagement has changed over time.

Instead of trying to guess what your competitors do, data-driven insights can help you optimize marketing efforts.

BigSpy also provides an extensive chart that shows the top social media channel advertisers. Filter options allow you to filter by industry or duration of ad.

The tool displays data for each supported social media channel or ad network.

  • Advertiser
  • Ad Count
  • Time Limit
  • Date created and last seen
  • Trends
  • Performance
  • Industry Ranking
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AdSpy provides detailed reports and analytics for each ad. You can optimize your ads to increase engagement by gaining in-depth information about the industry and ad performance.

The ad’s origin country and the number of ad interactions, including comments and likes, can be viewed. This tool will allow you to view details about the Calls to Action, Ad Labels, Target Audience, and more. AdSpy will show you the URL and landing page of your ad. It also provides information about the technology behind the ads, such as

  • Web Server
  • SSL Certificate
  • Nameserver providers
  • Hosting providers
  • Email Services
  • Content Management Systems
  • Frameworks
  • Ecommerce Solution
  • Type of advertising


The debate between BigSpy and AdSpy has come to a halt. Both tools provide detailed analytics for each ad but also offer unique features.

BigSpy, for example, provides a chart showing the number of engagements. This chart also shows an increase of engagement rates for comments, likes, reactions, and comments.

AdSpy, on the other hand shows a report that tracks engagement over time.

AdSpy also provides more information about technology, such as web server and hosting provider, SSL certificate, eCommerce solution etc. BigSpy also provides limited information about technology.

This category has been won by AdSpy as well as BigSpy.



BigSpy is a powerful ad spy tool that can be used to analyze and market products, as well as generate ad ideas.

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It has an extensive database that provides continuous insight into more than one billion ads. BigSpy is different from AdSpy because it serves ads from multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


AdSpy’s growing collection of ads will inspire you to create high-converting ads.

It gives your campaign a solid foundation for success. Software offers a wide range of data to brands, marketing agencies and managers.

AdSpy can provide detailed information if you are interested in a product that is hot.

AdSpy has one of the largest and most extensive databases of ads that you will find. It has over 90.7 million ads across 203 countries in 88 languages.

Their intuitive, comprehensible interface makes it easy to navigate through large amounts of data until you find exactly what you need for your campaign.


BigSpy is the clear winner in this category. Their database is larger and more complete than AdSpy.

BigSpy has access to a wider range of data from different social media channels. It serves ads from many social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter AdMob Pinterest, Yahoo!, and Twitter. AdSpy only fetches data from Facebook and Instagram.

Ideas for Ads


BigSpy has tons of inspiration for getting your campaign started. BigSpy offers ad inspiration from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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You can quickly find ideas with powerful search options and advanced filtering. Basic filters such as

  • Categories
  • Languages

Advanced filters such as Date can be used. You can choose from a predetermined date range, including today, seven, thirty, or 90 days. To get precise data, users can choose a date range.

Big Spy also offers an advanced search option that allows you to filter by multiple ideas types. Some examples of these idea types are

  • Question
  • Exclamation
  • Number
  • Emojis
  • Hashtags
  • More information available

BigSpy offers the option to download your ad creative. Your account can save your search to labels.


AdSpy does not have an exclusive ad-idea tool. You can however get some ideas using the spy tool’s advanced search and filter options.

View ad creatives such as videos and pictures. AdSpy offers free inspiration for ads on its Twitter page.


BigSpy was the winner. Their tool is dedicated to helping users find creative ad ideas. Filtering can be done based on many ideas.

Affiliates Data


This software allows you to find ads powered by affiliate networks. You can view the ads of other affiliates by using your order ID or affiliate ID if you just joined an affiliate network. You can also choose from a variety of affiliate networks.

  • ClickBank
  • MaxBounty
  • Hotmart
  • Monetizze
  • Affiliate Empire
  • Insparx
  • Olympic Trade Affiliate
  • BinPartner
  • Shareasale
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AdSpy is a useful tool that helps you locate ads from affiliate networks. It is easy to search for specific offers and affiliates from networks such as

  • 411 Networks
  • AboveAllOffers
  • AC Nutryst, and many more

What if your network just gave you a great offer? To see what other affiliates are doing to promote it, you can search seamlessly using the Offer ID.

AdSpy guarantees you accurate and complete information right from your landing pages.


BigSpy and AdSpy offer extensive affiliate data from many affiliate networks. AdSpy, however, provides data from more affiliate network than BigSpy. AdSpy is therefore the winner.

The BigSpy vs AdSpy debate heats up at this point.

Demographics data


BigSpy does not allow you to filter ads by demographic data such as age or gender.

The software does not present data such as gender distribution or location at the analytics or reporting stage.


AdSpy’s extensive network of contributors allows it to accurately assess the target audience. This includes gender, age range and location.

AdSpy will show you the markets and regions where your competitors dominate. This data can help you discover profitable opportunities you may not have considered.


You can get demographic insights with AdSpy or BigSpy. This includes age, gender and country. Both are winners.

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Featured and Tracked Ads


BigSpy allows you to find niches and ideas with real-time data, social proof, and monitor activity as it happens.

The software displays data about featured ads. Software automatically selects winning, trending or high-converting ads every day using big data and intelligence.

BigSpy allows you to discover new niches, ad ideas and other information that is being tracked by thousands. Your tracked ads can be viewed as well. You can also view your tracked ads.


AdSpy doesn’t have the feature for featured and tracked ads.


BigSpy’s tracked and featured ads offer the intelligence you need to reduce ad costs and maximize profit.

User Interface


BigSpy’s intuitive layout makes it simple for both beginners and professionals to find ad ideas.

You can search with filters and view detailed competitor data.


AdSpy’s interface is simple to navigate and use. You don’t need to have any advertising knowledge in order to search through millions upon millions of data within seconds.

AdSpy’s interface and fast servers provide well-presented data that will not slow down your research.


BigSpy and AdSpy both have intuitive and easy-to-use user interfaces. Both tools are great.

Customer Service and Support


BigSpy provides live chat support and email support. You can also find support articles and blog posts in their extensive library.

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You can reach their support team if you have any questions about AdSpy’s services. They offer phone and email support.


BigSpy was the winner. They offer live chat and a large number of support articles that can be accessed quickly by newbies.


BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy offers four pricing options.

Free Plan – $0 per Month

This plan allows you to access

  • Only Networks on Facebook
  • Five Queries daily
  • Search features are limited

Basic Plan – $9 per Month

This plan allows you to access

  • Networks: Instagram and Facebook
  • 20 Queries Daily
  • Unlimitless Search Features
  • 25 Tracked Ads Daily
  • 25 Daily Ad Downloads
  • Limited Featured Ads

Pro Plan – $99 per month

Enjoy it!

  • Online Support
  • All Publishers and Networks (Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. AdMob. Twitter. Pinterest. Yahoo.
  • Limited daily queries
  • Unlimitless search features
  • 250 Tracked Ads Daily
  • 250 Daily Ad Downloads
  • Unlimited featured ads
  • Analyse of Landing
  • Unlimitable People Tracked Ads
  • Demographic Analysis

Elite Plan – $399 per Month

  • All Publishers and Networks
  • Unlimited Daily Queries
  • Unlimitless Search Features
  • Daily Tracked Ads – 999
  • Daily Download: 999
  • Unlimitable People Tracked Ads
  • Unlimited featured ads
  • Demographics Analysis
  • Analyse of Landing
  • Ad Ideas Analysis
  • Online Support
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Advertiser Charts
  • Special Team Support
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BigSpy’s pricing plans can change at any moment. For the most current information, please visit their website.

AdSpy Pricing

The pricing for AdSpy is quite simple compared to its alternative. Unlimited usage is $149 per month. They do not offer a free plan.

PowerAdSpy is another option if you are looking for a tool that comes with a free version.

The AdSpy pricing may change from time-to-time. For more information, please refer to their pricing page.


AdSpy is still ahead in this category, but BigSpy wins out. AdSpy doesn’t offer a trial or a free plan. The software must be purchased.



  • BigSpy offers a rich, comprehensive ad database
  • This tool supports multiple social media channels as well as ad networks and can serve ads.
  • BigSpy offers live chat support and email support
  • They also have blogs and support articles.
  • These ads feature tracked ads, and ad concepts offer deep insight into the top-performing ads
  • BigSpy offers a free plan as well as multiple pricing tiers


  • It has a simple interface for users
  • AdSpy displays ads from many affiliate networks
  • Software has a large Facebook and Instagram ad databank
  • AdSpy offers detailed ad analytics as well as reports
  • This tool offers ad suggestions to assist marketers in creating high-converting ads.



  • The free plan only has a few features
  • The software allows you to access a limited number of affiliate networks’ ad data
  • It is impossible to filter ads based upon demographics
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  • Advertising objectives are not a way to filter ads.
  • AdSpy’s resource base is limited
  • Only data is available from Instagram and Facebook.
  • AdSpy may be cheaper than AdSector but it does not offer a trial or a free plan.

Final Verdict: BigSpy or AdSpy

Here you are. This is a feature-by–feature analysis of two powerful ad-spy tools. Our AdSpy vs BigSpy debate was informative.

BigSpy, AdSpy, and other data sources provide crucial and actionable information for marketing campaigns.

You can also access a large collection of ads. This allows you to gain insight into the marketing activities of your competitors and can also help you find inspiration for high-quality ads.

We’ll choose BigSpy for this round. It has a large ad database and supports multiple ad networks. It also offers multiple price tiers and a free plan, making it more flexible than the other two.

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