Simple Steps to Cancel Aliexpress Order

AliExpress allows customers to cancel orders that have already been paid for but have yet to ship by logging in and clicking “Cancel order.”

Your purchase may need to be cancelled for various reasons: either because your mind has changed, another offer has presented itself, or your seller is taking too long in shipping your item(s).

Payment Verification

Aliexpress allows buyers to cancel orders even when they are “awaiting shipment”. To do so, simply head over to their website and sign in using the same account used for placing the order, navigate to ‘My orders’ tab and locate their order in order to cancel it; and if accepted by seller they should request refund.

Aliexpress orders can often be cancelled for various reasons, including changed minds and lower prices found elsewhere; or long shipping times from sellers who take much longer than expected to deliver their items to customers.

Buyers can request cancellation from sellers directly; however, there’s no guarantee they will comply. If this fails to resolve their issues, AliExpress provides another method through which customers can lodge complaints to have their money returned back into their original payment method.

Awaiting Shipment

Orders on AliExpress that have reached Awaiting Shipment can be cancelled prior to being shipped if you request this within 24 hours after payment was made for them; this feature may not be available with all products so before making your decision, check seller policies carefully.

Why cancel an order while waiting for shipment? Perhaps your mind has changed or the product doesn’t meet your requirements. Whatever your reasoning, keep in mind that the seller still needs to verify payment and prepare your order for shipping.

If you decide to cancel, your order will revert back into Awaiting Payment status until it has been shipped, at which point a message with cancellation confirmation information will be sent directly to your registered email address on AliExpress.

Once your cancellation request has been sent to a seller, he has two weeks to accept or decline it and your order will automatically close and you’ll be refunded all money that was paid for your item through AliExpress – making for an easy and safe solution to handling problems!


If you want to cancel an order and the seller doesn’t agree, opening a dispute can help you negotiate and resolve conflicts between you and them. Once an agreement has been made between both parties, then closing it should only occur if buyer protection has been extended by both sides – otherwise keep checking the status of your refund frequently.

To cancel an order on AliExpress, navigate to your My Orders section and click the “Request Cancellation” button. When asked for reasons, select your reason – or, if necessary, even open a dispute against the seller who caused this to be cancelled.

If a seller refuses to cancel an order after payment verification, you can wait 72 hours for the system to automatically step in and cancel it itself. Alternatively, try negotiating with them by threatening negative reviews; usually this works effectively as most sellers want to avoid negative feedback.

If negotiations between yourself and the seller have not produced results, you can file a dispute through your My Orders section of AliExpress to bring this matter before one of their representatives and have them mediate and make an appropriate decision in your favor.


AliExpress allows buyers to change their minds after placing an order and has given sellers seven working days to process and ship those orders before cancelling them; but even after this period it’s still possible if both buyer and seller agree.

To cancel an order, navigate to My Orders and click on “Cancel Order” next to it. When asked for reasons, select either defect in product as your main reason; otherwise other possible reasons can include mistakes etc.

Some sellers on Aliexpress use misleading marketing strategies to draw customers in, such as promising that items will be shipped for free within a certain amount of time; but in reality they charge an exorbitant shipping fee and take forever. When this occurs, buyers often cancel their order before it even ships!

If a seller refuses to cancel an order, My Orders provides the ability to file a dispute and resolve it quickly and get your money back. Keep in mind, however, that refunds can only be processed after receiving back your product – be patient while making contact with them as soon as possible for resolution.