Dropshipping 2022 Products, Niches, Suppliers, Marketing Strategies

How to Start Dropshipping in 2022?

Drop shipping business in the beginning of entrepreneurship, means doubling the opportunities of minting money. It is a field which is known to offer tremendous bliss to the business model. With no stocking up or levelling the capital, all it needs is smart work and accurate guidance. So, we thought to come out with an extensive drop shipping guide to all the drop shippers who are hanging in the middle of the ground.  

Pick the best suitable niche for your drop shipping business. 

Panning a drop shipping store without working on the niche area, then it might trouble you in the future. Along with this, every drop shipper must keep one thing in mind that every drop shipping niche is not profitable. Therefore, the first thing that you must perform is selecting the best drop shipping niche for your business. Even you can open up a drop shipping store without a niche but with mind-blowing marketing strategies running all around the business. Thus, try to make things as simple as you can.

Validation of the market plays a vital role in identifying profitability. 

 Unlike any other business industry, even the drop shipping sector is pooled up with the competition. In this, you can make big in terms of profit, and there are tonnes of loosing ends as well. It is the reason it is advised to begin with the market analysis before you tend to take a step ahead. It is your money and the responsibility to invest with a view to gain lies on your shoulder only. Also, leave the topic like easy ways of making money online for the latter days. 

Make a business plan without missing any point.

Starting a drop shipping business without any access to the planning or strategy making will make you lose. Build a plan for every step, and this will protect you at times, when things are not going as you have thought. 

The perfect selection of drop shipping products 

What kind of products you have listed on your site for drop shipping will do most of your work. The concept is whether to opt for cheap, expensive, generic or branded products. Take a look at the selection process of trending products. 

Discover the drop shipping suppliers

At this time, you are done with the drop shipping niche products and have a plan too. So, what can be the next step ahead? Very simple, you have to line up the drop shipping suppliers. Many directories of drop shipping suppliers are around the web that you can look for searching authentic and genuine suppliers dealing in drop shippers. 

Build an e-commerce store for your drop shipping store online

Many e-commerce stores allow drop shippers to sell their products online, but if you are having your own store, then things will e different. It will help you in creating your own goodwill, brand name and identification of the products as well. 

Market your drop shipping business 

Now, you have to work on the next-gen marketing plan, and it is imperative so that you can ignore the same. It is very clear that, in your drop shipping business, the products you are dealing can’t be totally unique or out of the box. Plus the pricing can’t be set as per your wish. Thus, it is the marketing strategy that will help you in the long run.

Best Dropshipping products 2022

Galaxy roses

Have you ever heard of the golden rose? You will be astonished to know that it falls under the list of ideal products for drop shipping even in the year 2017.

Succeeding with 2018, these roses became even more popular as the selling ratio took a jump and it was claimed by the Oberlo drop shippers. 

Yes, we are talking about the galaxy rose. 

It has the maximum selling proportion during the times of Valentine’s Day and is considered best for gifting purposes. 

In order to create a sale, you can try Facebook ad campaign with a good amount of exciting coupons on valentines.

Not only for Facebook, you can use Instagram influencer marketing ads or campaigns for galaxy roses. Being a visible product, it would be easy to land on the feeds of Instagram users. 

For drop shipping 2022 trends, galaxy roses tend to be the most influential and working product that one should try. 

Reusable makeup sponges 

Makeup has become the most selling market these days, and our next product is related to the same. Along with this, customers all over the world are looking for sustainable shopping that can save them with time and money. 

We all know that makeup removal wipes are sheer wastage of money and reach to the dustbin after once used. Therefore the reusable makeup sponges came into reality. 

These products will remove the makeup in one go and can be used multiple times. People are evidently very much interested in using this product, and there is no doubt about it any far. It is hereby one of the hardcore selling products for drop shipping 2022.

However, we suggest you have a look at Google Trends for worldwide search data.

Yoga bricks 

With the name of the product, you must be thinking, how is this product on the list of drop shipping 2022. 

The fitness goals these days are increasing day by day, plus yoga mats are helping the people with new poses. 

Whenever a shopper makes a new fitness goal, they start with the shopping, and a yoga mat is the perfect thing to be on their list. 

You can check the Google Trends to understand the interest of the products and so on. 

Face crystals of face jewellery 

If you are getting products related to this niche, then don’t waste any time. These products came into reality after a Euphoria character. The character was known to wear face crystals which slowly became a fashion. It has variation and patterns which are loved by women.

Statement jewellery 

If you want to add up variations in your drop shipping store, then Aliexpress will help you. Here you will see n number of statement jewellery. It is famous because of its uniqueness and will make people buy it.

Pet memorial

Pet memorial is also growing, and it is because of the pet industry, which is no more the same. It is complicated for the pet parents to think about this stage, but it is the reality. Here you can come up with pet memorial which can be used after the death of the pet dogs or cats. Being a sad product, many drop shippers stay away from it, but it is a grossing niche as well. It can also be the reason for you to try this niche as it involves a lot of money.

Best dropshipping niches 2022

Kid’s birthday decoration 

Kids birthday are no more similar to what they used to be in the earlier days. In the current times, kids’ birthdays have themes, loads of fun elements, return gifts and the list goes on. For the drop shippers, this is going to be the coolest niche to work on as Aliexpress has started the party kits where the entire birthday related products will get assembled under one. 

By choose this niche; you are actually solving a major tension of the parents. It is because, now, they don’t have to bump into every shop for buying heaps of party things. You are, in a way helping them in saving a lot of money and time. 

Added to the niche, you will find many profitable options as it is also related to the season. It means if the kids birthday party falls during summer, then the party box will get added up with the various bright item. Also, if it is winter then, a snowy or chilly theme can be thought about.

Lavish dining sets 

The luxury dining sets have always been the eye candy of any home decor. Notably, females are extremely crazy about it. If we see the home decor magazines, luxury dining is going to be the new trend of 2022.

It is the time when you must bring the lavish sets of dining into your drop shipping store, and it won’t fail but will be glamorous.

Women’s fashion

Fashion and women go together, and you will unquestionably believe with us. It is time women fashion has taken a jump making itself the best contender of drop shipping niche 2022.

Nursery decor

In this section, we are not only focusing the nursery decor, but our ideology is gender-neutral nursery decor. Those days are passing by when separate colours were given to the genders. Now parents are much interested in infusing gender neutrality among their kids too. These are elegant and not bulky, but in word can be said as attractive. You can also add your own ideas with this niche and can double up your profit. 

Creator tools 

The need for phone accessories has increased with time and along with the launch of many numbers of mobile applications like YouTube and Instagram. Those who want to make their career in these two fields are likely to buy tonnes of phone accessories, and you can help them. This niche is mostly taken by the youngsters, and they often look for cool and easy to handle accessories. 

In other words, you are working on the niche that is reacted with creator tools. You can even market these products by creating before and after videos etc. 

Phone holders 

It is primarily the creators who need a stand-able accessory for making their video content. Plus there are the old and working sectors that look for such products as well. Also, let us not forget that the year 2022 is going to be the remarkable year for new launches in the phone industry. 

You must miss this chance and mint your profit by launching phone stands and holders. It might need some effort in research as you will need to find some fresh products that can attract the users just in one look. Then only, you will be able to get more and more customers in your drop shipping niche. 

Best dropshipping suppliers 2022


Those who are desperately searching for the suppliers for their drop shipping business must look to Banggood. Unlike any other drop shipping business, it works in favour of the drop shippers by fully supporting them. It is also helpful for the users as there will be nothing to pay in the name of membership. 

Features to look for 

  • Banggood offers an agreement which is given for the AutoDS members. Further, it provides an AutoDS certificate to the members as well. For this, the members have to contact AutoDS support. 
  • The shipping section of Banggood is mostly handled by the China warehouse but is even supported by the United States, Australia, Asia, Europe and so on. 
  • The drop shippers will get a discount of around 5 to 20%, and it relies on the prices listed and quantities ordered. 
  • Drop shippers will also get the benefit of mobile application, review club etc.
  • If the drop shippers want, they can remove the logo of Banggood as well. 
  • The payment modes are many, and they have PayPal acceptance. 
  • To reach the customer support one can achieve through Facebook, live chat, email and phone. 
  • It also offers a bulk listing of the categories in CSV file format with the help of AutoDS helper tool.


Costway came into existence in the year 2009 and launched the online store in 2015. Within such a short time period, they are gathering a sale ratio of one million on a daily basis. The main perspective of this supplier is to offer the drop shippers with lower prices and customer satisfaction. 

Features to look for 

  • It is working in the United Kingdom and the United States and owns nine warehouses.
  • They work with other manufacturers but also have more than 8000 self products too. 
  • The packaging is fast, trustworthy and does not include the invoice.
  • To avoid VeRo violations, Costway offers its drop shippers with drop shipping agreements to sell on other platforms. 
  • Plus it also gives them a certificate for actual authorization of selling the products. 
  • It holds 60 days return policy with eBay algorithm. 
  • The standard shipping only takes a day or two and is free. 
  • There will be no tussle for tax payments and in return will save the right amount of profit too. 


Thedrop shippers those are interested in a specified niche or category stores must work with Wayfair. Even it is one such website which has set an example for all the budding drop shippers around. It is because once it itself started as a drop shipping company. However, now it holds the shop of 14 million stores all over. 

Features to look for 

  • All the orders that are ranging above ranging above 49$ will be given free shipping.
  • To gain yearly free shipping, one can look for the MyWay program costing 29$. 
  • Plus, in this company, the employees are allowed to spend their time to work with non-profit organisations. Even they are offered with a day off to get engaged in such programs. 
  • Here the standard 30-day return policies can be adjusted with the eBay return policy as well. 
  • The items that are under the clearance section will be considered as non-returnable. 
  • Added with PayPal, it accepts almost every standard payment method. 
  • Try it with AutoDS Helper Tool to make bulk export of the products through CSV file. 

Dropshipping marketing strategies 2022

Plan for an appealing offer 

An offer which is able to compel its customers from a wide range works fantastic with the business of drop shipping. To induce sales, you must keep a “Sales “offer. It is one of the finest words that can attract a bunch of customers towards you. The strategy over here is putting the right product with the right offer, and you are all set. 

Apart from concentrating on one single deal, you can look for bundle deals. Suppose, if you buy a bundle of earrings then, the saving ratio is high. If the customers are comfortable with the offer you have made, the profit will boost high. 

Stress on automation of your drop shipping business 

It would be a wrong idea to perform each and every task of your business by yourself or hiring n number of employees. It will kill your time, and the productivity will not be appealing. For this, you can trust Oberlo, as it will automate most of your work and will let you concentrate on other work too. 

 Along with this, think of adding various other Ecommerce automation tools. It will from all the sides, let your business outshine. Some tools include Buffer for social media posting, Kit for marketing and the list is high. Plus search for Shopify tools, marketing automation software as well. 

Customer service should be at its peak. 

Many ways are there to lure the customers and keep them intact with your business. But the most pivotal role is played by none other than the customer service. When a customer faces any problem, then he or she should get an immediate response, and for this, robust customer support will do the task. Take all the efforts to fill the missing spots like automation or hiring experienced personnel. It is the customer support service which will stay in the mind of your customer. 

Is Dropshipping Dead in 2022?

The business of drop shipping has reached to the stage where it will only flood one with profits. Still, people are confused about whether it is living or not? To move further with this query, we need to address the inquiries one by one. 

As per the Fastlane Forum; a client approached. 

  • Drop shipping is supposed to be an amazing business platform in the early days. As the time grows, it comes out as a postscript with shipping time that goes off to 20-30 days.
  • In drop shipping, it means, selling unbranded or non-exclusive products. 

Additional stressing issues that require client’s assistance or solutions are as 

  • Discounts
  • Offering what the providers need
  • Showing the Chinese location on the bundle as it is thought that Chinese products are not good. 

Overall, drop shipping is a star-headed model compared to any businesses running over the net. Besides, drop shipping is not dead but has to turn out to be competitive. 

How will drop shipping revert?

Drop shipping does not require loads of capital to be invested, and it will not even force you to keep tonnes of stock either. The game of drop shipping is straightforward, and it mostly revolves around finding the perfect market, or shall we say the niche. At this step, the drop shippers are required to put all of their efforts in analysing the market and sharing the message to the large. Also, if you are able to showcase and market your business, then selling heaps of products will be a seamless job for you. 

“Prompt shipping “option can facilitate you to keep the amusement shining in the eyes of your customers. It will be a fair deal for all who are looking for the fast delivery of their favourable products. 

So drop shipping a trusted Business opportunity in 2022?

The answer is Yes, as it has been showering great opportunities to the businessmen. For drop shippers, it might take tonnes of energy to research and make a statement. The ground behind this, now in 2022, the internet is fully loaded with many marketers, drop shippers plus several other companies are now here. It is why; it won’t be as easy as it used to be before. 

Taking Amazon Prime as an example, it offers a wonderful option to all, but not reachable for everyone. So, its accessibility is associated with the merchandise, cost, and the store connect. If all the steps are accurate, the work will go on hand. 

At this time, some crucial changes are required to be done, and it can be possible through drop shipping organisations. Some of them are Spocket, has worked on enhancing the models despite having many numbers of products on the forefront. Options like fast delivery, excellent products, quick return, and consistency are some of the changes that can be implemented. Also, it has removed market invoicing, which enables their drop shippers to set their own branding invoice. 2022 is the best time for the drop shippers.