How to get 2Checkout Approved for Dropshipping?

The drop shipping business is on the pinnacle and has taken a rush. Though it is proffering the drop shippers with countless benefits and high-end profit margins, some problems do exits. People doing drop shipping but are living outside the United States mostly suffer from one significant, or shall we say a common issue. Yes, we are stressing on the payment method. This problem persists among the ones who are working as drop shippers on the Shopify store. 

Having an online store is not enough unless you are able to get the payments. It is the only way to attain success in the field. Plus, if you tend to rely on Paypal for the payment, then it is hardly going to facilitate you in the long run, alone. Therefore, there is a need for a specific payment gateway, i.e., 2checkout account. We have come across many drop shippers who are facing problems in verifying the approval of the 2checkout account. In this blog, we will work on solving every issue you are facing until now with it in detail. 

2checkout account is a large topic to talk about. From a generic point of view, drop shippers don’t understand the working of the 2checkout account and make mistakes. Using it only because no other payment platform is supporting, can’t be the sole ground for sure. 

One other thing is, 2checkout account does not like the drop shipping business, but it does not connote that you are not allowed to do so. Subsequently, to rally round with 2checkout account and drop shipping business store on Shopify mutually, we have a comprehensive kit for you. 

Mistakes that drop shippers make with the 2checkout account

A drop shipper starts an online store on Shopify, then reaches the Setting section, followed by the payment option. Here he or she selects a 2checkout account as their payment method. After that, they freckle with the thought as to why the payment is not coming into the account. There is no mistake with the process that is carried out now.

The time you submit your Shopify online store to a 2checkout account, it will manually review your online shopping platform. It clearly means they will validate the store concerning the 2checkout account policies. It indicates it is your responsibility to create your Shopify online store complaint with the policies of the 2checkout account. 

We further suggest you have a look at your store and ensure it meets every single term mentioned on the 2checkout account. It will ease out the process of validation, and you will get the accessibility fast. 

Also, 2checkout account checks whether your online store is in working condition or not. Suppose you have just created a store on Shopify, but it does not hold the ability to address the orders at all. In such circumstances, the account will get rejected. 

A simple mistake that most of the drop shippers do is not buying the Shopify membership. What problem will this create; is this your question. When 2checkout account starts its process of checking the online site, it will use the submitted URL. Now, if the membership is not purchased, then they will receive a message similar to “Store coming soon” or “Upgrade the plan to access the site.” Hope, you have understood why the Shopify plan needs to be purchased. 

Apart from paying for the Shopify plan for your inline store, you must take off the storefront password. It will let 2checkout account actually assess the account for review. 

Creating an account with 2checkout account

  • Reach out to 2checkout using this link. 
  • On the main page, you will see the Sign-up form, click on it to create a new account.
  • Now, you will see an application page, where you have to fill certain particulars. Make sure to enter valid details such as name, home address, phone number, id, etc.
  • Next, you will have to paste the links of the privacy policy, refund policy, and terms and conditions on the required areas. 
  • Once you have submitted all the information successfully, 2checkout account will revert you with an email. The email will ask you to send some invoices. 
  • Submit the invoices and wait for the answer from 2checkout account.

You don’t have invoices to submit to 2checkout account; try this

A new online Shopify store might not be having invoices to send. Well, you should not worry at all. Despite creating fake invoices, you should write an email back to 2checkout account. 


We are a new company and have not started working at this moment. We are equipped with all the resources and are ready to begin with, the processing stage. However, we are first waiting for the 2checkout account to get approved before taking any orders. On the contrary, we can send you the details, links, or addresses of the suppliers or dealers whom we are working on our submitted online store. 

Also, if you need any other information on this context, then please let us know. We will ensure providing them all, to the soonest. 

Write an email similar to the above content, and don’t forget to send the links as it will let them ignite some assurance on your Shopify store. To get this link, you just have to visit the Aliexpress, reach out to the vendor’s page, and copy the links. 

Does sneaking the invoices work with 2checkout account?

Well, it does. You can take the invoices from the other store to make changes like name, products, etc. You can also go to the Aliexpress shopping page, make an order and take the screenshot, including the addresses, date, etc. Either you can place an order or request your friends or family to do so. Gather the screenshots, edit the changes with the dates mentioned by the 2checkout account, and send it to 2checkout account. 

Now, you are having the two methods, both sneaky and posting the links. If done properly, it would be easy to get your 2checkout account approved in no time. 

Some more tips to help you with 2checkout account approval

Show the professional side 

It is very important for you to make the 2checkout account gain confidence in you and your business. The account f the Shopify online store that you have submitted indicates that you are a company. On the contrary, if you are using wrong English or grammar, it will create an adverse impression, and 2checkout account might not show interest in your submission at all. Therefore, pour the right efforts in the communication, especially when you are writing an email. Don’t let the other party think you are a newbie or a lack of English. If you are not capable of this, take help from your friend or colleague for assistance. 

Don’t let them know you are doing drop shipping from Aliexpress or other platform

First of all, 2checkout account is best in the business plus has an extensive database as well. If you are assuming that they will fail to notice your online store diligently, then you are making a mistake yet again. For instance, let us assume you have made a Shopify store with cheap jewellery products from Aliexpress. Added to this, the logo, looks, and even the theme are also not appealing. With this, you will not even get a chance to share anything further to 2checkout account for approval. The team has experts, and it is an effortless job for them to know whether the submitted url is doing drop shipping or not in just a second. 

Invest in creating an appealing look for your Shopify online store 

If you want to work with 2checkout account and get the verification done fast without any hustle-bustle, then try on with these tips. 

  • Use high-quality images
  • Premium themes will get your job half-done 
  • Add classy items on your online store like hoodies, bed sheets, etc. 
  • Bring expensive and unique products to your store, like camping sets, sports equipments, gym items, etc. 

The idea here is not letting 2checkout account know that you are dealing in drop shipping with Aliexpress at all. The above tips will help you in making them believe that it is your own brand; also, you are trading in amazing products. It will reduce the burden of submitting drop shipping agreements, invoices, and so on.

No free items or products should be there on your Shopify store

Give it a big no. Any product that you have priced with 0Rs. will bother you without any doubt. If you do so, 2checkout account will immediately ask you to remove the particular product. It also means that 2checkout account will get aware of the drop shipping business that you are doing with Aliexpress. In addition, 2checkout account does not permit “Free Plus Shipping.” 

Avoid keeping these products on your Shopify store 

  • No trademark products are allowed on2checkout account. Any product having the name of a brand will not be permitted on the 2checkout account. So, put out of your mind concerning the products displaying star wars, batman, avengers, etc.
  • Don’t keep weapons, illegal, strange software, gambling items or adult products

What to do if 2checkout account asks for a drop shipping agreement?

Worried, what to do next? We are here with a trick that will help you in obtaining a drop shipping agreement. 

  • Reach out to Google first and type Chinese Drop Shipping Agreement
  • You will be flooded with a number of templates. 
  • Download the best and authentic ones 
  • Start editing based on the changes or modifications required.
  • Send it at ———– and ask them whether it can be submitted or not. 
  • Get the signatures of your suppliers and then send it to 2checkout account.

To get the enhanced idea, have a look at the terms of use and conditions page of 2checkout account. It is the finest way to speed up the work of 2checkout account verification. Or if we say in much simpler words, acquire everything that 2checkout account has listed without much ado. Whether it is drop shipping express agreement or invoices, send them all. All the ways are there on the blog, so read it plus visit the page of 2checkout account too.