Easy Steps to Customize Summary Block Arrow on Squarespace

If you’re using Summary Blocks on your Squarespace website to create a carousel (for testimonials, products, or events), the default arrow could be frustrating. But with some CSS code changes we can help make things better!

Here’s some code you can copy and paste to make the arrow appear lower and center!

How to Change Summary Block Arrow

One of the easiest and best ways to create a carousel of blog posts on Squarespace (assuming they’re properly categorised and tagged) is using the Summary Block. It allows you to quickly and automatically update a carousel that shows recent blog postings across every page if added at the bottom of each blog posting.

But you might still wish to customize the appearance of your Summary Block carousel by giving it a personalized background or altering some font settings. Thankfully, this can easily be accomplished using some simple code added as a code block on your website – and changing its arrow style for even greater appeal!

1. Change Arrow Position

Summary Blocks make content easy-to-navigate by grouping similar items together into easily navigable groups such as lists, grids, slider carousels or more. They’re one of the most versatile and adaptable blocks available within Squarespace content blocks’ arsenal.

Summary Blocks can help highlight your most compelling blog posts, products, events and other forms of content in an eye-catching visual manner. They’re also great for setting up archive and category pages in your blog – I recently set them up for clients and found that they really increased visitor retention by encouraging visitors to read more articles, subscribe to your email newsletter and ultimately make purchases!

By default, when adding a Summary Block to a page or blog post, it includes an arrowed Read More link for visitors to access your latest content. Although this feature can help direct people towards this content quickly, sometimes its appearance might not fit perfectly with how you envision presenting your website. Luckily, with some custom CSS code you can change its position.

Step one is to add this code snippet into the CSS panel of the Design section of your website, which will apply the change to all Summary Blocks. Alternatively, you can narrow its application by customizing its second-line text to fit small, medium or large summaries as required.

Next, navigate to the page or blog post where you wish to change the arrow position and select Summary Block in Add Block. Resize this block according to your content needs and adjust settings as necessary.

Once you’ve tweaked the settings, make sure to test your website on mobile. If the Summary Blocks do not show up correctly on mobile, adjust your CSS snippet or rearrange how your content is organized accordingly. Also be sure only include relevant and engaging content within each Summary Block to keep them interesting for readers while staying consistent with brand identity.

2. Change Arrow Color

Squarespace provides numerous tools that make customizing your website simpler than ever, such as their style editor for customizing fonts, styles, and weights to match your brand typography and color palette for applying specific hues to any block on your website. However, for more advanced customizations you may require CSS hacks.

CSS snippets can be an excellent tool to add design features to any block on your website, as these pieces of code can be applied easily and give rise to some truly awesome design features.

This code snippet adds a subtle shadow effect that draws the eye and emphasizes your button, helping it stand out and draw attention when creating interactive experiences on websites. Furthermore, it may increase clickability by creating a sense of immediacy or urgency associated with clicking it.

Summary blocks on your site can provide a great way to showcase a carousel of testimonials or other content. To get started, find an area on your website where you’d like to feature testimonials (for instance services page or home page) before adding a Summary Block with Carousel option enabled.

Once your content is added, click “Preview” next to each block to check its appearance and when satisfied click Save & Publish to complete your settings and publish.

If you’re using a Squarespace template, be sure that it utilizes the most recent version of Carousel Summary Block. Older versions don’t support its plugin; therefore if you wish to include testimonials in a carousel on your site this could pose issues; therefore it would be advisable to switch over to one with more recent support or find another way of displaying them.

3. Change Arrow Text

Summary Block is one of Squarespace’s most useful features, used to display posts, events, shop items and other types of content in an attractive carousel format.

Summary Block is an effortless way to add basic carousels, yet there are a number of advanced techniques you can employ it for to take your website design further.

Use a Summary Block to highlight testimonials on your site, helping visitors and customers build trust with each other. For this, add a Carousel Summary Block with excerpts of testimonials as well as thumbnail images and links – this way your visitors won’t miss any great stories or promotions!

Once everything is ready, you can create an eye-catching hover effect by following this CSS code. Simply replace each hex code (#) with your desired hue using an online service like Convert a Colour.

Change the arrow on your Squarespace site without making changes to its code by adding some HTML code into a Text Block. This is an effective and simple way of customizing it without disrupting its code base.

By including this snippet of HTML code to a Text Block, you can make the arrows look different on each page of your website. Furthermore, font size and color settings allow for personalized styling that matches the brand identity of your company.

With Squarespace 7.1’s release, the Summary Block has quickly become the go-to solution for showcasing testimonials on your website. In this blog post, I will show how to take full advantage of this powerful tool, including how you can style testimonials using Carousel Summary Blocks.