Constant Contact Website Builder Review, Pros, and Cons

Constant Contact is a corporation that specializes in email marketing. You can use this tool to communicate with your clients regularly, whether you’re a tiny business or a significant corporation. Constant Contact’s team, on the other hand, has been eager to extend its portfolio in recent years.

Constant Contact claims to have created one of the most excellent website builder tools today. Not only that, but the solution has ecommerce features as well.

Of course, there are many other alternatives available for businesses looking to create the ideal digital presence. If you were already planning to use Constant Contact’s email marketing service to reach out to your audience, Constant Contact might be the best option.

We’re going to take a deep dive into the features and functionalities of this new website builder to see how fantastic it is, and we’ll share our impressions with you.

Constant Contact Pros and Cons

The website builder from Constant Contact is designed to create your digital environment as simple as possible. Even if you’re launching a small business website, you want to be able to get everything up and running as quickly as possible and with as little stress as possible.

Constant Contact isn’t the most complex tool we’ve ever seen as a primary drag-and-drop site builder. It is, however, a viable alternative if you want to move beyond simply advertising your business on social media. There are numerous simple-to-understand tools available, such as analytics and reports. Thanks to the generous free plan, it’s also simple to get started.


  • If you want to use Constant Contact for email, this is a great option.
  • Components that are simple to use throughout
  • ADI ensures that you may quickly get a working site up and running.
  • Unsplash gives you access to a large number of royalty-free photos.
  • The team provided excellent help.
  • Analytics that are simple to utilize
  • Free demo available.


  • There are no image editing tools available.
  • The backend is a touch shaky.
  • Basic blogging capabilities

Constant Contact Website Builder Pricing

There’s more to selecting the finest site builder than considering phone support and ease of use. Today’s businesses need to be sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck. This necessitates investigating pricing and other charges.

So, how good is Constant Contact’s website builder for the money? Well, the cost has recently changed a little. Initially, you had the option of choosing from three different options, one of which was completely free. There is now a free entry demonstration and a single website building plan called “Builder.”

The Builder plan costs $10 per month and offers to include everything you need to get online, including:

  • Storage is limitless.
  • SSL certificate
  • Analytics for your website
  • Connection to the domain
  • Blog
  • For ecommerce, there are no limits to the number of things you can sell.
  • Products that are digital or physical
  • Inventory control is essential.
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Support for the logo
  • Tools for creating a list

One thing to keep in mind is that this rate includes a 1.5 percent transaction fee. However, in terms of ecommerce site builders, that is quite good. Your purchase does not have access to Constant Contact’s email marketing products. For advertising, though, you can use anything from list-building services to email pop-ups, Google Ads, and social network posting. The possibilities are endless.

Constant Contact also has a slew of apps and connectors to play with. 

Furthermore, if you want to deliver individualized messages to everyone on your list, Constant Contact’s powerful segmentation tools can help.

All of this is in addition to the team’s phone support, which ensures that you can get up and running quickly. Overall, this is an excellent deal for a high-quality site builder. Although you won’t have the same freedom as WordPress, you will be able to manage your store and inventory in real-time. Plus, thanks to a partnership with Unsplash, Constant Contact gets access to an extensive image library.

Constant Contact Ease of Use

As previously noted, Constant Contact’s website builder includes features such as customer assistance and a knowledge base to assist you in creating your online store. Thanks to the integration possibilities, you may even connect your store website to email marketing from another supplier, such as Mailchimp. All you require are the appropriate plugins.

The Constant Contact site builder works by employing artificial intelligence to create a website for you. After that, you may use the builder to change your site, including adding your unique domain and branding.

You begin by informing the website of the purpose of your site. The next step is to give your website a title and upload an appropriate image for you. If you like, you can also upload your logo here. Choose a style, a color palette, and a font from there. You’ll also have to provide your contact information. The algorithm creates your site once all of the information is accessible.

This procedure may appear simpler than utilizing Squarespace or WordPress to create your website. You get the skeleton of something that is tailored to your needs. After that, all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

You can customize your website’s design by selecting from various styles.

During our Constant Contact review, we also found that nothing felt too overpowering. You didn’t get the impression that you had a lot of choices.

You also don’t have to worry about a one-size-fits-all answer.

Although there is no free domain provider, you can add it if you already have one. You can also add your material, logos, and photographs.

Constant Contact Website Builder Customization

So, how does Constant Contact fare in making your website stand out? So, once you’ve completed the above-mentioned introductory steps, you’re pretty much set to proceed. All you have to do now is replace the content that the company provides for you with your website content.

There are a lot of blocks in the Constant Contact site builder. These modules include a variety of modification possibilities, including numerous formatting options to meet your needs. Constant Contact’s process makes it one of the most user-friendly solutions available today. However, you will be disappointed if you seek anything that provides you with complete control over your website.

There aren’t many designs for A/B testing, despite the customization choices. One helpful feature is seeing how your site will appear on various devices. For example, you can learn about the desktop, tablet, and smartphone design. This is critical to ensure that your clients have a positive experience.

Constant Contact’s site templates will be responsive by default for the most part. However, before you go too far, check how well each one functions. In mobile mode, click beyond your homepage and explore your site yourself.

While Constant Contact simplifies everything from marketing automation to page design, it isn’t the finest builder available. There’s not much you can do in terms of design to make your website stand out among the other search engine results. Every piece you build to persuade people to utilize their credit cards with you is straightforward.

Even though you have a few flexibility options, there’s a big possibility you’ll end up with a DIY-looking site that seems rudimentary compared to the other options. Companies like WordPress, Squarespace, and Duda provide more complex solutions. Even Wix offers more adaptability if you’re seeking simplicity and flexibility.

Constant Contact Blogging and SEO

In the end, Constant Contact’s “advanced features” don’t add up to anything. The company is still trying to figure out how to expand its audience outside the email list. While you can count on this organization to assist your email marketing, the site builder isn’t quite up to par for those looking for “email plus website development.”

At first sight, Constant Contact appears to offer a lot of functionality and a money-back guarantee. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to locate a drag-and-drop editor that can provide the capabilities of other ecommerce platforms while also aligning with your email marketing efforts. However, the low price tag sets the tone for what to expect in terms of features.

There are a lot of things that are lacking here. You can’t enable comments or archive your content and adding blogs to your landing sites and home pages are problematic.

 Constant Contact’s blogs are available in RSS format, so the most current post will always appear first.

There is little help available to ensure that your website appears at the top of search engine results. This is a common problem with many website builders. On the other hand, most market leaders have begun to devote more time and effort to ensure that SEO benefits their customers significantly. Constant Contact will have to catch up.

Ecommerce Review of Constant Contact Website Builder

When you consider the modest price tag, the amount of functionality you get from your Constant Contact Online Store is astonishing. You have the option of selling everything from digital downloads to services to actual goods. You can add descriptions to your pages in seconds, and the guide will walk you through the process.

Because most payments are made through PayPal, you’ll have to factor in those fees and Constant Contact’s additional transaction fee. On the bright side, there are a few complex options here, such as limiting the number of times a digital file can be accessed.

You can construct an endless number of pages and connect everything you want on the backend of your store. Unfortunately, sub-menus aren’t an option, which may make it more difficult for customers to navigate your store if you have a lot of categories to consider.

Constant Contact’s website builder helps consumers with several issues, such as integrated shipping and tax computations, despite a few obvious drawbacks. You can even keep track of your customers’ purchases, making customer service much more accessible.

Constant Contact even offers its analytics tool, allowing you to monitor your website’s performance regularly.

If you want to get up and running as soon as possible, Constant Contact makes it simple to create and maintain an online store. You may create an ecommerce store that accepts Stripe and PayPal payments, and you’ll have total backend control over your business, including the ability to alter products, arrange inventory, and track orders.

Every sales tactic you utilize can technically be A/B tested. Real-time shipping rates ensure that you can always provide the most satisfactory service to your consumers. Furthermore, the page’s analytics area makes it easier to track your performance as a merchant.

In addition, you’ll have easy site navigation and secure checkout that’s meant to keep customers happy. Although submenu options aren’t available, you can group related items on your site to increase up-selling potential.

Customer Support at Constant Contact Website Builder

Even though we believe Constant Contact to be one of the most straightforward website builders available today, it’s vital to remember that all website owners will ultimately want assistance. It’s critical to have competent service available, whether you need to know how to let clients unsubscribe from your autoresponders or need help checking your data.

The good thing is that Constant Contact has a lot of help available. 

There are tips on how to combine your free website builder with your company, as well as information on email marketing.

Many of these articles are pretty beneficial. If you’re more of a visual learner, it’s worth noting that there aren’t many screenshots.

You may expect a response from Constant Contact within 48 hours if you contact them by phone or email. Toll-free calls to the international and US lines are available. To use this type of assistance, you must have a paid package.

While Constant Contact offers some live chat, it is far from the most excellent choice available. You’ll have a hard time getting in touch with a professional right away. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the company will always be able to assist you once you contact them.

Additional Benefits: The Logo Maker and More

The logo creator tool is perhaps the best additional feature available with the Constant Contact website builder. You can quickly develop a logo utilizing the same AI approach when you initially launched your store.

This solution is included in your $10 package and allows you to quickly and easily experiment with alternative logo ideas.

You’ll also have the ability to tweak your design, just like you did when you built your site, using different colors and fonts.

In addition, whether you use Outlook, Gmail, or Constant Contact, you may integrate your website with your email marketing approach. This will provide you with more content management capabilities for engaging with your clients and a complete contact list with which to work.

Constant Contact is constantly developing new features. It’s ideal if you’re looking to start a business while also managing your email marketing.

Conclusion on the Constant Contact Website Builder

Finally, Constant Contact may be an excellent option if you seek a low-cost website builder and marketing platform. Constant Contact makes website design reasonable and straightforward, even though you must add your domain name and email marketing solution separately. If you want to keep your email templates and automation in the same area, you can always add email capabilities from the same provider.

While it’s crucial to realize that this isn’t the most advanced website builder available, it’s also worth noting that it’s still evolving. Constant Contact aimed to make something simple and economical for people just getting started with the internet. In that aspect, the business has been successful. This site builder is simple enough that you won’t feel overwhelmed, but it does have several unexpected bonus functions.

Access to your logo designer and assistance with site optimization through analytics are lovely extras. Furthermore, the organization is continually expanding the number of ways you can accept payments from your audience through your ecommerce site. Unfortunately, Constant Contact has a long way to go before competing with the other big dogs in website development.