Dropshipping Craft Products to Make Money Online

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Crafting is booming! People are increasingly crafting at home and selling their products online through platforms such as Etsy. Dropshipping craft supplies can prove to be a profitable online business.

The market for crafting supplies is worth billions of dollars. Dropshipping is a great way to grab a share of this market.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

I’ll discuss why dropshipping is such a great business model. Also, where and how you can source the best-selling crafting supplies.

Dropship Craft Supplies

Dropshipping has allowed people from all walks of life to become eCommerce store owners.

It’s low-risk and affordable. It doesn’t require the same start-up expenses as an eCommerce business.

Wholesale pricing is not something you need to spend thousands of dollars on. This means that you don’t have to tie up your cash for items that might or may not sell.

You don’t have to purchase inventory upfront so you can offer more products through your online store at no additional cost.

How Dropshipping Works

Dropshipping may be something you already know. Below, I’ll briefly discuss it.

Instead of buying inventory in bulk, and then having it stored in your home or in a storage facility for a while, dropshipping allows you to leave all the shipping and storage to the dropshipping vendors.

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Dropshipping suppliers can offer the same products in your store. Dropshipping is when a customer orders an item in your store.

During checkout, enter the shipping information of the customer. Dropshipping suppliers will ship the item to you.

Your profit is the difference between the price you charged the customer for dropshipping and the price you paid to the supplier.

The dropshipping software you use to manage your store can automate this entire process.

The Best Craft Supplies: Where to Find them

Let’s look at the most popular crafting supplies you can sell online.

AliExpress.com offers the following products: Dropshippers love AliExpress.

It is an online retailer with large merchants that are primarily located in China and other locations worldwide, including the U.S.

You can start selling products in your store with them hassle-free. AliExpress doesn’t require registration.

They have millions of products and ship worldwide.

Making Pom Poms

You can use these crafting pom-poms in many different crafting projects. These pom poms are most commonly used to create artwork. Its uses are almost limitless.

Googly eyes

These googly eyes can be used for many crafting projects. These googly eyes can be used on artwork or stuffed animals.

Crafting Dies

This thin metal cutting tool is made from 100% steel. This steel die can be used to cut cardstock, thin chipsboard, 1/4-inch cork, felt and acetate.

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Kawaii Crafting Food

AliExpress has tons of kawaii-crafting food. These small food items can be used to make dollhouses or artwork.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

AliExpress has a vast array of crafting supplies that I have not even touched.

Your store could be outfitted with hundreds of products without having to purchase any inventory upfront.

How to Open a Dropship Craft Supplies Shop

Let’s now get to the fun part of dropshipping, which is opening your own store.

Dropshipping is easy to set up, especially if you use the right software.

This is how I opened my dropshipping shop. This is the AliDropship WordPress dropshipping plugin.

AliDropship software allows you to import and export products from AliExpress.

Import unlimited products Software automates all the required features for your store, including:

  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Automated tracking information
  • Automated price updates
  • Automated inventory update

Here’s a screen shot of my dropshipping shop:

AliDropship makes it easy to open a dropshipping store.

You get free software updates for life and unlimited customer support.

AliDropship can build your store for you. The AliDropship team will build your store to your specifications. This will ensure that your products have a track record of success.

No matter what custom store package you choose, your personal manager will manage all details of your store’s buildout.

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Promote Your Dropshipping Company

It is great to have your own dropshipping shop! Now it’s time to get started.

What is the real work of marketing and promotion? Marketing and promotion are the real work. Marketing is the key to generating sales.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert. You are not alone among thousands of dropshipping store owners who now earn part-time or full-time online incomes.

You may be already using one of these free marketing platforms without even realizing.

Are you a Facebook user? Do you have an Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter account? You’re already halfway there. Only one thing is required to set up free accounts for your company.

Paid marketing can be just as effective. All four platforms allow you to buy ads, as well as Google Shopping ads.

AliDropship is a great blog to read, especially the marketing tips section.

These experts offer free, actionable advice on how to sell your first sale or how to keep selling in your store.

AliDropship’s team also runs dropshipping shops. They are also experts in marketing and promotion.

How to Target Keywords

It is very helpful to do keyword research. This will give you information about what niche people are looking for.

This will allow you to determine the products that you want to sell and the keywords that will be used for SEO (search engine optimization).

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It’s always great to have organic traffic. You can create blog posts using keywords and keyword phrases that will link to your store.

These are some keyword phrases and keywords to help you get some ideas.

  • Floral craft supplies
  • Craft supplies made of gold leaf
  • Halloween craft supplies
  • Island craft supplies
  • kawaii craft supplies
  • Leather craft supplies
  • paper craft supplies
  • pineapple craft supplies
  • Quilting supplies
  • Rainbow craft supplies
  • rhinestone craft supplies
  • Craft supplies for rustic projects
  • Small wooden crafts supplies
  • Vintage craft supplies
  • Yarn crafting supplies

Dropship Craft Supplies – My Closing Thoughts

I believe the craft supply market is very lucrative and anyone who wants to make an income online can start a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping can be a cost-effective and risk-free way to start your own eCommerce company. Dropshipping doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to start up, as an eCommerce business would.