Dropshipping from eBay to Shopify Complete Guide

Dropshippers are many people who use the eBay platform to sell their products. Dropshipping products from the same supplier can make it difficult to sell.

Why dropshipping on eBay is so difficult

Dropshipping from eBay to Shopify is something you might consider. This is a better option than dropshipping from eBay.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

These benefits will be explained and you’ll learn how to import eBay products into your Shopify store quickly without having to manually update inventory or prices.

Dropshipping is a popular option for many people. It is easy to do so. You locate a dropshipping supplier using a wholesale/dropshipping directory or use AliExpress and find products that ship from the U.S.

Then you can list the items you like on eBay and wait for sales. Problem is, many sellers are selling identical items.

It is hard to make a profit on a product when there are so many of them. Dropshippers who do well on eBay often have thousands upon thousands of listings.

Dropshipping from eBay to Shopify: The Advantages

Dropshipping can be a great alternative to eBay dropshipping for many reasons.

One, listing fees and seller fees are not required for items that sell. You don’t have to deal directly with dropshippers.

You can use paid and free promotion to target your customers when you own your store. You can have greater control over your website traffic.

You also have access to more U.S. suppliers. This reduces shipping times. Dropshippers find it attractive for this reason alone.

This is a great way to increase customer satisfaction.

Shopify is a Dropshipping Solution for eBay.

Shopify is a very popular eCommerce platform because it allows anyone to set up their own store in minutes.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify comes with its own payment processor, and themes for stores. Shopify charges a monthly subscription. However, you can try it for free with a 14-day trial.

Remember that Shopify’s terms of service apply to your store. They can close an account at any time and for any reason.

How to Automate Your Shopify Dropshipping Shop

The first step in setting up your dropshipping company is to choose a niche. Once you have an idea for a niche, you can do some research to determine if it has potential to be a lucrative niche.

This can be done by using Googletrends to check the number of sales on other platforms, such as AliExpress and eBay.

A blog post I wrote recently about 10 dropshipping niches. It may be helpful to you to get started.

Using the right software makes it easier to run any eCommerce business. The Dropified App is one piece of software I’ve been looking into for this task.

Dropified is the first dropshipping software that integrates eBay as a fully-automated dropshipping partner.

Dropified also works with over 100 other vendors, including Amazon and AliExpress. One-click product import with multiple vendors is possible.

Software can handle as many orders from as many vendors as possible.

Some of the most important features are:

  • Updates on auto pricing
  • Automated order tracking
  • Updates on product availability
  • Dynamic Facebook feeds
  • Configuration of product variants
  • ePacket filtering
  • Connect to existing store products
  • Synchronization of product and inventory
  • 1-Click to add to your store
  • Upload products to edit
  • Customization of products
  • Original product information saved
  • 1-Click Save for Later
  • Review import products
  • Bulk editing products
  • Easy vendor change
  • Easy multi-vendor per product
  • Look for product videos
  • U.S. product database

Dropified allows you to run multiple stores

Yes. This is one of the best features of the software. Dropshippers can have multiple stores on different platforms. Let’s suppose you have two Shopify shops or one Shopify store, and one WooCommerce store. Dropified can help you manage them all (or more).

What eCommerce Platforms Offer Dropified Support?

Dropified can be used to manage all your stores if they use Shopify, WooCommerce or CommerceHQ. The Premier plan allows you to manage five shops. The Builder plan allows you to manage one store.

How many vendors does Dropified work with?

It supports around 100 vendors, including AliExpress and AliBaba as well as Amazon, Etsy and Overstock. WalMart is also supported.

What about support and training?

Dropified provides free support via live chat, SLACK and a ticketing platform. Dropified also offers advanced training like the Dropified Challenge.

eBay is one the most popular marketplaces in the entire world. It has more than 187 million users and 1.4 billion product listings. This makes it a great option for sellers to list their products on eBay. Merchants who want to grow their reach beyond eBay should look for other ways to do so.

Online stores are one of the best choices. This establishes your brand and extends your services in eCommerce. Shopify is the best choice. Shopify is a SaaS-based platform that allows for easy design and setup.

Quick guide To Shopify setup helps sellers set up their Shopify store. A seller only needs to import products from eBay to Shopify to start selling.

How to link eBay and Shopify Store

After the store is set up, you can import products and begin selling. Choose the marketplace that you wish to import products into Shopify. In this instance, eBay is our marketplace.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You can start the selling process by linking your eBay seller account. Follow a few steps. These steps can be complicated and lengthy. It’s important to get guidance through Shopify App Store apps that meet your needs.

Multichannel Importer is one of the most trusted applications created by a Shopify Partner. CedCommerce makes it easy, simple, and straight forward to import products.

Let’s take a look at how to import products from eBay to Shopify with the MultiChannel Importer app.

  • Register now on the app
  • Connect eBay seller panel
  • Export product data from eBay to your app.
  • Shopify allows you to upload product data directly from the app

Start the process: Shopify to Import Products from eBay

Registration: Register on the app to get access to its other utilities

Connect to your eBay Seller Panel: Log in through our app to your eBay Seller Panel. Then, you will be asked to import the items.

  • Enter the country.
  • Click on “Link your Account”.
  • Fill in the details by clicking on Redirect.

Once you have completed the onboarding steps above, move to the Import/Upload section.

  • Import Products Once you have linked your ebay account with the app. It is possible to import products from your eBay listing into the app.
  • Upload Products: After you import your products using the Multichannel Exporter, upload them to Shopify.

This will complete the uploading and import of product listings to Shopify and the app.

A seller can upload products in three different ways:

  • Bulk Upload
  • Upload
  • Profiling

After selecting Profiling you will be presented with two options for importing the data.

Profiling These details are about the product. These details can affect how a product looks. They make it easier to organize your products and assist customers in finding them.

There are two ways to upload your products

  • Default Profiling Your Shopify store will upload the first ten products. It’s based on the order in which the products are placed on the app. It is initiated regardless of the product type, vendor, or other options.
  • Custom Profile: You can upload products based upon your product type, brand, or country.

Why should you choose the Multichannel Importer app?

This app is loaded with many great features that will make the whole process of automating and managing the selling process much easier.

Easy Detail Input

MultiChannel Importer App makes data entry simple and quick. This integration is possible by removing multiple steps and creating an API network that allows for seamless integration.

Efficient Information Sync System

Sellers can say good-bye to traditional methods of entering information. The Multichannel Importer app automates data management and maintenance. The Multichannel Importer App allows sellers to export products from the marketplace and then import them into their Shopify store.

Choose from budget-friendly plans

MultiChannel Importer can be purchased at a budget-friendly price. These plans were designed to be convenient for the user. Get more information about the Pricing.

Multichannel importer updated

Warehouse Selection

If you have multiple warehouses linked to Shopify, the plugin allows you to select a warehouse.

Select a Collection to add products

You can also add your product listing to eBay or other marketplaces to a specific collection you have at your Shopify shop.

Price and inventory synchronization

It allows you to sync inventory and prices of eBay products with Shopify stores. This makes it easier to list the products.

Country-based Product Import

Merchants can import products that are based on one country. A merchant selling on eBay US or eBay UK can manage both their accounts through the app. The app allows you to import, upload, and manage the entire selling process for the Shopify account and Shopify store.

Multichannel Importer: An Aid!

CedCommerce’s MultiChannel Importer app aims to make product import easier. It allows you to import products from eBay to Shopify, as well as other supported marketplaces. It also helps you keep track of inventory in both your online store and on your marketplace. Importers allow you to dominate the e-commerce market and build your brand. The Importer App can be used to your advantage. The app automates all aspects of selling online on marketplaces.

The Importer app can be used to your advantage. The app automates all aspects of selling online on marketplaces.


It’s no surprise that extending to marketplaces can help increase revenue. However, it can also be time-consuming. CedCommerce is Shopify Experts. We help small and medium-sized businesses as well as store owners with exceptional solutions and exceptional services.

One such app is the Multichannel Importer. It allows you to import product listings from eBay and other marketplaces. This add-on is loaded with great features that allow sellers to import product listings from Marketplaces to Shopify. This add-on helps sellers build and maintain a brand and automates the selling process on Shopify.

Wrapping up

eBay sells millions of products, so it is likely that eBay has the product you need.

The best thing about eBay for dropshipping is the fact that most of the items can be shipped from the United States. This means that you will get faster shipping times if your seller is located in the United States.

Dropified is a partner with many eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce and CommerceHQ.

These platforms allow you to manage up five stores, which can streamline your business tremendously.

It is also great that you can source products through multiple vendors like AliExpress and AliBaba.