Dropshipping Organic Handmade Soap from Buckridgesoap


Dropshipping allows you to sell your products without having to keep inventory. You have the option to either sell Buck Ridge Soap Company products, or you can opt for private labeling (sometimes known as ‘white label’).


Dropshipping standard – Contact us for a price sheet.


You can sell Buck Ridge products if you are an Inventory Source customer who uses a fully-automated plan.

Inventory Source has partnered Buck Ridge to enable dealers to upload products, update tracking and sync inventory.

Here’s how you can get started.

Sign up for free account with Inventory Source here

Look for “Buck Ridge Supply” in the supplier directory

Click the “Integrate” button on the supplier profile webpage.

Choose your sales channel to receive a Full Automation Plan from Inventory Source

After you have purchased your product, you will be given instructions on how to set up an account to send and pay automated orders.

Feel free to schedule an onboarding call here with the Inventory Source team if you have any questions on how to get setup.


There are three options available to Shopify store owners who want to dropship our products. Modalyst App Spocket App and the Product Pro App are available. Install them in your dashboard, search for our products using their apps, and then add them to the store. Because of the fees each app developer charges, the price for this account is slightly higher than a manual dropship account. You pay for the convenience of adding products at a click rather than manually adding them to your store.


Private label set-up costs $250 and includes a logo design for you as well as your first label design. We can save $50 if you send us the Adobe Illustrator AI logo with outlined text.

Each product image costs $5
We can write descriptions for you at $5 per product.
Each product category label is $25.

Example: If you want to privately label 10 soaps or 5 lotions, it will cost $250 for set-up, $25 for lotion set up and $5 per image. This would make a total of $350 for private labeling 15 products in two categories. In this example, the first category (soaps) is free. Please note that boxes of USDA Certified Organic Soaps are considered a separate category. They are smaller and more flexible than standard bars, which are not USDA certified. These bars will need different sizes labels, which is why there is an additional fee if you choose shrink wrapped with belly band.

Names and descriptions

To ensure that your website is SEO-friendly, we require that the descriptions and names be changed to match your brand. Send them in an Excel spreadsheet, or CSV file. Include your product name in one column and the name you choose in the other. The spreadsheet will include our product names.

Packaging options
There are three options for soap packaging options. Shrink wrap with label, belly band, kraft brown boxes and white boxes. You can choose whatever best suits your brand/theme. You have the option of either vertical or horizontal labeling. If you need to see examples of these packaging options, we can provide them with images. You do not have any other options. Beard oils are sold in black bottles. However, you can choose from a white, black, or kraft brown outer retail container. If you don’t want to use the retail boxes, you can save as much as.75 cents per ounce of beard oil. All balms, lotions, and other products are packaged in clear plastic bottles or jars.

Shipping details
Average Shipping: Due to the high shipping costs for small packages, we recommend that you only ship to US addresses. All shipping is USPS weight. A bar of soap weighs approximately 5-6 ounces and costs $3.50 to ship. On average, 2 to 3 bars of soap cost $4.50. If you order more than 3 bars, priority mail starts at $8. Shipping a single bottle of beard oil is usually $4.75. This is due to the packaging that protects the glass bottles. These products weigh in at 7.2 ounces. These are the average weights and may vary depending on what product you order. It cost $5.55 to send a 13.9 ounce package. We recommend that you set up USPS weight-based USPS shipping in your store dashboard settings. On request, we will provide weights for you to calculate correctly.

Payment details
All wholesale and dropship orders are invoiced via PayPal. Once the invoice has been paid, we provide the tracking number so that you can give your customer. If you use Shopify, there are additional automated options that we can do this automatically.

Submitting Private Label/Manual Dropship Orders
How to submit orders: Please email orders to sales@buckridgesoap.com individually for picking purposes. For example, if you receive 3 orders, you will send 3 emails.

These should be formatted in the following manner:


Your customer name
The shipping address of your customer

1x Product Name
Name of product 4x
1x Product Name
(#x indicates quantity ordered)

We will send you an invoice and the tracking number.

For calculated shipping, the following product weights are available:

1 bar soap 6 ounces
1 Bottle Beard Oil 7.25 Ounces
1 set of lip balms and 1 beard balm. All accessories are 3 ounces
1 bottle lotion or bath oil 13 ounces
1 bottle bath salts 12oz
1 Bottle Beard Wash 10 Ounces


Wholesale Private Label – Your own brand $250 setup fee We handle the packaging and send you the product ready to sell. Wholesale prices are the same as our price sheet. We pay an additional overhead fee. Each bar type has a unique label design. We will design and print it. This is included in the deposit. The shipping fee and minimum requirements are the same.

Dropship customers may send us flyers, business card inserts or any other material and we will include them in your package.


We can help you set up a Shopify site if you are an online retailer, or wish to become one. Web development costs $500 plus any private label fees or product description/image fees, as described under Private Label.

Contact our sales department for more information, price lists and details on how to get started.

Magic Soaps Shopify Dropshipping APP Review

You can sell your soap products in custom packaging

Organic Ingredients

Your soap bars can be made with custom packaging that is customized to your customers.

Sustainable Production

You can add natural and sustainably produced products into your store. Low-cost shipping via USPS or Canada Post is available.

Cruelty-Free Formulas

Natural products can be sold that are made without artificial colors and packed in custom boxes that can be personalized with your logos.

Create your soap bars

MagicSoaps can help you make organic soap bars made in Canada using natural ingredients. We ship internationally with low shipping costs to your customers. You can also customize your packaging.

Our app allows customers to support your brand and not have to place bulk orders, buy shipping boxes, or go to the post office to drop off their orders. Our logistics team will handle everything so that you can concentrate on growing your business and not shipping every day.

Your brand name and artwork can be used to personalize the visuals of your soap bars. We will ink your packaging with your custom illustrations if you provide us with high-quality files from Adobe Illustrator and Canva PDF. Any high-quality logos or colors, fonts, images, and images can be used on your packaging.

Shopify customers can buy products through any of the connected sales channels, such as Etsy. Each order will be charged for the formula + shipping costs. The order is not yet sent to the customer.

We can offer fast shipping through USPS for customers whose main residence is in the United States and Canada. We use A La Poste, which is a reliable carrier that delivers parcels to the United States and Canada. However, depending on how far the parcel has traveled from Canada, it could take up to a month for them to reach their destination. We are happy to ship products overseas. We support Canada, the United States, Australia and France.

Our fair returns policy ensures that your customers will love our natural Canadian-made soap bars. We will replace any item that is damaged or missing from an order.

MagicSoaps allows you to sell your products through our easy integration, strong e-commerce foundation and unlimited support. For a small monthly charge, we provide all the support you need to make organic soap bars available on your online storefront.