DSers Dropshipping Chrome Extension Review

DSers is an incredible dropshipping solution that streamlines the dropshipping process, enabling users to import products from Aliexpress and manage orders all on one platform – while helping lower management costs.

Google Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce and Wix stores for seamless product pushes into stores automatically. Simple installation process to push products directly.


DSers Dropshipping is an accessible yet powerful tool designed to make managing an online store simpler and improve customer experiences. By automating many tasks and decreasing app counts on your store, this tool speeds load speed and increases sales while at the same time providing improved load speed for faster sales conversion. Moreover, new features are always being added that help source and sell products more rapidly.

Signing up for a DSers account is free, and takes only seconds to do. After creating one, you can quickly source and upload products into your online store within seconds – then set pricing rules so you can begin making money!

Once you’ve created a DSers account, you can begin searching for products to sell on your store using filters such as price, supplier rating and shipping options. When you find something suitable to sell using these criteria, simply import it using the DSers plugin into your store.

DSers go beyond simply importing products – they also automate order processing to save you time and reduce manual work. Furthermore, it can even create tracking numbers automatically and send them out directly to customers; an invaluable feature if managing multiple stores! It reduces human error significantly!

DSers stands out as an attractive solution because of its ability to connect to multiple e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce and Wix. This makes DSers an attractive choice for users who wish to expand their online business and its intuitive dashboard makes monitoring orders a breeze.

DSers has many dropshipping suppliers to choose from, which can help niche market competitors to compete effectively. Plus, its search engine helps find you exactly the supplier for your requirements! Finally, its customer support offers rapid responses times with dedicated teams providing superior assistance.


Dropshipping with DSers Dropshipping is an ideal solution for those seeking to expand their ecommerce business. By automating various processes, such as order sourcing and fulfillment, inventory tracking, supplier relations management, time saving efficiency when adding new products to store etc, dropshipping helps take your ecommerce venture to new levels.

This plugin integrates seamlessly with Shopify, WooCommerce and WIX ecommerce stores and can be easily set up. Simply download it from one of the respective app marketplaces to begin using it – then log in with your store to connect it with Dsers; import orders into its dashboard; manage them; then contact suppliers directly if issues arise for resolution.

With DSers’s Aliexpress plugin you can quickly find and add products from Aliexpress to your online store. It works by searching for items similar to what you wish to sell in your store and then finding matching items on Aliexpress – then displaying these results so you can select those you’d like to add by clicking “add to store.”

DSers offers another remarkable benefit for businesses with multiple eCommerce websites: its ability to gather order details from multiple websites at once. This feature can be especially helpful in keeping inventory updated across them all while setting default messages and shipping options for each supplier.

Utilizing DSers is straightforward and can be used by anyone with an Aliexpress account. After installing the plugin, simply connect it to your online store and start making use of its features immediately. Enter your login and password credentials into Aliexpress to gain access. DSers makes uploading data straightforward without restrictions placed upon how much data can be uploaded at once.

DSers is an outstanding dropshipping tool that can help your online store run more efficiently. While its basic plan is free for life, its premium features justify an upgrade – you can experience this for yourself by visiting its website and signing up for a free trial period.


DSers Dropshipping Chrome Extension is an intuitive tool designed to automate your AliExpress dropshipping business and find products suitable for sale online store, helping to maximize sales and profits. Furthermore, its many features allow for optimized business operations: check competitor products, extract shipping costs or pricing details from these competitors etc.

Utilizing its live trends feature, this tool enables you to identify trending products. Simply search a product to quickly identify its popularity around the globe before adding it to your store catalog. Furthermore, its automatic connect feature automatically syncs products from AliExpress onto e-commerce platforms – saving both time and effort! It is available free-of-charge; however a paid version provides deeper insights about store performance.

Dsers allows you to set custom pricing rules. For instance, you can apply different percentages to high-ticket items depending on shipping costs or product category – making your products competitive while drawing customers. In addition, this software features other tools designed to make online shops more profitable.

DSers offers another key benefit in its ability to automatically track and update order statuses, making it simpler for you to monitor orders and provide timely updates to customers. Furthermore, this feature saves time by eliminating the need to manually add tracking numbers for every order placed.

DSers stands out from other dropshipping apps by being an official AliExpress partner and offers solutions for various e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Wix. Their user-friendly interface enables easy product import/mapping for store owners while additional functions such as order management, shipment tracking and customer support can also be easily leveraged.

DSers is an excellent solution for new dropshippers as it is straightforward and effortless to set up. Plus, its free version gives you ample opportunity to test its many features before making a purchasing decision – plus its customer support team are prompt in responding and helpful in answering all inquiries!