eBay Dropshipping Google Excel Spreadsheet Template

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How to Use Google Sheets with Dropshipping

Google Sheets can be used as a spreadsheet. But don’t worry if you have never used a spreadsheet program before. Google Sheets is easy to use. To use all of the features, you need to only know a few. Amazingly, Google Sheets can be used for free. Over the past 30 years, I have used many spreadsheets. VisiCalc was available on my Apple Two in the late 70s. Super Calc was followed by Lotus 1-2-3 and Lotus 1-2-3 in early 1980s. Then came Microsoft Excel which was released in 1995.

How to Use Google Sheets with Dropshipping: Microsoft Excel was released in 1995

Excel has improved over the years. Excel’s WYSIWYG has evolved from a text-based program into what you would call a WYSIWYG. After that, you get what you see. There haven’t been any major changes. Google Sheets was released in 2012 by Google. You may be wondering what Google Sheets is. Google Sheets is a game-changer, don’t you think? Here are the reasons. Google Sheets is free. But that’s not all.

Google Sheets is cloud-based, which is the big deal.

Google Sheets can be used in the cloud, which is the big deal. At first, when I heard that Google Sheets worked in the cloud, my initial reaction was to think “so what?”. But then, it hit me. Let me tell you why. If you run a dropship business and want to know if all orders are being processed daily, Google Sheets can help you. Google Sheets allows you to literally sit on a deckchair on a cruise ship in South Pacific. You can open your laptop and see if you have any virtual assistants. Your virtual assistants can be viewed entering orders into your Google Sheet.

It is possible to see the names of people typing.

You can see the names of all the people typing. It might take a while because of the slow internet speeds on cruise ships. You can see the orders being processed. You can see your orders being processed while you are relaxing by the pool sipping Mai Tais, or any other drink that suits your fancy. An ordering processing sheet is a Google Sheet that you should create if you own a drop-ship business.

Processing order sheet

The sheet contains a date, name of buyer, Amazon or Ebay user name, item number, total of item, name of supplier, cost price, tracking number and order number. The spreadsheet should then automatically calculate your Ebay and Amazon fees. Once you have the spreadsheet created, your virtual assistants can ask them to fill it every time an order is received.

Google Sheets can also be used as an app

Instead of wondering, you’ll be able to simply open Google Sheets.

Google sheet makes life so much easier

It makes life so much easier. I’ll post a link to the screen that allows you to download or provide a sample of the spreadsheet I mentioned. You can also download it for free. So, without going off-topic, Google Sheets also has the advantage of being in the cloud. You can view your spreadsheet from your browser. Chrome, FireFox or Safari are all options.

Every spreadsheet has a unique URL

Each spreadsheet will have a unique URL because it is in your browser. The URL is the link at the top of your browser. The URL is www.whatever. You know Google Sheets. But every spreadsheet has a unique URL. You can now save the URLs to your favorites folder. These URLs can be different for different purposes, such as if you have one spreadsheet for product research and another spreadsheet for order processing.

You can have as many spreadsheets you want

You can open as many spreadsheets you want, and all can be saved to your browser’s favorites. You just need to click once and your spreadsheet will open. You can access your favorites folder by clicking on the spreadsheet and voila! There’s no need to go to Excel to find the file you want, or where it was stored. You just need to click on your favorites and you’ll be there. Google Sheets also has the great advantage of having no save button.

Google Sheets has no save button

Once you or your VAs make any changes, the change is instantly saved. Although you can always hit the back button, the best thing about this is that all of your work won’t be lost. It’s all stored in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere. If you want, you can view and edit a sheet offline.

Google Sheets is a great tool for processing dropship orders

Another advantage to Google Sheets is the ability to quickly respond to customer emails about defective items. For example, if they email you in six months, you can simply go to your Google Sheet and press Control + F. You’ll be able to see the buyer’s name, purchase date, tracking number and the source of the item.

This information can save you so much time trying to find it manually.

This can save you tons of time compared to trying to find all the information manually. There are other programs that can do this, but Google Sheets is the best because it’s free. You can do so much with it. Another huge advantage is that Google Sheets also has the green Share button at the top of the page. I would love to get a little kickback from Google for this.

How to share your spreadsheet?

Simply click the green button and enter your email address to share your spreadsheet with a VA (Virtual Assistant). The Google Sheet is now available to them. You can give them access to the Google Sheet. That’s it for this week. Scroll down and leave a comment.