Free Alternative Tools for AutoDs Dropshipping

AutoDS is a popular dropshipping software that automates inventory management and allows you to source products directly from leading suppliers.

AutoDS isn’t the only way to build a dropshipping company. There are many AutoDS alternatives.

These alternatives can be used with many more sellers and channels, such as Amazon, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.


Wholesale2b offers more than 1,000,000 products from over 100 US-based suppliers. This makes it the best AutoDS alternative for US sellers.

Wholesale2b is cheaper than AutoDS and offers a lower price for import and monitoring of up to 10,000 products.

Wholesale2b can also be used with other selling channels such as Amazon, Shopify and BigCommerce.

Hustle Got Real

Hustle Got Real is a top-rated alternative to AutoDS for UK sellers.

Hustle Got Real works with over 80 dropshipping companies in the UK and 3 selling channels, including Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

The Chrome browser extension allows you to quickly connect to your selling channel and begin importing products. You can also import products from the Hustle Got Real dashboard, where you’ll find a growing list of hot-selling items.

DSM Tool

DSM Tool was launched in 2016 and is an affordable alternative to AutoDS. It’s a great tool to build an automated dropshipping company.

DSM Tool lets you import products quickly to eBay and Shopify from over 50 dropshipping companies in the US, UK EU, China, and China.

DSM Tool includes automated inventory management and repricing as well as detailed sales reports, advanced pricing strategies, and detailed sales reports.


Syncee, unlike AutoDS, is a dropshipping marketplace which connects sellers directly with hundreds trusted suppliers in the US and EU.

Browse the marketplace free of charge and import any product to your store within a few mouse clicks. Syncee works with more than eight online store builders, including Shopify and WooCommerce as well as BigCommerce and Ecwid.

Syncee offers automated inventory management, including stock monitoring and daily price changes. You can also import up to 25 products into your store for a fee.


Dropified, which is compatible with five selling channels, including Shopify, WooCommerce and WooCommerce, is an alternative to AutoDS dropshipping from US-based suppliers.

Dropified offers an all-in-one solution that allows you to list products, manage inventory, track sales and profits, and automates inventory management.

Dropified is more than automation software. It allows you to quickly search for dropshipping products that have the highest profit margins.


AliDropship is the most widely used dropshipping plugin for selling on WooCommerce and WordPress powered stores.

AliDropship is a plugin that allows you to dropship AliExpress products via a WordPress or WooCommerce site. Install the plugin to import unlimited products directly into your WooCommerce store.

AliDropship is the most popular WordPress plugin for dropshipping. It offers automated inventory monitoring and repricing as well as access 50 AliExpress best-sellers and automated ordering.


Spocket is quickly becoming the top choice for dropshipping products directly from European and American suppliers.

Spocket can be integrated with many top ecommerce platforms, including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify. In just a few clicks, you can import products directly from the Spocket marketplace.

Spocket is also less expensive than AutoDS. Spocket’s highest plan allows you to import up 10,000 products at a cost of less than $100 per month, while AutoDS charges more than $250 per month for 10,000 imports.

AutoDS is a better alternative.

AutoDS is an affordable dropshipping automation system that works reliably. It is only compatible with a limited number of suppliers and selling channels. You might want more flexibility and options when it comes selling products.

AutoDS will not work if you want to dropship on Amazon or WooCommerce. Many of the solutions above work with WooCommerce and Amazon, including Hustle Got Real or Wholesale2b.

Which is the best AutoDS alternative to US sellers?

Because it is compatible with many selling platforms and has more than 100 US suppliers, Wholesale2b offers a better alternative to AutoDS. Wholesale2b has over 1,000,000 products across hundreds of niches and top categories.

Wholesale2b can integrate with any popular selling channel, no matter if it’s Amazon, eBay, or your own Shopify, WooCommerce, or Shopify store. Wholesale2b’s pricing starts at $30 per listing for up to 10,000 listings.

Which is the best AutoDS alternative to UK sellers?

Hustle Got Real, which has over 80 UK suppliers, is the best AutoDS alternative. Hustle Got Real can also be used with Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, while AutoDS is not compatible with Amazon.

You also have many other options for AutoDS alternatives for UK dropshippers. Syncee, which is very affordable and integrates with over 8 online store builders (Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid) is another popular choice.

Which AutoDS option is best for sourcing from China with the lowest risk?

Although Wholesale2b and Hustle Got Real are focused on US and UK suppliers, they also have many suppliers from China, such as Banggood and CJ Dropshipping. They are therefore the best AutoDS alternative for sourcing from China.

Dropified and DSM Tool are compatible with many other tools, including Dropified and Dropified. Yakkyofy can also be used to dropship low-cost products directly from China via any platform.