UK and Europe Warehouse Mobile Phone Suppliers

Mobile phones used to be a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. But, it has become a necessity, rather than an expense. It’s a lucrative business. This is why people are searching for mobile phone suppliers in Europe.

This is because wholesale purchases are cheaper and may offer additional benefits.

We are here to help you locate a UK supplier for wholesale mobile phones or anywhere else in Europe. Before we get started, let’s discuss why buying mobile phones wholesale is better than buying just one device.

Wholesale basics of mobile phones

1. It is cheaper

It’s well-known that bulk buying is always cheaper. Although small suppliers of wholesale mobile phones in UK will tell you that buying in bulk is cheaper, they may not be able to explain how you can save even more by purchasing in packages. Most often, they will add accessories to your order so that you don’t have to purchase each one individually. Sometimes they will add more than one item to your order. Wholesale purchases are worth the effort.

2. Open Line

Deals offered by large network providers are more likely to be familiar to you. Deals offered by large network providers can seem more appealing than they should, even if you don’t know better. You will not be able to get the benefits offered by other service providers if you sign up for them.

If you purchase your mobile phones wholesale from the UK, you can choose any provider that you like, particularly if it suits your needs.

3. Everything You Need

Wholesale mobile phone sellers in Europe have everything you need. This includes brands that are not mainstream. Vendors can simply reach out to their vendors and they will do their best to deliver on-time without hassle.

4. Refurbished Phones

Although not all vendors do it, most wholesalers of refurbished mobile phones in the UK follow this practice. Although it may seem bad, and some companies may be labeled cheap, this helps the environment.

These wholesalers of refurbished mobile phones in UK do not make it look the same as its original. They may install hardware and software that makes it more powerful than the base phone. You get a better experience for a lower price.

Wholesale mobile phone suppliers in the UK and Europe

Here is a summary table of these 5 wholesale mobile phone suppliers that you can resell in the UK and Europe. In the next section, you’ll find details about the phone brands and categories.

2. Merkandi

Their platform offers a wide range of wholesale mobile phones, but the best thing about it is the chance to make money. However, both sides benefit. They gain more product access by allowing users to sell.

Merkandi, on the other hand has its own products. Their selection is wider because they have access to all the wholesale suppliers of mobile phones in Europe and UK.

Summa sum, Merkandi’s positive side is:

* Chance to Earn

* Largest selection of wholesale phones in Europe

3. Mr. Mobile

It is not, despite its name, a UK supplier of wholesale phones. It offers accessories for almost every device on the market. This is a smart business move, especially considering the saturated market for wholesale mobile phones in the UK.

Mobile phone accessories, particularly for wholesale sellers, are still very common on the electronic market. They are the UK’s only supplier of wholesale mobile phones and accessories. They also offer starter packages, sim cards from all networks, spare parts for Apple devices, such as chargers, sim tray tray and even the key.

Mr. The following are the benefits of mobile:

* An extensive range of accessories

* Starter Packages for First-Time Sellers of Their Products

* Spare parts for Apple devices

* Daily Deals and Auctions

4. Alpha Smartphones

Only Alpha Smartphones, a UK wholesaler of mobile phones, allows trade-ins. You can bring your old phone to trade for a new one. It is not an easy exchange. Instead, they will place a price on the phone that they will subtract from their selling price. You will pay a lower price than it is supposed to, which is always a good thing.

These are the main features that Alpha Smartphones has to offer their customers:

* Trade-In Option

* Large Selection of Phones

* Refurbished Recycling Phones

FAQ regarding mobile phone wholesale in the UK

1. Which are the Top-Selling Smartphones in 2019?

Google Pixel 3

Samsung Galaxy S9

One Plus 6T

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Apple iPhone XS

2. How can I find wholesale mobile phones from Europe and the UK suppliers?

It is easy to find wholesale suppliers of mobile phones in Europe. If you know the name, you can simply look them up on the internet. However, do not fret if you do not. Websites like can help. This website lists all UK wholesale suppliers of mobile phones. Click on the vendor you wish to refer.

However, suppliers can be found on their website a list of various social media platforms. These are the ones they are registered to. This means that if you are familiar with the seller’s name, you can search social media for them to find out more about them.

3. Where can I buy used mobile phones wholesale from the UK?

Merkandi, a UK wholesaler of mobile phones, is one platform that allows you to wholesale used phones. Register now to become a user. Alpha Smartphones is another reliable wholesaler of refurbished mobile phones in the UK.


It is important to not underestimate the value of wholesale mobile phones in Europe or UK. You get a lot of options for the lowest price, especially when you consider it’s a smartphone. It is a good idea to save money.