5 Top Free Alternatives for Dropified Software

Dropshipping is the hottest topic in town. Many people are embracing this business model to make money with little capital. Dropshipping platforms have been offered by many companies. One does not need inventory to start a business. However, they can contact a supplier to fulfill orders once customers place them. A good eCommerce platform will allow the seller to create an account, shop, find products and connect with customers. Dropified, one of the best online business platforms, will be examined.

What is Dropified

Dropified was originally called Shopified. It was launched in 2015 as a dropshipping solution. Dropified has had several stores since its inception, more than 26000 users and more that 6.2 million products. Dropified has connections with many other marketplaces such as Amazon, Target and Walmart.

Dropified Features

Dropified’s features list includes tools that can enhance the site’s services. These features can be attached to order fulfillment and product upload automation. They also track orders while shipping.

i. Automated product updates

Follow-up is one of the most tedious and difficult aspects of dropshipping. For successful order fulfillment, it is essential that the seller maintains constant contact with the supplier. Manual processes are a waste of time and resources. Dropified automatically sends updates to both the supplier and seller. Dropified relays information to the supplier whenever there is a price increase, a product in transit, or a product out of stock.

ii. Chrome Extension

Dropified’s import feature is revolutionary. It saves you time and hassles of dealing with suppliers. The site makes it easy to import products from multiple suppliers with just one click. It takes only one click to import Dropified products to your Shopify, WooCommerce or other account.

iii. Zappier Integration

Zappier, an online app that integrates many applications and tools used by businesses every day, is what you need to know. Zappier connects your account to social media, customer service, blogging, accounting software and any other services that may be required. This helps ease business and makes it seamless.

iv. Fitted image editor

This tool can modify images to match your store’s design. You can remove logos and color edit. Dropified will replace the need for expensive Photoshop software. Dropified makes photo editing, cropping, and resizing much easier.

v. Single-click image import

It is so easy to do product listing automatically. Dropified will allow you to migrate information once you have selected a product for listing. With just one click, you can transfer product descriptions and images to an online store. You will be able to save so much time by not having to keep the image for uploading again.

vi. The ePackets feature

Shipping products from China to countries outside of China can be frustrating. Customers may lose interest in their order if the process takes too much time. Dropified’s ePackets service allows you to reduce shipping costs and international shipping fees. You can also track your order because the feature is more effective than international shipping services such as FedEx and UPS.

vii. The Profit Dashboard

Many online marketplaces offer reports that allow you to view the sales and profit that your business has made. Dropified does not offer this service on some platforms, such as Woocommerce and Shopify. The feature is only available to premium accounts, but it’s worth keeping in your toolbox. It provides analysis and reports that will help you decide which products to market and which to stop marketing. It will show you which products make more profit and which ones are less profitable.

Dropified Alternatives


AliExpress and the software company collaborate to offer an automated dropshipping platform. There are two plugs available: one for Woocommerce, and one for WordPress Plugin. The first plug converts your WordPress platform to an AliExpress dropshipping eCommerce website, while the second plug is a Woocommerce version that allows you to sell Woocommerce products. Although the Woocommerce plugin is intended for Woocommerce it can also be used with AliExpress. They work flawlessly for importation and fulfillment of orders.

AliDropship Features

  • Automated order fulfillment: AliExpress will automatically redirect you to AliDropship once you place an order. You will only need to confirm your order by clicking.
  • Automatic pricing and updates: If the product is out of stock, it will automatically remove it from your shop. It also updates your product’s prices whenever there are any changes. AliDropship will automatically update your product prices.
  • AliDropship allows you to create a customized store. These tools include:Custom designNumerous payment gatewaysDomain nameIntegration with Google AnalyticsPromo videoPromotional tool for social mediaSocial media pagesTool for niche researchAliDropship plugin
  • Marketing: AliDropship plugin allows you to promote products through discount coupons. You can also use the abandoned cart to bring back customers who have not completed their orders. It also provides product reviews and a list email address that you can use for customer contact. This is an excellent marketing tool that you should have.


It is one of the most popular dropshipping tools, allowing you to connect with suppliers from the USA or EU. Spocket’s unique feature is that it reduces the shipping time to between 2-5 days worldwide. Spocket automates the entire dropshipping process, from ordering products to fulfilling orders. Spocket has thousands of products available for dropshipping. Spocket is the best place to start a dropshipping company in the US and EU.

Spocket Features

  • Delivery at your doorstep in a matter of minutes: Fast and prompt deliveries are possible because almost all products come from US and EU suppliers, which is a vast improvement on other sites that have suppliers from China.
  • Thorough supplier screening: You will need to pass a strict screening process before you can join Spocket as an supplier. This strategy explains why Spocket suppliers are more reliable and superior than other markets.
  • One-click product import: This plugin makes it easy to upload product images and write descriptions when listing a product. The import button allows you to import one product, but it can also import as many as you like.
  • Spocket has a special category of premium products that convert 100%. Hot products can take 2-5 days to reach customers, thus building strong customer loyalty.
  • Spocket provides customer support and automatic inventory updates. Spocket supports all communication channels, including live chats and emails as well as phone calls. This ensures that customers are able to address any issues they may have. The site also alerts you when a product is out-of-stock so that you can quickly decide what to do, even if an alternative supplier is available.

Funnel Genie

Dropshipping has never been easier with this unique dropshipping website. It uses payment on delivery instead of paying upfront for products. You will simply need to choose a product from Funnel Genie’s catalog and then promote it. Funnel Genie handles all property management and fulfillment when a customer orders it. After the customer has paid for the product, you will receive your payment within one week. Delivery takes between 5 and 7 days.

Funnel Genie features

  • Fast order fulfillment: Funnel Genie orders take less than one week to reach customers.
  • Fully automated: Everything you need at Funnel Genie can be done automatically. Your business will be run without a website or upfront products. All of it will happen automatically, even the cash-on delivery payment.
  • Select products carefully curated: A list of tested and proven products that you can dropship.