Fulfillment.com Reviews and Pricing Detailed Guide

According to the Fulfillment.com reviews, efficient order fulfillment is a major challenge for any business, large or small. It turns out, I have been there. I managed a small online shop that sold relics. Most of the customers came from the UK and the US. Yes, I will admit that I loved everything about the business except for the fulfillment process.

It became clear that I wasn’t the only one who hated it. The logistics involved in order fulfillment is the most difficult problem for many ecommerce entrepreneurs. It can take a lot of time and resources to coordinate product movement between warehouses and pack each item appropriately and ship it safely to its destination.

To make things worse, each shipment must be meticulously tracked to ensure it arrives on time and in perfect condition.

Let’s face facts. This entire process can be very cumbersome for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, as your business grows, so does the difficulty.

Fulfillment.com is a company that helps you do just that. Here’s the ultimate guide to the service.

This Fulfillment.com review will provide all the details on how Fulfillment.com operates, the main features and the pricing. You will learn about the Fulfillment.com management system, fulfillment capabilities, integrations and customer service.

Let’s get to the point. Fulfillment.com: Who are they?

Fulfillment.com Overview

Fulfillment.com, as the name implies, is a fulfillment platform. It’s a cloud-based fulfillment management service that manages the entire fulfillment process for businesses around the world.


Fulfillment.com is a provider of shipping and storage solutions that can help you automate repetitive tasks, streamline order fulfillment, expand your business, and worry less about shipping logistics.

Be careful. Fulfillment.com does not offer random warehousing options. Fulfillment.com is more than just a warehouse service. It not only provides warehouses for your stuff but also includes proprietary cloud-based software called ShipStream(tm). This software allows for complete fulfillment management and real time tracking.

Fulfillment.com also provides a dedicated customer support agent who will be your personal assistant whenever you have any questions. You can focus on growing your business and running it. They will handle all aspects of order fulfillment.

Fulfillment.com is not a new company in the industry. Fulfillment.com has been in business since 2011. Fulfillment.com is a company that has been in business since 2011.

Fulfillment is known for its ease-of-use and speediness. Fulfillment strives to provide a seamless and efficient shipping process that gets your orders out the door in as little time as possible.

You, as a client, can choose a packaging option that suits your product best right from the software. Once the packages have been received at one of 8 warehouses strategically located, they will be processed within 24 hours. You can also monitor their progress live.

Fulfillment.com also offers other functionalities such as order grouping and smart address validation, returns processing and prediction of inventory depletion. These are the basic features that you would expect from a fulfillment management system.

Fulfillment.com aims to reduce the stress of logistics management and save you time, money, and effort.

But, can it do that?

Let’s take a look at the entire platform and start with its functionality.

Fulfillment.com – How It Works

Step 1 – Get in touch with Fulfillment.com’s Customer Service Team

Fulfillment.com doesn’t have a signup button. The main site does not use standard registration forms.

Instead, contact the customer service team of the platform. However, they won’t be able to process your orders immediately. They will first analyze your shipping history to determine which distribution centers are most cost-effective to ship to to lower your postage costs. Next, they will review your product types, shipping requirements, intended markets, and fulfillment needs.

You can also take advantage of this opportunity to get clarifications regarding their fulfillment management platform and the associated package handling services.

Agents were very helpful in answering my questions.

But, this level of support is not comparable to the one you receive once you are onboard. Fulfillment.com will sign you up as a client. One of the most exciting facts is that you’ll get a dedicated customer support agent. These are known as ” Success managers”, and every one is sourced in-house.

The success manager is basically your go-to guy. Your success manager is your primary contact agent. They are highly experienced and can be relied upon when you need to set up or run your order fulfillment process.

Your success manager will introduce you to the platform. You’ll be assisted in setting up your account and the corresponding product inventory. They can embed Fulfillment.com into your online store’s software, including CRM and associated shopping cart platforms.

You’ll also receive excellent onboarding to help guide you through the process. Your success manager will walk you through the dashboard’s main functions.

Step 2 – Deliver your items to Fulfillment.com’s facilities

Product shipping is the final goal in order fulfillment. Fulfillment.com will handle this for you online store by delivering your inventory items to one of the 8 warehouses below.

Fulfillment.com is able to offer e-tailers a variety of warehouses around the world. Each one has established a 5-point system for processing client packages.

Your package is delivered first to the warehouse. The staff will then get into action in a matter of minutes.

They will begin by inspecting the items and verify their details against the package slip. Any inconsistencies at this stage will be communicated to your success manager who will then bring the matter up with you for a quick resolution.

Once the items are confirmed, Fulfillment.com’s team will enter their dimensions and weights into the Fulfillment.com system. Then, every item will be placed in the designated storage location. Your Fulfillment.com account will be updated to reflect the new inventory volume.

You can bet that everything is ready and set to go at this point. Fulfillment.com isn’t going to rush to launch. The company’s success manager must first run extensive tests on the order fulfillment system. Once everything is operational and checked, you can start accepting orders.

Step 3 – Fulfill Your Orders with Fulfillment.com

Fulfillment.com runs in the background so you can launch your inventory and sell your goods quickly. Fulfillment.com’s system only becomes active once orders begin to roll in.

Upon receiving your order, you will need to pick the items up from their storage areas. Fulfillment.com will then pack the items according to your specifications and place the appropriate labels before shipping them to the customer’s physical address.

Okay, I get what you are thinking. Are you allowed to pick the shipping method that suits your needs?

You can. Fulfillment.com lets you choose the shipping method for your packages. If you choose to go ahead without choosing one, Fulfillment.com will pick the most economical option. Fulfillment.com offers volume pricing at a deep discount to all customers. This will allow you to save significant money.

Fulfillment.com Main Features

Fulfillment Management

Fulfillment.com was designed to work with over 50 popular CRM systems and ecommerce platforms. Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce users can easily embed the platform with all its functions without any difficulties. You can even integrate custom applications via Restful APIs.

If you do experience technical issues, success managers can help. Fulfillment.com offers a reliable customer service system. Every client is assigned a dedicated account manager. Integrating the software should therefore be easy for all users, even beginners.

Once everything is up and running, you will be able to see the rich array of control functions in Fulfillment.com. Fulfillment.com gives you the ability to manage all aspects of your logistics process.

For example, you can choose different shipping companies for your package shipments. You can also coordinate both return orders and shipments, verify addresses, and streamline inventories that are located in different parts. Software will also send you notifications about product shipments and returns to keep you informed.

I’m not trying to be negative. Fulfillment.com doesn’t always require a hands on approach. Fulfillment.com is supposed to help you save time.

Fulfillment.com automates most of the core processes. You can trust Fulfillment.com to handle all aspects of your package picking, packing and shipping as long as it has integrated it correctly. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Fulfillment.com also offers a wealth of cost-optimization tools that will help you save money.

We’ve already mentioned that the platform will automatically select the most affordable shipping carrier for you. It’s nice, but it’s not the end.

Fulfillment.com offers additional shipping cost savings by allowing customers to group their orders automatically. This allows multiple orders to be combined into one package that is smaller and more affordable than shipping them individually.

Fulfillment.com, thanks to all the automations, is indeed an easy-to-use system for almost everyone, whether you are a growing or larger ecommerce business.

Fulfillment Facilities

Fulfillment.com, although it is based in the USA, has been able to expand its warehouse network beyond the US. Fulfillment.com boasts a global presence, with multiple fulfillment centers located across many continents.

For example, Fulfillment.com in the US has built warehouses at four locations – Kansas City MO, Salt Lake City, UT, Breinigsville PA, and Savannah GA. This is because all independent Internet retailers have to meet the Amazon Prime(tm), 1-2 day delivery standard. Fulfillment.com’s US fulfillment network includes four locations that can deliver to 99.97% in just 1-2 days using inexpensive ground transport. Fulfillment.com is able to reach 68% of the US population next day by ground transport, thanks to a balanced distribution from all four fulfillment centres. Fulfillment.com offers three unique options to its customers in the US, as it recognizes that inventory costs are very important for all internet retailers.

1. All four fulfillment centers can be shipped to you for the fastest delivery and lowest cost.

2. To ensure fast and economical delivery to customer concentrations, ship from 1 to 3 centers.

3. Fulfillment.com Kansas City can ship to all 50 states in just 1-3 days.

To facilitate international operations, additional distribution centers are located in Melbourne Australia, Haelen, the Netherlands, Birmingham, the United Kingdom, and Mississauga, Canada.

Fulfillment.com’s online order management software ShipStream (tm), and your dedicated Success manager coordinate all fulfillment operations around the world.

Fulfillment.com has eight warehouses located in major cities on four continents. According to the company’s publications they are only just starting. The company is expected to reveal more locations in the near future.

Fulfillment.com will continue to use the eight warehouses to ship orders to more than 150 countries around the world. B2C and B2B companies are both taking advantage of these facilities to process international packages in Asia, Europe and Australia.

That’s fair enough. How do you get your items to the warehouses, though?

Fulfillment.com allows you to select how to ship your inventory items.

For example, some business owners prefer to package their goods beforehand and send them to Fulfillment.com in sealed packages. After receiving the items, Fulfillment.com attaches shipping labels to them before shipping them to their customers.

Although it’s an easy method, most clients choose the opposite. They send their packages to Fulfillment.com and they will take care of everything.

This option allows you to be sure that everything is sealed before shipment. Fulfillment.com packs your items in boxes, envelopes, or other secure pages before assigning tracking numbers and shipping labels.

Now that you have compared these options, it is worth noting the storage process for both sets of packages is the same.

Fulfillment.com will first analyze your package in order to verify the details. Fulfillment.com will then analyze your package and record all the relevant dimensions and weight specifications. The package is then logged into the system to be used as a reference. The item is then directed to its storage and the receiving process is completed by updating your inventory numbers.

What is the time frame for this whole process?

Fulfillment.com’s warehouse staff has been trained to handle received packages with precision and urgency. Fulfillment.com should process your package in a matter of minutes.

The same goes for order processing. Fulfillment.com even carefully coordinated its warehouse processes with regional shipping companies. Fulfillment.com ensures that all orders for the day are available by the time the carriers arrive to pick them up.

How long does it take for the carriers to deliver the shipments to customers’ homes?

Fulfillment.com states that shipping times can be very flexible. The shipping service you select will determine the time required to deliver your order.

Ground shipments within the US take approximately two days. You can expedite shipping and have your order delivered within 24 hours if you require urgent delivery. You should expect to pay more if you order expedited shipping.

This holds true even for international shipping. You’ll likely pay more for your package the faster it arrives.

However, international freight can cause delays due to customs procedures. Fulfillment.com has connections with freight professionals so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Fulfillment.com also has a unique trick for grouping orders. Fulfillment.com’s software can identify different orders and combine them into one package to cut shipping costs. The warehouse crews pick up the packages from there and package them accordingly to minimize shipping costs.

Fulfillment.com has made significant investments in security. Fulfillment.com has invested heavily in security. Its warehouses are guarded 24/7 by surveillance cameras and fingerprint detection scanners. Any attempt to infiltrate the warehouses will be detected immediately and stopped before any damage or loss is done.


Fulfillment.com’s core business is about shipping tracking and logistics, warehouse management, protective packaging, and backorder management. These processes are heavily dependent on data and can only be achieved by integrating Fulfillment.com with other platforms within the ecommerce ecosystem.

Fulfillment.com may not offer many integrations but it does provide a good selection. It has also prioritized core ecommerce processes. It has built integrations for CRMs, marketplace apps, and shopping carts. Fulfillment.com offers an API that allows any e-tailer to integrate their proprietary shopping cart with ShipStream(tm) in addition to ecommerce platforms.

You can embed some of the most popular applications with fulfillment.com at this time: Shopify, Adobe Business Catalyst and Magento.

Integration can take only minutes. However, the necessary testing may take up to a week before your shopping basket can be live. A few companies, such as CommerceHub or Channel Advisor, might keep you waiting longer – usually around two weeks. The wait is worth it as nobody wants orders to be lost between the fulfillment provider and the shopping cart.

Fulfillment.com Reviews – Customer Support

Fulfillment.com has done an excellent job with their software platform. However, customer support is where they excel.

For example, I felt valued right away when I signed up for their order fulfillment service. It was easy to reach out to the support staff before I was assigned a success manager.

Fulfillment.com customer service representatives are responsive and helpful via phone, email, and live chat. However, that’s not all. The platform leverages chatbots and social media.

You should be able contact them at any hour of the day. They are available 24/7.

Fulfillment.com also offers a dedicated success manager who can provide personalized support. You can be sure that Fulfillment.com will keep an eye on all your order fulfillment activities to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Fulfillment.com Pricing

Fulfillment.com’s pricing information is not available on their website. You won’t even find a pricing list anywhere online. There are many good reasons.

Fulfillment.com can handle products as small and as large, such as bookmarks or plastic sheds that are bundled to pallets. Fulfillment.com’s fulfillment pricing is dependent on product weight and size. The SKU count, lot/or serial number control, and issue control (FIFO or LIFO) are all key factors in fulfillment pricing. Fulfillment.com also offers 22 types of standard packaging as well as a variety of dunnage/void fill. Fulfillment.com has 8 locations around the world, which means that it can offer 8 cost bases. This often results in different pricing depending on where you are located.

Other reviewed fulfillment providers that offer pricing on their websites will not provide pricing specific to each customer, but pricing for the lowest common factor.

Fulfillment.com doesn’t have a set pricing structure. This brings us to the good news.

Fulfillment.com provides individual quotes and not a pricing schedule. By submitting your details via the main website, you can apply for one. You will be contacted by the sales team to receive additional pricing information.

However, the amount you pay for the service will depend on how many orders you plan to process. Fulfillment is free, whereas most fulfillment solutions charge a setup fee.

Make no mistake. You won’t get off scot-free. Although there is no setup fee, you will still need to pay $1500 non-refundable deposit to board. Fulfillment.com uses pre-paid billing, so this will cover your initial shipping and packaging costs, as well as picking fees. This amounts to 8-10 shipments per hour. Fulfillment.com might not be the best option for an e-tailer who is just starting out. Fulfillment.com recommends that you do your own fulfillment until there is an increase in volume.

You get multiple warehouse locations, large storage capacity, FDA-registered warehouses, climate-controlled warehouses, complex returns processing abilities, multiple packaging options, a dedicated manager, payment reminders and email or SMS alerts. Worldwide shipping, address validation, shipping cost reduction, optimal delivery times. Real-time inventory tracking, order tracking, cost reporting, multi-channel support. Transparency, competitive shipping, transparency. Shopping cart integration.

You can pay by ACH (automated clearinghouse) payments, wire transfer, or credit card if you decide to proceed. You have the option to choose.

Why Should You Use Fulfillment.com?

We can now conclude that Fulfilment.com combines the power and reliability of automation software with secure, well-optimized fulfillment centers. This system not only reduces the hassle of logistics, but also ensures fast, efficient, and cost-effective delivery.

Fulfillment.com can be a great solution for established and growing Internet retailers. Fulfillment.com has the capabilities and tools to handle domestic and international orders.