Gorgias Online Store Customer Service Review

It goes without saying that customer service significantly impacts customers’ pleasure when they shop online. So it stands to reason that you’re probably looking for software to assist you. Gorgias excels in this situation. So, we’ve created this Gorgias review to help you decide if this software is right for you.

You already know that many factors are involved in offering outstanding customer services, such as promptly replying to emails, contacting us, and considering feedback and reviews. These are likely only a few of the obligations you juggle as an internet business owner.

Of course, this takes up your valuable time and energy when you’d rather concentrate on managing your business and building your brand. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can handle some of these customer support responsibilities on your behalf. For your online store, Gorgias serves as a comprehensive helpdesk. You can conveniently handle all of your conversations from one location and automate some of these consumer encounters.

Continue reading to learn more about Gorgias’ attributes, costs, and potential clients. So please settle in while we review Gorgias.

What are Gorgias’ Aims?

Gorgias aims to support independent e-commerce firms in giving their customers top-notch customer service. How? By freeing up agents from having to spend all day responding to the same emails, they can concentrate on being sales representatives who assist customers.

By automatically responding to common client inquiries, Gorgias seeks to liberate your time and those of your employees so that they can concentrate on tasks that generate income. Additionally, Gorgias keeps tabs on your customer service’s effect on your conversion rates. With this knowledge at your disposal, you can make sure that your contacts with customers function as an effective selling technique.

Fun fact: Gorgias is used by over 2000 merchants, often boosting production by 40%. What is there to dislike about that?

Gorgias Features

Numerous automation capabilities are available in Gorgias to help you organize all of your conversations. Some of our favourites are as follows:

Gorgias Connects All Your Support Channels

From a single platform, you can manage and reply to messages sent through all modes of communication, including email, chat, social media comments, online ads, and live messenger. It saves a ton of time just by itself. The days of checking and responding to messages by switching between different platforms are long gone. Having everything in one location makes managing your priorities and overseeing your duties simple.

Smart Autoresponders

You can create rules that guide automatic answers using intelligent autoresponders. Your tickets can be sorted, tagged, and assigned according to their subject and other criteria. This reduces the number of repetitious chores.

This by itself has the potential to automate up to 30% of your responses. This not only buys you a ton of time but also guarantees that clients get responses immediately.

Chat Campaigns

Chat campaigns enable you to proactively contact customers by starting live chat conversations with website visitors, providing them with product recommendations based on the contents of their shopping carts, and assisting them with the checkout process.

The Revenue Dashboard

You can gauge your live chat and customer support team’s effect on sales via the revenue dashboard. This makes it simple to pay agents according to client conversion and the money they have made from pre-sale tickets.

Reviewing response and resolution times and customer satisfaction ratings will help provide you with an overall picture of the team’s performance.

Data-rich Macros and Machine Learning

Predictive typing and tailored messages based on client information and order specifics make developing chat templates a breeze.

Other Features

Your customer support duties can be organized using tags and tools for assignment and collision prevention to ensure no tickets are ever allocated twice.

The platform also supports internal notes and mentions collaborating with your team on any issue.

Conversation history is another useful tool. No matter what form of communication a buyer chooses, Gorgias keeps track of the full customer chronology. You can answer by considering how they’ve interacted in the past.

Adjustability and Integrations

Gorgias is fairly adaptive and versatile. It’s a platform that readily lends itself to integration with other solutions thanks to its more than 20 native plugins and stellar Shopify and Magento review scores.

These integrations include, among others:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Instagram
  • Gmail
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Live Chat
  • WooCommerce
  • Slack
  • Twitter
  • Mailchimp
  • Klaviyo

And the team is always introducing new apps!

Moreover, Gorgias provides the following:

  • A smartphone application that enables on-the-go customer support
  • Connection with knowledge base platforms like elev.io & helpdocs.io
  • Multi-brand support

Gorgias Pricing

There is excellent news for people who wish to test out the service from Gorgias because they provide a monthly subscription! To learn more about the features, you may book a demo. They also provide a free version.

Gorgias offers three premium price tiers for individuals who want to upgrade from the free option. These cost more due to your usage and your company’s needs.

Prices for the following services are based on upfront annual billing (with two months free):

The Basic Plan ($50 per month) gives you 350 monthly tickets and unlimited users. $25 more will be charged for an extra 100 tickets.

The Pro Plan scales up to 2000 tickets per month ($250 per month), and you pay a discounted $23 for each additional 100 tickets.

You are allowed 6000 tickets under the Advanced Plan ($625 a month), and an additional $14 is charged for each additional 100 tickets.

A customized enterprise package is available from Gorgias for businesses that handle more than 6000 tickets per month. A dedicated automation specialist is included with this. You must speak with Gorgias personally to request a price because it is based on the needs of your business and includes bulk savings.

If you’re unsure how many tickets you get each month, Gorgias estimates that each agent on your squad gets about 1000 tickets.

You should note that you only pay for tickets to which you react via Gorgias; you do not pay for all tickets. You can link as many Facebook pages, emails, and chat widgets as you’d like, and each pricing plan includes all features and channels.

Customer Opinions

Customers have given Gorgias a stellar 4.8 rating in the Shopify app store, applauding its usability and great onboarding and support. Gorgias reviews outperformed Zendesk in pricing, customer service, value for money, and ease of use. A special note is made of the video chat, which helps form teams.

Gorgias Assistance

Gorgias provides live chat assistance around-the-clock and has a wealth of support materials online. Additionally, they offer webinars, online live chat, and in-person training.

Are You Prepared to Improve Customer Service?

In conclusion, Gorgias offers a comprehensive help desk that enables you to automate solutions to some of your customers’ most frequent queries. It creates a streamlined and coordinated front for customer service that can both please customers and boost revenue.

Have you ever employed Gorgias? If so, please share your approach in the comment section below. Don’t be shy; we want to hear your genuine ideas (good and bad). Soon, I hope!