Hatchful Shopify Logo Creator for eCommerce Stores

The problem of your logo is a constant quandary when you start an online shop. How do you make one? How much money should you spend on a logo? Is there any guarantee that your logo will reflect your brand and look good after you have spent that amount? All valid questions, considering that a custom logo can be quite expensive. You don’t want to get a sub-standard result. We recommend Hatchful Shopify’s logo creator. It’s an easy, free online tool that anyone can use to create a logo.

Hatchful offers a wide range of impressive features. Hatchful’s intuitive graphic design center asks questions about your brand so you can create the best logo. There are many options for logo templates, icons and colors that you can use to customize your logo. To ensure your logo is consistent with your brand, stick to a single color palette. Hatchful can also be used to create social media assets that include your logo using the same colors and formats.

Hatchful may not be for everyone. The mere mention of Hatchful’s “free logo maker” will make any graphic designer grin. Hatchful is by far the most effective online logo maker I have used (although Canva is an excellent alternative). Shopify is constantly improving its interface and templates, making it a very impressive toolbox.

So when should we recommend Hatchful to make a logo?

  • You can test custom designs for your logo. Although this could result in you having to pay for a professional logo design, it is a good way to start brainstorming.
  • You create online shops on a regular basis, and you need simple logos that are easy to remember.
  • To launch your first online store with a respectable logo design.

Hatchful would be a good choice for an online store that is growing quickly and has regular cashflow. Hatchful doesn’t have to be useless. Hatchful is a great tool to brainstorm logo ideas. You can create a logo for your startup in the early days of your business. This will help you launch your brand and demonstrate professionalism to the world. You can hire a professional designer once the money is flowing in.

The Hatchful Shopify logo creator: Features

Hatchful is known for its simplicity in designing logos. It’s like talking to a friend. The interface will ask you questions about your business and tell you what elements you love about particular logos.

Hatchful doesn’t have many features, which is why it’s so great.

We know that you will want to be able to anticipate what’s to come.

Here are our top picks from Hatchful

  • There are many templates available for different industries. You can find unique logo designs for restaurants and furniture stores as well as sporting teams.
  • Based on your industry and preferences, high-quality logo designs can be suggested.
  • Each logo design will automatically include your company name.
  • The Hatchful Shopify logo creator requests your preferred colors and combinations.
  • After you have entered your preferences and settings, multiple designs will be presented to you.
  • A simple logo designer can modify any design that does not look right.
  • When you choose a logo, you get a complete branding package, which includes elements for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

How to use Hatchful to Design the Perfect Ecommerce Logo

You now know the potential of Hatchful. Continue reading to find out more about the design process as you navigate the Hatchful designer.

Shopify owns the Hatchful business. However, you don’t need to have Shopify to use the Hatchful Shopify Logo Creator. If you have a Shopify website, Hatchful can be accessed through the Shopify dashboard.

After that, go to the Hatchful website by clicking the Sign Up button.

You can create an account by entering your email address, and selecting a password. To proceed, click the Sign up button. Although you have the option of logging in with Shopify, it is not necessary to have a Shopify Account.

Once you have created an account, click the Get Started button.

The Hatchful Shopify logo maker begins by asking where you want your logo to be used. It will then provide a selection of logos that are perfect for different platforms at the end. It will provide a Facebook banner with the high-resolution logo and it will keep it at the right dimensions so it looks good on Facebook.

You can choose the location of your logo. You have many options: your online store, social media, print and swag (like tee-shirts), business cards, and more.

When you are done, press the Next button.

Next, you will be asked about your business. Hatchful can use this information to create a great logo design by looking at what logos are used in the industry.

This tutorial assumes I am a Fashion Business owner. However, there are many other options, such as:

  • Beauty and health
  • Garden and home
  • Food and drinks
  • Sport and recreation
  • Gifts and collectibles
  • Tech
  • Photos and art

This is just a small selection of the available industries.

When you have decided on a business location, click on the Next button.

Hatchful offers a variety of logo designs that will allow you to choose the type of vibe you want to project when people see your logo. You can choose from Calm, Hipster or Energetic styles.

Choose three visual styles from the list. As an example, I will make a shoe shop, so I will choose Bold, Reliable and Creative.

To continue, click Next

Now it’s time for you to add your business name. This page has the best feature: your business name and slogan can be included in every logo design idea that appears later.

Enter your business name and choose whether you would like a Slogan to be included in the logo.

A slogan is a catchy phrase that a business uses, but it’s less common than you might think.

Click Next.

All Hatchful logos are included in the final selection area.

Scroll down to see a growing list of logos.

If you don’t love the first five logos, then move on to the next five. You can keep going until you have seen hundreds of logos.

You can see that the logos are constantly changing and each one has a different design element and color.

Some logos are completely junk. It’s fascinating. There are many beautiful, sleek logos that could work well for an online startup store.

Here’s a logo I like.

It suits my vision of a shoe shop design. I like the colors and the wings look very similar to other brands.

After selecting a logo design, you will be taken to the Hatchful design section. This logo generator has only three tabs that can be customized, which shows how easy it is.

The Name tab is the first tab. This includes your Business Name and Slogan. You can leave these if you don’t like them.

You can change one or both if you don’t like the original.

As an example, I changed my Slogan to something different.

It is also possible to view the logo without the slogan. It may look better without the slogan.

The Fonts tab is the second tab.

This panel displays a large number of fonts. To see many of them, you can scroll down the list. You won’t find font names for them, so click around to find the one that you like best.

A dropdown menu is the best way to filter fonts.

This menu allows you to see only traditional and decorative fonts. You can also view all fonts at once.

Select the logo version you like to change the fonts. This will change the fonts for the slogan and business name. The fonts used for the slogan and business name are different in each of these suggestions. This is something you should keep in mind.

The Colors tab is the third and final design tab you should not mess with.

Click that link to view a list of colors that might be more appropriate for your brand.

You can filter colors according to collections and styles. The Pastel filter, for example, shows brighter colors that are more summery.

Click on a color for a preview of the changes in the logo.

Hatchful’s original blue was a great idea, and I will definitely return to it.

After you are done with the colors and text, click on the Next button.

This page is the final one you’ll find on the Hatchful site.

This is an announcement that your logo is available for download. This page also provides information about the additional files that are included in the download package. You’ll also receive a YouTube photo, Pinterest favicon and YouTube photo with your company logo. The downloads appear to be in PNG format. You will need to convert them if your goal is a high-resolution JPG or SVG.

Click the Download button.

The package is not downloaded directly to your computer. To find the package, you will need to check your email address. This is how they convince people to give you your email address.

Find the Hatchful email in your inbox.

To save the file, click on the Download button.

Remember that all files are saved in a zip file.

After you have located the zip file on your computer locate it and unzip it.

Hatchful offers everything, from a Facebook cover photo to transparent and non-transparent logos.

These social image designs are nothing special; they all include your logo on a white background.

These dimensions are a great starting point for uploading your brand’s image to social media. These dimensions can be used to ensure that future designs will look great on the right social media platforms.

A favicon is included in your order, which is essential for any ecommerce site.

You can also find the actual logo file.

How to see your past logo creations in the Hatchful shopify logo creator

You may end up creating multiple logos using Hatchful. You might also need to download the Hatchful platform again because you can’t find it on your computer.

You can find the logo designs in the Hatchful dashboard.

You should see your email address in Hatchful’s upper right corner, as long as you are logged into Hatchful.

To open a dropdown menu, click on your email address.

Choose the option My Logos.

That’s it! This page lists every logo that you have created in the past using the Hatchful Shopify Logo Creator. Although I have only one of these logos in my account, there is no reason to not store many more.

Scrolling down on the logo you choose will reveal two buttons. One to Edit Logo, the other to Download. You can go back to the Hatchful Customizer by clicking on Edit Logo. Clicking the Download button will send you an email with additional files to your inbox.

Upload the new Hatchful logo to Shopify

You are more than welcome to use Hatchful’s logo on any ecommerce platform.

Hatchful, a Shopify company, will allow you to upload your logo.

Log in to Shopify and click on the Online Store tab under Sales Channels.

This will reveal the Shopify theme that you have installed. If you don’t like the existing theme, you can choose another one before uploading a logo.

Click on Customize.

Next is the Shopify Visual editor. Drag and drop elements to design everything, from your homepage to the places where your products appear.

The most difficult part of creating a logo is to add it.

Click on the Header block to do this.

Each theme is unique, but the first setting under the Header block should contain the logo.

Click the Change button. You can upload your logo from your computer.

You can also adjust the size and style of your logo in the Header module.

The theme is often the deciding factor in how the logo will appear. One of the LinkedIn logos looked best with my theme, according to me.

Once you’re done, visit the frontend of your site to see your new logo.

Another example of a logo installation: Your site Favicon

This is a great time to upload your Shopify favicon version while you are working with logos.

Scroll down in the Shopify Customizer to locate the Theme Settings tab.

Click this.

All Shopify themes have a section called “Settings for a Favicon”. Select the Favicon button to continue.

Click on the Select Image button to see the original logo.

You will now be taken to your computer’s folders. Here you can find the folder where these logo files are kept.

Make sure you choose Hatchful’s Favicon.png file. It is very small in size so the logo will look nice in a browser tab.

After the favicon has been uploaded, it should be visible in the Shopify Customizer.

You must save the changes to ensure that the favicon appears on your live store. To test it, visit any page in your live online store. The browser tab’s little icon that displays the favicon. Although it’s only a minor addition, it is essential to make your brand more memorable.

Conclusion of the Shopify/Hatchful logo maker

It’s free. It’s quick. It’s fast.

There will be many logo designs that are not quite right or simple. However, I find it helpful to scroll through the suggestions and change your responses to some questions to uncover some gems. You can then upload the logos on different parts of your website to see how your social media branding comes together.

You can always have it redesigned by a professional when you make more money.