Shopify Dropshipping Products That Made Money Holiday

It’s the beginning of holiday madness once again.

Online sales are at an all time high. Many people are looking for accessories, candy, and costumes. There are many things to do if you know what you’re doing.

Don’t be afraid, even if you’re a total beginner, to ask for assistance.

This article will teach you how to make money by dropshipping holidays.

Professionals and online retailers have used these tips and techniques to start dropshipping. It is still highly usable, despite its popularity. You don’t have to worry about competitors and can sell all your products.

Last but not least, you are a professional seller who has been in business for a while.

We understand how important it is to find the right supplier and product idea to make this a success. However, it can be a problem for new entrepreneurs.

SaleHoo has provided a list below of the top dropshippers that you can use this holiday season.

Dropship suppliers are thoroughly vetted to make sure they are legitimate and that the products they dropship have high quality.

What should you look for in a dropship supplier

Now you’re able to find dropshippers in the niche that interests you.

That’s great! To make sure you are getting the best deal, do your research.

Before you make a decision on who you want to work with, it is advisable that you speak to at least three potential suppliers.

Here are some things to consider before you decide to dropship with a dropship supplier.

Verify that the dropshipper has legal status

Dropshipping can be a service that a supplier claims to offer. However, it is important to confirm this.

Dropshippers that are licensed will stock your product and handle shipping and fulfillment.

Dropshippers with the right skills will offer customized packaging for their products.

Dropshipping suppliers must be compared with others to ensure they are up to standard.

Communicate clearly with your supplier to establish expectations from the very beginning.

Shipping times

Customers expect fast shipping. Customers expect fast shipping in today’s fast-paced environment.

It is crucial to verify that dropship suppliers offer a range of shipping options to suit your customers’ needs.

This is especially important during holiday season.

Shipping times that are too long can lead to you losing the sale.

Minimum orders

Dropship suppliers might have minimum order quantities (MOQs).

To use their services, they will ask you to order a minimum number of products.

It is important not to buy 1000 units and then pay for them later when you don’t know if they are still available.

Dropshipping can be a great way of saving money on stock.

Dropship suppliers should be able to fulfill your orders as soon as they arrive.

High quality products

Quality is the key! If you want your products to be of the highest quality, then it is important that they are.

It is best to order samples before you commit.

This is a great way for you to check out how your supplier handles shipping and packing.

Be sure to inspect all aspects of the product before you sign a contract with a supplier.

Top 11 Dropshippers To Use This Holiday Season To Increase Revenue

Pellatt Cornucopia

Pellatt Cornucopia has been providing gift-giving solutions for customers in Montreal, Toronto and other areas for more than thirty years.

They ship to Canada and the US as well as affiliates in Europe, Israel and Israel.

For decades, they have been making gift baskets that include baby gift baskets, gourmet gift hampers and children’s gift boxes.

  • No minimum orders
  • Ships around the globe
  • Dropshipping service is available for authorized retailers
  • All orders are packed and shipped within 2 business days

Toynk Toys

Toynk Toys is a specialist in collecting toys/collectibles, and costumes for children and adult.

There are many toys to choose from, including mass-market toys such as dolls and sports figures, but also specialty market toys (limited edition props, statues, etc.). There are many imported toys that aren’t available in the US, as well as an ever-expanding selection of costumes.

They accept major credit cards via PayPal or Google Checkout.

  • 17 years in business
  • Minimum order: $100
  • Dropshipping is possible for qualified retailers

CQ Group

CQ Group, a manufacturing and trading company that specializes in electric bikes and other bikes, has been around for over 14 years.

They are committed to providing high-quality, reliable electric bikes, components, and accessories at an affordable price.

  • No Minimum order required
  • Dropshipping is available
  • Ships around the globe

Lexi Noel Beauty

This supplier began its business in 2017 and produces high-end organic products for hair and skin care.

Blind dropshipping can be arranged for an additional charge.

They ship internationally and accept PayPal as well as major credit cards payments as secure payment options.

All orders will ship within 2 business days.

Wholesale orders will be processed within 2 business days.

Processing international and domestic orders takes 2 business days.

All products are guaranteed to function in perfect condition.

Sephra Chocolate Fountains

Sephra LLC is the most trusted name in chocolate fountains all over the world.

They are the original pioneers in the chocolate fountain business and have worked tirelessly for the creation of chocolate fountains that are simple to use, last longer, and are affordable.

They accept major credit cards and can ship anywhere in world.

  • No Minimum order
  • Ships around the globe
  • Years in Buisness: 50

Frame & Optic

This supplier is a Federally Registered Manufacturer and Importer. It was established in 2012.

They are also a California-registered wholesale distributor for sunglasses, based in Southern California.

They aim to offer fashionable and trendy wholesale sunglasses at a reasonable price that is fashionable and fashionable for all customers. They have been selling wholesale shades since over 30 years.

Dropshipping and wholesale orders accepted without minimum order requirements


This supplier is a family-owned wholesaler/manufacturer with nearly 40 years of experience in providing high-quality wide-waisted footwear at wholesale prices to retailers all over the globe.

No matter what size your inventory requirements, they will ensure a seamless purchasing experience.

Their goal is to create a state-of-the-art business transaction for you company. Their personal customer service supports all of this.

FootwearUS will ship your order, even if it’s just one unit.

Blind dropshipping allows your customers to not know where the products originated.

Fashion Jewelry For Everyone

There are many types of handcrafted jewelry available in Fashion Jewelry for Everyone. Swarovski Crystals, ridal Jewelry, as well as Bracelets and Brooches are all included. Earrings. Hair Accessories. Necklaces. Sets. Sterling Silver Jewelry

Accepted credit cards are MasterCard, Visa and Discover as well as American Express, PayPal and Google Checkout.

  • No minimum order
  • Ships around the globe
  • Wholesale and dropshipping to retailers


This supplier was founded in 2009 as a distributor and manufacturer of Australian UGG boots. It is based at Sydney (Factory & Factory Outlet).

They ship worldwide and accept PayPal and major credit card payments as secure payment options.

All products manufactured by this supplier qualify to receive free shipping to Australia or worldwide.

No shipping charges on your first order

Dropshipping is possible. All dropshippers receive a 20% commission. Datafeed available on request

Dropshipping is possible without a minimum order

Disposable Camera Company

Disposable Camera Company is a company that manufactures wedding and party cameras in Australia.

Wholesale orders require a minimum of 8 cameras

An account is required to place orders as a seller.

Australian retailers also need an ABN.

PayPal is their preferred payment method.

Dropshipping can be arranged upon request.

Global Merchandise Group

This supplier markets and makes their own brand of Virtual Reality headsets.

They can also supply bulk, wholesale, and liquidations as well as dropshipping.

They ship internationally and accept PayPal and credit cards as secure payment options.

They prefer to start wholesale, then pick specific customers for dropshipping.

They prefer to work with established companies, which have a strong presence on many online platforms.

A reseller license is required for any purchase they intend to resell. They will also request the sales tax ID.

Private labeling is also possible.

They have in-house graphic designers who can help you design a box or instruction manual.

Get Ready Your Shopify Store for Holiday

You are reading this now, so congratulations for deciding to prepare Shopify’s holiday season store in advance. This is a crucial time for eCommerce merchants. You cannot afford to leave it until the last minute to make your store Christmas-ready.

These are 14 ways to win with Shopify during the holiday season.

Display your festive spirit

Shopify can create a festive mood by adding festive banners or images to their store. You should ensure that they align with the holiday offers and match your marketing messages.

Research has shown that customer experience (CX), and user experience are more important than price and product as the key difference between brands. Your shoppers should have a magical holiday experience. Don’t be a Grinch! Let your festive spirit shine on your Shopify store.

Promote early

Shopify’s research has shown that people begin searching for Christmas gifts in August. Although it might seem odd and stupid to promote Christmas sales so early, you should make sure you are making customers aware of your company by then. Blog articles about the holiday season might be a good idea, such as Christmas gift listicles. You might not want them to be posted on social media so early but you should start to work on your Shopify to rank them in the time needed to get the flood of Christmas gift search queries.

However, you don’t want your Christmas sales to be announced on social media until mid-December. You can start early to ensure that your online store is in the forefront of your customers’ minds when they are ready to purchase Christmas gifts.

Get more support

Customers shouldn’t be left waiting for answers about your products and policies. You may get more questions than usual during holiday season but that doesn’t mean you should make your customers wait.

You can simply use Shopify’s chatbot to instantly answer customer questions. These bots come pre-built and ready to go. You just need to upload your product details and store policies to your bot, and you’re ready to go. Without you having to go through complicated training processes, the bot will automatically pull customer queries from your documents.

There are certain complex questions that your bot cannot handle. These complex queries are routed to live chat agents seamlessly. Because your bot handles all the complex queries, your agents can focus on these more difficult issues and reduce their workload. Your agents will be more productive because they can chat with multiple customers simultaneously and deal with their issues over live chat. Instead of dealing with just one customer via phone calls, this allows them to communicate with many customers at once.

Notes & gift wrapping

Your customers will be looking for gifts. You also know that these gifts will need to be wrapped. You can make gift-giving easier by offering your customers the option to wrap their gifts before they are delivered.

You should give them the option of a variety of wrapping papers to match the personality of the recipient. This will make the gift feel more thoughtful and personal than a last-minute task.

It’s a nice touch to allow your customers add notes. You can ask your customers to provide the text they would like in the note. Then you can print it or handwrite it. This personalization will be appreciated by your customers.

Make bundles

Your shoppers may feel that one gift is too many. However, it can be difficult to find multiple gifts for the same person. You can make gifting bundles for your customers that they can choose from. Shopify offers a number of apps that can be used to make this easier. You can use these apps to combine products that complement one another.

These bundles can be displayed on your homepage to grab your visitors’ attention, and convert them to shoppers. These bundles can be displayed as suggestions on product pages related to the bundles.

Segment your audiences

Your customers are not all the same. They have different interests, genders, ages and locations. They wouldn’t respond to the same message and it wouldn’t motivate them to act.

To send highly relevant messages to your targeted audience, segment them. This will allow you to target the right person and encourage them to take action. You could create automated email campaigns to target specific customers. However, it is even more effective to reach them via the messaging and social media platforms they most use.

Customers open WhatsApp on average 23 times per day. WhatsApp messages are open at 98 to 99 percent of all occasions. Your Shopify chatbot can be used to send promotional messages to different segments of your audience. This will increase their likelihood to open your messages and to take action.

Prompt purchases

Your Shopify store customers may be unsure whether or not they should buy a gift. Give them a reason. A good deal will tempt them.

There’s an easy way to get that done without having to give the deal away.

You can set up conversion triggers in your Engati chatbot. If your customers take actions that indicate buying intent, such as scrolling down the page, spending time on it, or adding a product into a shopping cart, you can set up conversion triggers on your Engati chatbot. Your chatbot can pop up a message with a discount code to encourage your customers to abandon their inhibitions, and buy.

Don’t throw away your carts

Forrester Research estimates that eCommerce brands lose $18 billion annually in sales revenue due to cart abandonment. According to the Baymard Institute, 69% of carts are abandoned.

While cart abandonment emails are helpful to a certain extent, it’s better to have something more efficient. Let’s get back to the pop-up messages that your shopify bot sends you with discount codes.

These messages can be sent to customers who remove products from their carts. This allows you to reach them immediately after they have abandoned their carts and before they leave your website. Your conversion triggers will be more effective than an email.

What if they abandon your website? You can also send them cart recovery messages via WhatsApp. These are much more likely to be opened than abandonment emails.

Checkout simplified

Your visitors won’t want to complete the checkout process if it is too complicated or time-consuming. Most likely, they will abandon the process halfway through (or earlier) and not become shoppers.

Reduce the number of steps involved in the checkout process. It is best to reduce the number of pages so that customers can review their orders, add their address, and make the actual payment.

Another important point to keep in mind: While it is important to get your guests to create an account, they shouldn’t be forced to do so. Encourage your guests to check-out and encourage them to sign up for an account.

Multiple payment options

What happens if your customers are unable to purchase products from your store using the payment method they like and feel comfortable with? They leave and are less likely to return in the future.

Customers should be able to pay with their preferred method of payment. You don’t have to accept every payment method, but you should make sure that your store only accepts the most popular ones.


Before the holiday season begins, let your customers browse your website and find the products they are interested in buying later. Then add these items to their wish lists. This could be because they are looking to purchase these products during holiday sales, or because it will make it easier to locate them when they’re ready to buy.

Your customers should also be able to share their wishlists via social media to their friends, family, and colleagues.

Upselling and cross-selling opportunities should be created

You have already convinced your customers to come to you and they are ready to purchase from you. Why not turn that into a higher-value sale? It will be easier to convince them to purchase a premium product or other complementary products if they already have the intention to make a purchase.

These can be displayed as recommendations on product pages in the related products section. You can upsell even by showing comparisons between similar products to allow customers to see the additional value that they will receive if their premium product is purchased.

You could also offer discounts to customers who purchased complementary products to the one they were planning on buying. This will allow you to increase cross-selling.

You can plan for fulfillment

If you do things correctly, you will get more orders than usual during holiday season. However, you are not the only one that will be overwhelmed with orders. This means that fulfillment companies might become overwhelmed with orders. You might want to consider backup shipping companies in order to ensure that customers get their orders on time. You have to ensure that your customers receive their Christmas gifts before Christmas Eve if you are going to be Santa Claus.

Spread holiday cheer

Customers shop at your store rather than because they want the personal touch that small businesses can provide. Your customers will be more interested in your human side than shopping online. Instead of making it feel like a transaction, surprise them with small gifts. Although it might not be expensive, it can make your customers feel more human and increase repeat purchases. It could also help you get some extra publicity if your gift is worth sharing on social media.