How Can I Browse Different Shopify Stores?

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Shopify’s new marketplace allows you to quickly find the best Shopify stores on sale. You can now quickly browse top Shopify stores and choose the right store for you.

Shopify Stores – Why Shopify Stores over WordPress?

Shopify is a new platform and you might be skeptical about how Shopify compares to a WooCommerce-powered WordPress site. Why should you buy a Shopify eCommerce shop? Shopify is a powerful platform that’s both easy to use and powerful.

Shopify seamlessly handles everything, from themes to analytics to payment processing. It is an intuitive platform that offers strong analytics and makes it easy to use.

Simply put, Shopify is the best eCommerce platform. Shopify powers more than 400,000 eCommerce stores around the world.

Flippa: How to Browse Shopify Stores

Navigate to our website tab and click Shopify.

Once you have found the asset, filter your search options to ensure that you find it within your price range.

Shopify Due Diligence

Once you have found the asset you love, it is time to do your due diligence. When buying digital assets, such as Shopify eCommerce shops, due diligence is essential. Shopify makes it easy for potential buyers and sellers to verify income and traffic for a Shopify store.

What are some questions you should ask?

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Due diligence involves verifying everything the owner says to be true and ensuring that the asset is exactly what it appears to be. Ask questions and never be afraid to ask!

You should look out for the following:

  • Verified revenue (such screenshots from the Shopify revenue dashboard).
  • Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics screenshots available
  • It is important to understand the time commitment required for an online business.
  • Ask about their return rates

These are just a few questions that you should ask. You can report any negative feelings about assets to our marketplace integrity team immediately.

Flippa – Shopify Store Purchase

After you have done all the research on an asset, you can now place a bid!

To find out how much Shopify eCommerce stores may sell for, please read this blog post about website valuations by Jeff Hunt, a serial investor.

Flippa’s bidding process is the same as any other online marketplaces. However, if you aren’t familiar with it, you can find out more.

Have fun bidding

Escrow/Transfer Process

Once you have won an auction, it is time to make payment. You can begin by going to the sales area. This is only for you and the seller.

Flippa Escrow is a great option if you have the choice. It’s much safer than PayPal.

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Once the money is transferred, the seller will transfer the assets to you. You now have your Shopify eCommerce store!

Shopify is expanding rapidly. Shopify is home to more than a million stores, of which around 80% are still unoccupied. It’s a mystery to me why this happens.

It’s simple to find out how many Shopify stores are available in this world of technoie Giants. Just search for

It’s possible to list Shopify stores based on a particular niche.

Let’s say you are looking for Shopify stores that sell products inspired by cats. So search “cat”

It’s really that easy. To help other people find the answer quicker, please give upvote if you enjoyed this article or found it useful.

Many people have been asking how to find shopify stores of others. Why can’t they be found on Google? There are many options. I’ll tell you how to check out other peoples’ shopify stores.

1. Google input inurl:https://myshopify. Keywords + com

It is very easy to find shopify shops by simply typing in google. You can search for pet shops by changing the keywords to pet, cat, or dog. You can refer to the following image for an example of how you might find cosplay.

2. What does Facebook see when you shopify?

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You can find many shopify stores if you just enter the search box in facebook. This is a must-know method if you want to run Facebook ads for shoes for children. You can learn more from other people who have created great posts. Then, copy it and beat it. You should visit facebook to look at other people’s posts. This will help you learn how to create advertisements and match photos.

3. The third method

This method is rare, but I’ll tell you why:

Open https:// myip. ms

Enter as the second step. This is the ip address for shopify.

Clicking on other websites on ip is the third step. You can view many shopify stores. To sort by website rank, click on the upper right corner. The best Shopify stores can be viewed.

You can now easily compare other stores and see the difference. I hope this will help everyone.

You have two options depending on the reason you need it.

  • You can use the simple search operator command to find a list of contacts.
  • Data service is available if you require a mailing list for marketing purposes.

Use a search operator command

This allows you to search only URLs that contain your search terms.

The search engine will know that you are only interested in the URL.

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This is what you should search for in Google:


The search results will display all Shopify websites.

2. Use a data provider to obtain an email list from Shopify stores

An Instagram data provider is the only way to obtain an email list from Shopify stores.

It is not common knowledge that between 30-40% of Instagram users have their email addresses listed on their profiles. It is only possible to see the information if you access profiles via a mobile device.

This rule applies to Shopify too, since they are a large part of an Instagram platform and have a strong online presence.

These public emails are collected by Instagram data providers. They also collect other data points such as location, number and keywords in bio, types of links in the bio.. These data points can then be used as filters/targeting options. is the service that I use to build my email lists. My case uses a combination link in bio (target accounts that have a shopify link in their bio), keyword(target keywords in my niche) and location (target US shops) to build my email lists.

This combination has been the most effective for me in getting the shopify email lists I need. There are 30 data points total, so you can experiment.