How to Add a Customer Login Page in Shopify?

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Your customers are an integral part of your business. Your online store must do everything possible to improve the customer experience. ArrowTheme will show you how to do it. Shopify customer accounts are one way. Let’s take a look at this article, because we will be starting right away.

Customer accounts offer many benefits.

It is easy to view previous orders

Buyers can access their customer accounts to view all of their orders including order amounts, previous orders and items purchased. Buyers can also search for individual products and submit support requests. They can even track returned items.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Reordering feature

To simplify customer interactions with your store, you can add a “Reorder” button. Instead of clicking on the product, and then adding it to their shopping cart, click on the ‘Reorder’ button. The buyer can now click “Reorder”, instead of clicking on the product and then adding it to their cart. The item will be added in the cart and available for payment.

Wish Lists

A buyer can save items to their wishlist to purchase them later. Buyers can view all items saved to wishlists and add them to their shopping basket to purchase.

Loyalty Program

Your store can turn regular customers into loyal customers by offering a loyalty program. This will increase repeat sales and help to retain customers. Our rewards program allows you to create multiple incentive tiers that allow shoppers to earn credits. Customers have access to their rewards anytime through their customer account. Customers will choose your brand over other brands.

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Login to your social media account

Customers may abandon their carts and not place an order if they have to log in for too long. Your customers may log in to their online store using social media. Social login is an excellent tool to attract more customers to your online store.

How do you set up Shopify customer accounts in your store?

1. First, navigate to your Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout.

2. Choose a customer account option from the Customer Accounts section:

  • Accounts are disabled. Customers will not be allowed to create an account or log into their account during the payment process. Customers will need to enter their information manually at checkout. If the customer chooses to save their information for the next time, his/her information will be saved in a browser cookie that is specific to this store.
  • Accounts can be created byCustomers, but they are not required to check out. Customers can also use the Already have an Account? option to log in. Log in to your account by using the Already have an account? Your customers will see a link to log into above their email address. Clicking this link will prompt users to enter their email address and password and create a new account. They can also check out as guests.
  • Customers need an account to complete their purchase. If they do not have an account, they will need to create one and log in.
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NOTE: Customers will still be able create accounts even if you have selected Accounts are Required. To restrict customer access, you must change the theme of your store.

3. Click Save to confirm your customer account settings.

How do I invite Shopify customers to create Shopify customer account?

Customers can be invited directly. Customers can be invited to create an account by you if they are set to optional or required. The customer will receive an email notification to set up their password. The email invitation is valid for 30 days.

You can also send invite emails to individual customers or bulk customers.

Send individual invites to customer accounts

1. Go to the Shopify admin > select Customers.

2. Click the name to select the customer you wish to invite.

NOTE Invite customers to your invitation list if they aren’t on it

3. Select Send an account invitation.

4. You can edit the Send account invitation window to modify your Account invitation email. You must modify the notice before you send the Account invitation email. If you wish to make permanent changes to your account invite notification email,

The following steps can be used to update your activation email:

  • Select who sent the invitation using the From dropdown.
  • Blind copy recipients
  • To change the default copy for your invitation email, click the Notifications button under the Custom messaging box.
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5. Select Review email.

6. In the Send account invitation window, you can check your custom message if you have one and the customer’s information.

7. To make further changes, select Back or Send notification to have Shopify send you the account activation email.

NOTICE: You can only send invitations to customers using the Shopify admin desktop version. This option is not available in the mobile app.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Bulk send customer account invitations

To send invitations to your customers who have not yet signed up, you can use an .

How do you reset passwords for your customers?

If a customer forgets their password, you can help them reset it.

1. Shopify admin > Customers.

2. Second, choose the name of the customer you wish to change.

3.Third, go to the customer’s information page and choose To reset your password

4. In the confirmation dialog, select Password reset

NOTE: Customers receive an email with instructions to change their password. This link is only good for 30 days.

Shopify account passwords must not exceed 5 characters. You can use special characters.

How do I disable Shopify customer accounts

To stop customers placing orders with you, you can deactivate customer accounts if you need them.

1. First, visit the Shopify admin > Customers.

2. Second, select the name of the customer you wish to disable.

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3. Next, click on the customer’s page and select Disable account.