How to Check the Shopify Order Status Page?

After customers have finished a checkout, they will be given an URL that points to the last page of their checkout process. This URL allows them to view the status of the order to see if it has shipped. Customers may ask questions about their order, which you should track to answer. Shopify makes it easy for shop owners to view the order status page from their admin page. If you’re interested in knowing how to see the order status page for an order placed on Shopify, please follow these steps. You can also find a resource about including a link to an order page on Shopify.

Step 1: Head to orders #headto-orders

Log in to Shopify and navigate to Orders. This is right below the Homepage.

Step 2: Search for an order using #find-order

You will need the following information to find an order:

  • Number of order: Enter #1002 or just the number, such as 1002, and wait for the system’s result.
  • Client’s name: To find the appropriate orders, you can use the full name, last name, or first name of the client.
  • Customer email address: If you only remember a part of the address, you can still use the search space to get all results that include the keyword.

Step 3: Choose an order by clicking #select

You can click on an order to view its details after filtering it. If I want to see the order status for a customer whose email contains hanh, then I will type that keyword into the box. The picture below displays the result.

Two orders have been placed. I would like to see the most recent one so I will click on the #1005 button to open it.

Step 4: Check the order status page at #chooseview

You will find the Additional action below the Refund Items. Click on it. You will see a list of options. Select View order Status Page. This icon is located beside an eye icon.

You can link to this picture as an example of how you might view the order status in another tab of your browser.

Include Invoice Link in Shopify Order Status Page

You can attach an invoice link to Order Status, also known as the “Thank You” page. This page is the last page of Shopify’s store checkout. Once your customer has placed an order, he can access his invoice by clicking the link shown on this page.

The invoice online

This link will take your customer to an online invoice version. They can download or print it. Customers will be able to pay unpaid invoices online using their credit card.

To add invoice links on the Order Status page:

  1. Go to the Settings page in your Shopify admin.
  2. Scroll down to Section Order Processing.
  3. Add the following code to the AdditionalScripts field.

Version PDF of the invoice

The following code snippet will allow you to provide a link that allows your customer to download a PDF version directly.

How to Enhance Shopify Order Status Page?

A customer visits your eCommerce store and adds a product into their cart. Then, they complete a purchase. You thank the customer for shopping on your Shopify store and close the sale. You might be able to increase the sales of this customer by optimizing their Shopify order status page.

After customers complete checkout, the journey of an eCommerce customer does not end. The Shopify order status page, which is displayed after checkout, is often overlooked when it comes to store optimization.

Customers can also visit the Shopify Order Status page to track order fulfillment. You can send your customers the URL to the Shopify Order Status Page URL via email or SMS text when you update order and shipping statuses.

The checkout process will determine the type of notification that your customer receives. If your customer enters his or her email address, phone number, and other details, they will receive SMS and email notifications.

Shopify order status page for a supported carrier

If you ship via a supported carrier, Shopify will update your order status page in real time and show the shipping address on a map.

Shopify updates the status page with the following possible statuses when the status of the shipment changes:

  • Confirmed – Order has been created but not shipped or fulfilled yet. This is the best time to collect payment.
  • The shipment is on its way
  • Available for delivery: The shipment arrived at your customer’s location and will be delivered to you soon.
  • The carrier attempted delivery but failed to deliver the shipment.

Shopify order status page for an unsupported carrier

Shopify will provide a tracking number to link to the website of any unsupported shipping carrier if you use it. This page will give your customer more information about your order status. The order status is not displayed and the pin on your map doesn’t update in real time.

Shopify order status page for multiple shipments or carriers

Shopify’s order status page can be used to track partial fulfilments. This is true even if they are sent through different shipping carriers. Shopify has added sections to the Shopify order page that allow multiple fulfilments.

Tips to Sell More with Shopify Order Status Page

It is becoming more expensive to acquire a customer. The market is becoming more competitive with the increase in brands that are going online and the wide range of products available. Instead of spending hundreds on one customer acquisition, why not get one?

You can do a lot more to make your Shopify order status page a sales opportunity.

1. Next steps: Show personalized messages

Personalizing messages is one of the best ways to improve your order status pages. To thank customers for purchasing, instead of the default text displayed on the page you can show a personalized message with your name. This will show customers that you are real and help them to see your brand as friendly.

You can also add a description of what customers can expect on the Shopify order status page. You can tell customers if shipping information will be sent via email or status updates via email. They should be looking forward. This not only helps customers build anticipations, but also gives them a sense of what’s coming next.

2. Get connected to social media

Your brand is most trusted by customers after they have made their purchase. They won’t pay for your products if they don’t trust you. It is the right time to encourage customers to share purchases with their friends and followers by adding social buttons to the order status page. This will increase your word-of-mouth promotion, which can lead to more sales.

3. To speak to customers, add a video

A video is a great way to thank the customer for choosing your brand and making a purchase. The video can be used to inform customers about their order, shipping status, or to solicit feedback from customers.

An important tip is to personalize the embedded video. It is possible to add a personal touch by giving customers a behind-the-scenes look at the product or the people behind the brand. This is a great way for customers to trust you.

4. Sell your products

Their purchases are a clear indicator of their interest and preferences. This data can be used to optimize your Shopify thank-you page and upsell campaigns. It is a great way to get customers to spend more by showing them product collections that match their interests.

5. Coupons and other promotions

Online customers often look for discounts and better deals on products they love. Imagine a customer walking into your store. A person walks into your physical store and is looking at a T-shirt that they feel is too expensive. They are more content if you offer them a 30% discount on their next order.

This can be done by using your Shopify Thank You Page. To reward your customers for their business and to give them an incentive to return to your store, you can offer a coupon. You can offer the coupon to your entire store or to specific products that are related to their purchase. This coupon will go a long ways in increasing the customer’s lifetime value. It is also a nice gift at the conclusion of the transaction.

6. Sign up for the newsletter

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach potential customers as well as existing customers. Many online shops encourage you to sign up in their newsletters. The email can be used to notify customers about special promotions and other information.

7. Popup a time-sensitive deal

Popups have been used on your shop page to promote new products and offers, as well as the sign up form for the newsletter. You can use the same logic to your Shopify order status page. This will encourage your customers to stay longer and to incentivize them into making a follow up purchase.

A popup can be used to offer customers a discount on related products. This is a great way to encourage them to buy. This is a great opportunity to convince them to buy the items on their wishlist at a reduced price.

Shopify Order Status Tracker App

Branded Tracking Page

Customers will be engaged with your brand-branded tracking experience that matches the theme and color scheme of your company.

All Shipments Can Be Monitored

All packages and shipments are automatically tracked by 600+ international carriers.

Discounted Support Tickets

Customers can view orders in real time and make complaints easily.

Our must-have Order Status Tracker app will help you meet ever-growing customer demands

The Order Status Tracker app:

  • Display order tracking information to customers to promote professionalism and exceptional service
  • You can encourage your customers to buy from you by making their shopping experience better
  • You can help your customers build trust and transparency by allowing them to verify the exact location of their parcels

All of the above plus more

  • Real-time Order Tracking
  • An easy-to-use Admin Panel with many features that is compatible with all-themes
  • Flexible form customizations
  • Insightful Order Tracking Dashboard
  • Integration with a variety of courier service providers
  • Google Maps Integrations for Branded Tracking Pages
  • Get real-time updates via email notifications
  • Intelligent Delivery Estimates with a Timeline

All you need to do is:

  • Shopify’s default carriers allow you to map the app’s carriers
  • You can configure email notification settings to alert customers at various stages of order tracking
  • Save, preview and set up the result page.

This shipment tracking stuff is new!

Our Order Status Tracker app allows you to quickly tap into the potential for order status tracking with your customers. The app gives customers insight into their order and provides real-time status information, such as Shipped, Out for Delivery, Order Status Tracker, and other details about order status.

Tracking order shipment tracking – Why the Order Status Tracker App?

From the moment they place an order, until it is shipped, customers must be able to see every detail of their order. Every retail store has order tracking in place. You can too! The Order Status Tracker App from HulkApps will increase customer satisfaction and reduce service costs. Buyers can view their updated order status by entering their order number or email address.

These are some tips to help you set up a shipment tracking system that works for your customers.

  • To track orders, let your customers use either their phone numbers or email addresses.
  • You can send real-time order status updates to your customers via email notifications
  • Google Maps integration for better tracking
  • You can set expectations for your customers by giving them delivery estimates.

What should I do?

  • We keep your data safe! Our app conforms to GDPR
  • Compatible with Online Store 2.0 themes