Shopify Prestige Theme Review, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

It can be hard to choose the right theme for your Shopify store. There are a limited number of themes available on the Shopify Theme Store. The paid sections themes offer more variety and many functions but are not as expensive at $180.

Many shop owners might be reluctant to purchase themes at this price range. How can you make the right choice when shopping for themes at Shopify Theme Store

This article will introduce you to the Prestige theme. This theme offers a sophisticated design and many advanced features. Are you excited? This article will give you an overview and help you decide if Shopify Prestige is the right theme for you.

What is Shopify Prestige?

The Shopify Theme Store’s Prestige theme is the best paid theme. This theme offers both a premium and elegant design that will highlight your brand or products.

Maestrooo designed this theme. They are a French high-end design and development studio and an expert in Shopify. Other popular themes they have published on Shopify Theme Store include Trademark, Kagami and Focal. Prestige, with more than 340 reviews, is the most-reviewed theme.

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Shopify Prestige theme designs

The Prestige Theme offers three styles to choose from: Allure, Couture and Vogue.


The Allure Style is a contemporary design that features dark tones and a White Smoke background. Futura and Century Gothic fonts are used, giving off a modern, clean look.


Like Allure, the Couture also has a minimalist style. Couture can offer comfort and softness to customers with a more vibrant color tone.


Vogue is a unique style that brings life to your Shopify store with a vibrant design.

These are only examples of the styles Maestrooo offers. You can customize your e-commerce website to reflect your brand and products. You know your business better than anyone.

What is the Shopify Prestige theme used for?

Prestige has a minimalist style that focuses mainly on large-quality images. It is ideal for cosmetics, fashion shops, and businesses that specialize in luxury and high-end items.

Don’t worry if your store doesn’t sell any of these products. The Prestige theme can be used for many other products. Many stores use the Prestige theme for many purposes . This is not only for fashion and expensive products. You’ll find some examples at the bottom of this blog.

The Shopify Prestige theme is available for purchase at a price and location that you can afford.

The Shopify Prestige theme can be purchased in the Shopify Theme Store at $180. This is the same price as all themes in this store. After purchasing, you will not be charged any additional fees. After you purchase their themes, they will offer you lifetime customer support.

They are very strict about customer service. You can only report bugs or ask questions about themes’ features. Support is only provided via email and Contact form. Their support is fast and reliable, with bug fixes and updated frequently.

Maestrooo doesn’t offer a refund. You might think $180 is a large investment. This is enough to make store owners nervous. You don’t have to worry about it, as you can free download the demo or view other themes on Shopify Theme. This is an extremely useful feature. You can use it to get to know the theme better before you decide whether or not to purchase it. You can try the theme in your store by going to this link and clicking on Try it.

Please ignore claims that you can get the Shopify Prestige theme n free or ulled. Your Shopify store could be permanently removed if you use an unlicensed theme.

Shopify Prestige Theme Highlight Features

This video will demonstrate some of the special features that Prestige has on its pages.

Mega Menu

Mega Menu is supported by all five Maestrooo themes, including Prestige. This is a huge advantage for Maestrooo. You may need to purchase an App on Shopify App Store to enable a Mega Menu in your store. While there are some limitations to the Mega Menu’s design, Maestrooo designed it to be compatible with the Prestige theme. The Maestrooo support site has detailed instructions on how to set up Mega Menu.

Image hotspot linking

Image hotspot linking allows you to display multiple product information on one image. You should first choose beautiful images to add to your collection. Next, adjust the hotspot position to each product on the photo and attach them to that product.

Customers can view your entire collection, compare products and look up information by using Image hotspot link.

Slide-out cart

The Prestige theme’s sample Product pages will show that the elements showing product information and the buy button remain at a fixed position as you scroll down. This ensures customers can see the Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons, while giving visitors a seamless experience when they use the scroll wheel to change between product images.


One of the best ways to connect with customers is by telling stories about your products or stores. Prestige allows you to use the timeline section on your store page to make it more visually appealing and help customers navigate through your story.

Color Swatch

Color Swatch is an must-have item for fashion shops and appeal. Customers will have a better experience if the variant is displayed with text. This function can be used on any page that displays the product with the Shopify Prestige theme. The Prestige theme supports Color Swatch and Color Carousel. It doesn’t seem to be as useful as Color Swatch, however.

The pros and cons of Shopify Prestige theme

You might like these things

Clean, High-End Design

The Shopify Prestige theme is simple and modern, making your store page a luxurious showcase for products.

You can save money by using it for many different features.

Many of the bundled features, such as Mega Menu, Color Swatch, and pop-ups, can help you save money. These features are not perfect, but there are some benefits. These are excellent choices.

Excellent support.

Maestrooo provides excellent customer service for its users. Shopify Experts have the expertise to quickly solve any problem and maintain your workflow.

You can find links to the Maestrooo Support Page while customizing your online shop’s page. They are useful links to

High-Quality Images may be required for the Prestige theme to look its best.

High-quality and high-resolution images should not be used when designing websites. This is because users might leave your site if they take too long for the images to load. You can fix this problem by using the Lazy Load function.

However, customization is limited.

The Shopify Prestige theme supports many features but has some limitations when it comes to customization. Your homepage, product, and collection pages can only be customized in a few sections. You can modify your theme code to make these pages more personal. This is not recommended and will require some coding knowledge.

PageFly provides a great solution. You can easily add pages to your website and modify them by using a page maker app such as PageFly. Drag-and-drop elements onto the page and you can quickly create your own landing pages without any limitations.

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Shopify Prestige themes allow you to create a unique online shop.

Before you start building

Image size

Maestrooo’s support pages instruct that all images should be uploaded as JPG files. The recommended dimensions for Blog posts and Collection photos are 1800×1000. The Collection photo might be cut at the border depending on how large the screen is.

The size of product photos will depend on the frame. Maestrooo has two examples of product photos: 1200×1700 vertical images, and square images 1800×1800. It all depends on the style and product.

Maestrooo will guide you when you upload or select a new photo.


Common customizations like logo, sticky header and transparent header can be seen in the Shopify Prestige theme’s header settings. Scroll down to see the content in the mega menu I described above.

This setting allows you to attach a mega-menu to a menu item, and select two images for your Menu. The header and footer can be used to set the language and currency selectors.


You can also add text / social media, footer menu or newsletter forms to the footer section. You can display your content in four columns if it isn’t too long.

Pop up

Pop-up section in Shopify Prestige has a simple setting. Pop-up default setting is not enabled. To make it show, you will need to enable it. This section is located in the first position of the Sections tab. The pop-up display position can be set, as well as how often it will appear, and the content. These options are not extensive, so it makes sense to use a third-party pop-up application.

Sidebar Menu

This section allows you to customize menu selections for small-screen devices, such as mobile phones. It will display the default “main menu”. Depending on your purpose, you can customize another menu.

Theme Setting

The Theme Settings tab is located next to the Sections tab. This tab shows the site’s overall customizations such as colors, fonts and social media. Side note: You can also find the Lazy Load setting for this theme in the Animation section. It can be described as “Reveal elements each one”.

Create a homepage using the Shopify Prestige theme.


Prestige’s slideshow can be simple but make a good first impression. It is able to accommodate full-screen sizes and all screen sizes. To convey all information, choose a reasonable-sized image for your slideshow. You can also turn it off if this is not what you want.

Another useful feature is the bottom Arrow. This button can be found below the slideshow. This button will activate and direct the user to the next slide right after the slideshow. This feature will guide the user while using the full-screen slide. The Prestige theme slideshow can be added up to five slides.

We can see an example of a fullscreen slideshow that has button arrows and is in the Allure style. Couture uses a regular Slideshow.

Products and Collections

The Shopify Prestige theme’s homepage has a simple design. It follows the main theme of the Prestige theme. Pictures of collections and products are the main content. This theme requires that you invest in high quality product images.

You can add color swatches to featured products or featured collections. The color swatch feature for featured collections is not available if your product uses color variants that are similar to the store’s color scheme. This could make the section look too bright compared to the rest of the website.

Other settings are similar and easy to use. It should be easy to use.

Shop the Look (Image hotspot link)

The Shopify Prestige theme supports Image hotspot link, as mentioned in previous sections. It’s located in the Shop the Look section of the Prestige theme homepage.

This feature seems difficult to customize at first glance. Maestrooo made it easy by using two slides buttons that allow you to change the hotspot’s vertical and horizontal positions on an image. You can tag any product in the photo this way.

Timeline (again).

The timeline of the Prestige theme is simple in design so it should not be difficult to modify it in the timeline section. These milestones can be easily customized with images, timelines, and other content.

Background Video

A video can be more impressive than any other thing to impress customers. You can seamlessly get your customers into your store’s story using the silent background video without interrupting their experience.

You should however keep the background video as small possible, as its autoplay function can be irritating for some users, particularly mobile phone users.

Create a Product page using the Shopify Prestige theme.

Product page

You can hide/show product information like vendor, SKU, quantity and more on the Product Page section.

Scroll down to the MEDIA section. Here you can change the size of the product image. You can disable the slide-out function by unchecking “stack images to desktop”.

The last item in this section is tabs. This theme allows you to add two tabs on the product page. Two pages can be created with product-related content, such as shipping and quality certificates, and added to the product page using two tabs.

Product Recommendations & Recently Viewed Products

You will also find product recommendations and recently viewed products on the product page. These two sections are similar in settings and can be easily customized. You will need to enable the Recently Viewed Products section to display.

Mobile page

Shopify Prestige allows you to design pages that are optimized for large screen devices like a Mac, PC or laptop. This interface was optimized for smartphones.

The majority of the work involved in designing a mobile theme is done after you have finished creating themes for other devices. Because you might encounter settings that are only for mobile and desktop while designing your website, it is possible to customize the design for each device simultaneously.

It can be difficult to remember which settings are where, so it is worth trying them out whenever you have the chance.


The Shopify Prestige theme is the best choice for an apparel store that values simplicity and high-end design.

PageFly is a great app for your Shopify store, regardless of the theme you use. You can create pages with Pagefly Page Builder. These pages can be used independently from the default theme pages, or override them completely without changing the store’s look and feel.