How to Create a Free Dropshipping Store in India?

Auto Import Products from Drop Ship Suppliers via API or CSV Bulk Upload No hassle in managing inventory, packaging, shipping, or shipping. You can sell at your price and reap incredible profits.

Dropshipping: How does it work?

There are no additional shipping costs or inventory fees. Dropshipping allows you to ship products directly from your wholesaler to customers.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Step 1

Your online store is where your customer places an order

Step 2

Your dropshipping supplier automatically receives your order from your store

Step 3

Dropshipping suppliers prepare your customer’s order

Step 4

Dropshipping suppliers ship the order directly to you in your brand name

Best dropshipping platform

Get started now with the best dropshipping platform.

Dropshipping is an affordable way for entrepreneurs to start e-commerce businesses. Dropshipping is a way for entrepreneurs to sell products online, without the need to ship products or keep inventory. It’s a low-risk model that allows them to start a business.

Dropshipping in India: Why not?

Dropshipping is an affordable way for entrepreneurs to start e-commerce businesses in India. Dropshipping is a way for entrepreneurs to sell products online, without the need to ship products or keep inventory. It’s a low-risk model that can be used by those who are just starting out. Dropshipping’s best feature is that customers only pay for their products once they have made a purchase. This saves you money.

India’s ecommerce revenues are increasing at a rate of 51%, making it the largest opportunity for online retailers. Ecommerce will be worth $120 billion in revenue by 2021. Dropshippers from India are allowed to market their business to anyone outside India, but it is clear that India’s e-commerce market is growing rapidly making it worthwhile to dropship to.

The first step to localizing your store in India is to identify suppliers to India. Local suppliers to India can improve the chances of products being delivered on time.

Why dropshipping is better than wholesale in India

Businesses can spend more on wholesale in India due to the high cost of goods, shipping costs and the expensive employees. High prices for goods are due to the large quantity of goods that must be purchased in order to guarantee a good price and a sale. Shipping costs are high due to individual entrepreneurs not having access to government deals like ePackets.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You can find shipping options to India and around the world via Ali Express Help. Or, you can directly contact seller Via chat message on Ali Express or Amazon. Because of the high cost of employees, you will need to hire more people to pack and ship your products. Dropshipping allows companies to automate the majority of their business and allow them to focus on what generates revenue, such as marketing or building relationships with customers.

Dropshipping goods via WorldMart is usually very affordable and sometimes even free. Dropshipping allows Indian dropshippers the ability to sell their products around the globe to help them grow their businesses quickly. Dropshipping allows Indian entrepreneurs to start their businesses at a low cost and with little risk.


Dropshipping can be a viable business model. Find the right product to sell and then find the right customer to purchase it.

You can test new products and prices without spending a lot of money upfront. There is no big-ticket bulk purchase. No stacking boxes in your living space. No shipping labels or sticky tape. Dropshipping can be done entirely digitally.

Your online store is built and you sell it. You order the inventory from your suppliers and have them ship it directly to you.

Until your customers pay you, there is no way to pay suppliers. This is the sweet spot. You can buy at one price, and then sell at another. What about the profit in between? All yours.

Millions of products can be directly imported from Dropship Suppliers/Resellers of your choice.

Find your niche and start searching for everything and everyone you can think of. WorldMart allows you to add products to your store.

Over 100 million products have been sold on WorldMart,AliExpres, Amazon, Meesho, GlowRoad, shop101, iherb, next, gearbest, and Printrove. It is the key to a virtual warehouse that contains thousands of products from thousands suppliers. Electronics, fashion, beauty, toys. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, it is there.

WorldMart allows you to import your goods and customize them. Then, all you have to do is pull the items into your online shop.

It’s not a quick way to get rich. Others have succeeded. You can too. Bring your hustle, and we’ll provide tools to help you self-start your company.

Start for less

Dropshipping is easy to start. Dropshipping suppliers allow you to save on space and pay for the products only after they are sold.

Multi vendor

Explore new products, suppliers, or sales channels. Dropshipping can be a low-risk option to discover what is best for your business.

Sell internationally

Sell to international customers to grow your business. Dropshipping companies like Aliexpress and Amazon offer worldwide fulfillment and warehousing.

Complete solution

You can create a beautiful website with many design options. You can start collecting payments from customers using the most popular payment methods.

The best tools

So that you can stay ahead of the competition, we have chosen the best tools. It could be SEO, marketing, or protecting your site from external threats. All of it. Relax and let us help you grow your business.


For higher conversions, offer multiple payment options to customers. Integrations of domestic and international gateways are quick and simple.

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