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Shopify Business Name Generator randomly generates business name. Names are generated using keywords. You can choose from a variety of names generated by the generator to help you decide which name best represents your vision for your brand and business.

It is simple and straightforward to use the Shopify Business Name Generator. To begin, choose a keyword. To generate name options that are specific to your business type, you’ll need to use an industry term.

After the generator generates names that include your keyword, then you can choose the name that best suits the business. Shopify will help you set up your Shopify store. You can choose a package and domain name and then check out to get started selling online.

Quick Peek

To test the Shopify Business Name Generator, we tested it.

This is our experience:

  • The generator quickly gave us a name that we liked.
  • We were granted a free trial of Shopify to help us test the platform and create our store.
  • We were unable to buy our domain when we tried to purchase it.
  • We loved the back-end sales and marketing tools
  • Its ecommerce platform makes it easy to collect payments.
  • It was overall a positive experience

Pros and cons of Shopify Business Name Generator

There are pros and cons to the Shopify Business Name Generator. These are the things we found using the tool.

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  • This algorithm yields great results for name results
  • Platform that is easy to navigate
  • Checks domain availability
  • You can use these back-end tools to grow your business
  • Integration of ecommerce is easy


  • Only Shopify stores can use these names
  • Collects and shares personal information
  • Name generator that is not SEO-friendly
  • Do not check to make sure your name is in the database
  • There is a smaller number of names than other generators.
  • To purchase a domain, you will need a Shopify account

Shopify is Right for Whom?

Shopify’s Business Name Generator is an excellent tool to help you start your Shopify store. It is simple to use, and guides you through the Shopify sales funnel until your customer. Once you are done, your online store will be fully functional, with all the marketing tools and ecommerce capabilities.

How we rate the Shopify Business Name Generator

The Shopify Business Name Generator was rated based on five criteria. These were name variety, user privacy and SEO optimization. We also considered ease-of-use and name availability. Here’s how Shopify rates it

Many names

Shopify will give you 100 names if you type your keyword into the business name generator. These names seem to be a good selection related to the keywords that we have entered.

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Privacy of the User

Shopify may collect personal information. Shopify is a Canadian company. It tells you in its privacy policy that it will send your personal information online to other countries. We recommend that you carefully read Shopify’s privacy policies if you are concerned about your privacy.

SEO Optimized

Shopify does not offer SEO advice. Shopify is more focused on helping customers set up online shops on its platform than it is on helping them incorporate the best SEO practices.

It’s easy to use

The Shopify guideline is simple if your goal is to open a Shopify store. If you are just looking for a business name and a domain name that matches, Shopify is the best option.

Name availability

The confusing part is that you can only check if a particular domain name is available. Before you can claim a domain name, you will need to set up a Shopify account.

Alternative to Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify’s business name generator has many benefits, but the Shopify-focused structure of Shopify is restrictive. It can be difficult to get a small business name because of its inability to provide clarity about domain availability.

The TRUiC Business name generator is an alternative name generator. It’s simple, doesn’t require personal information and shows only available domains. This tool will help you grow your small business by providing SEO-friendly domains.

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Why might you want to use TRUiC’s Business Name Generator:

  • Names that are SEO friendly have been created using advanced AI technology
  • Checks for .COM domain availability
  • Domain name registrations at a discount
  • You can generate a logo for free using your business name

Shopify’s name generator is an amazing tool to create stunning brand aesthetics.

A compelling name is the first thing to have when you create a Shopify store. Next, patience will be required to make your first sale (if it’s your first time).

Although you don’t have to spend a lot of time choosing the right name for your Shopify store it is worth the effort.

I’ve compiled a list of AI tools that will help you choose the perfect name for your Shopify store.

Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for Shopify business names

Before I tell you how to choose the best Shopify name for your business, I want you to know my top tips for choosing a name.

Your brand name should be preserved

  • Short A shorter name is more likely to rank higher. Limit it to 2 or 3 words.
  • Keyword-oriented SEO – It is a good idea to include a partial keyword within the name of your niche shop. is an example of a website that sells toys.
  • Unique and creative – You may take inspiration from an existing shop, but you shouldn’t copy it.
  • Remarkable A brandable name is one customers remember.
  • TLD: Some of the most popular top-level domains,.org However, new top-level domains such can look a bit spammy.
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The best Shopify name generator options

Let’s start with the business name generators now that we have some basic tips. Simply enter your keyword or query and the name generator will take care of the rest.

Shopify business name generator

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that offers complete functionality. It also includes a set of business tools to assist you in setting up your business.

You can get an official name generator for free. You just need to enter your keyword string or query. Shopify will generate a list with creative names that are related to your keyword. The name suggestions are limited to just two words so that you can provide a unique experience for your customers.

You can also visit the Shopify exchange marketplace for inspiration from eCommerce stores that have a lot in revenue.


Although I don’t know how their AI works, their Shopify name generator is pretty cool.

A list of hundreds eCommerce store names can be easily compiled based on your keywords. You can filter by industry, result type (words and rhyme), and more. You can save your favorites and mark the name as your favorite to help you choose the right name for your business.

The Shopify generator comes with a name-finding guide. Once you have found a name, you can use Shopify to look it up or any other name checkers and then start designing your store.

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BizNameWiz, a Shopify Business name generator, is for people who are looking for unique name suggestions and ideas. This company is a specialist in branding new startups, products, services and slogans.

Although their interface is very similar to BNG’s it is unique because of the branding tips provided by the BizNameWiz staff. BizNameWiz makes it easy to find a good name.


Brandroot is my favourite Shopify name generator. You can get premium brand names that are based on keywords. BrandBucket is a similar tool, but it’s more efficient.

Brandroot is the best place to get inspiration for premium brand names or to purchase an existing domain name. You can also find one-word names to use in your Shopify store. This is a great option from a remarkability perspective.


Oberlo was originally an app for dropshipping that you could use to create an online store or sell products without needing inventory. It allows you to migrate in just a few clicks. They will provide a list with around 100 names for each keyword. They offer a variety of name options that are niche-specific, which is great for dropshipping. They also provide a Shopify name generator that can be used to find simple names.


NameSnack is the #1 business name generator. This is due to its impressive brandable suggestions.

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First, enter a keyword to describe your Shopify name. Instead of showing you a list of suggestions like other tools, it will ask for specifics about your store.

  • Small business
  • Online shop
  • Blog
  • Tech startup
  • Mobile app
  • Other

Once you have selected the online store option, describe your business in 2 to 3 words. After that, the intelligent AI machine will generate a list with amazing names. To help you choose your Shopify store name, the availability of each name is displayed.


Hipster is an easy tool to find trendy and stylish names for your online store. A new trend is to add and between two words or names. If you are a couple, you can add both your first names to your online store name.

This option is great for people who want personal branding and a more human shopping experience. Just hit the refresh button to get the Shopify name generator.

After selecting the desired domain name, click the “Buy this domain name” button. This will take you to NameCheap, a domain name provider, for checking availability and registration.

Before using The Shopify Name Generator

It can be hard to find a Shopify domain that is unique, relevant to your business, creative, and memorable among so many other eCommerce businesses. Before you choose your Shopify brand name, it is important to make a list.

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Domain Name Availability

Make sure that the Shopify domain name is also available before you decide on a name. It can cause confusion and prevent people from searching for you easily if your Shopify domain and name don’t match. Your visitors may be directed to another merchant if the domain you have chosen is already taken. Worse, your competitor could be using it!

Using Acronyms

If you don’t use an acronym, long names can be difficult to remember. This practice is more prevalent in the non-profit and charity sector. However, some shops choose to use an acronym. A problem with acronyms is that they may make sense to the owner but not the general public. It’s important to choose a short name that is memorable and has a connection to what you do.

Multi-Cultural Meanings

Most likely, you have come across a name that when translated into another language means something entirely different. Avoid confusion and avoid being considered derogatory or causing a viral name failure by running the name through translation services. Google Translate is a free tool that can help you translate.

The name Alfa Romeo MiTo can be translated into almost any language in Eastern Europe to mean Alfa Romeo Bribe. This led to lots and lots of user-generated content.

Make sure your Shopify store name can be translated into the region you are selling to.

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Handling Competing Names

You can add another verb to a name that is already taken. If is already taken, you can add another verb to the name. You should not plagiarising. Otherwise, you might get into legal or copyright problems.
It can be difficult to find the Shopify business name that resonates with your business, customers, and brand, despite all of these considerations. Shopify has a great solution for helping you choose your brand name.

How to Use the Shopify Name Generator

Shopify’s free name generator tool allows you to find Shopify domain names not yet taken. It’s easy to find by:

Visit the Shopify main page > Resources > Tools > Click on the Business Name Generatorlink in main menu.

The Shopify name generator works quickly: Simply enter the keyword you wish to include in your business name, and then hit the Generate names button.

Be aware that some of the generated names may not make sense. This is because Shopify’s store name generator tool does not think for you. It is meant to help you be creative and think outside of the box.

Shopify Name Generator for Your Industry

The first page is more generic when it comes to generating names. Scroll to the bottom if you need a specific option.

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You can click on ” Want a different type business name?” to see eight additional options.

  • Names of clothing stores
  • Names of fashion stores
  • Names of jewelry stores
  • Names for baby stores
  • Names of craft stores
  • Names of flower shops
  • Boutique store names
  • Names of furniture stores

Each one will provide results specific to the industry. These examples should inspire you to find a memorable and catchy domain name for your Shopify company. If you still have trouble finding the perfect Shopify domain name, one of our Shopify Experts can help you get creative.

Last Thoughts

Shopify has seen a lot of growth over the years. It is able to assist business owners in setting up their online businesses and getting it done quickly and efficiently. The Shopify business name generator can generate names for your business, provided you are willing to take on the additional steps required to set up Shopify. When choosing a business name, you need to be careful.

Overall, Shopify is a good business name generator. You can also use its services to launch an ecommerce company, which is Shopify’s best option if you have that goal.

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