How to Create Amazon FBA Bundles & Dropshipping?

Dropshipping can be a very exciting business model with very low startup costs.

Dropshipping is when an owner searches for suppliers to supply products to their website. Instead of the business owner managing the inventory as in an Amazon FBA or e-commerce business, the third party handles the logistics and shipping. This third party is usually a wholesaler who dropsships the product to the customer for the business.

The simplest way to explain it is that every person who buys a product ships it. You get a percentage of the sale for marketing.

Here are some Dropshipping Sites Examples

My White Walls

Dropshipping companies have vendors who work in the art industry and ship printed art to customers. Their marketing relies heavily on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). My White Walls is paid every time someone purchases something from the site. The vendor who stores the product and ships it gets paid.


Although most people won’t be able to reach Amazon’s level of success, it is an example of what’s possible. Amazon is a hybrid. Amazon is a hybrid. It handles dropshipping transactions but also warehouses and ships its own product lines. Amazon dropships if you buy anything from Amazon. This article will discuss how you can do the same thing for your business in a growth strategy.

Are you interested in learning how to create your first profitable bundle after reading our post about the profit potential of selling bundles via Amazon FBA?

This blog post will outline my 8 steps for creating a profitable bundle that you can sell on Amazon.

Your bundle idea is waiting!

Although this may seem obvious, you need to have a clear idea before you begin assembling your bundle. Focusing on a niche you are already familiar with is a good idea for this stage. If camping is your passion, consider what type of camping theme bundles you would be interested in purchasing. Consider a birthday party package that revolves around the favorite TV show or toy of your child if you have a young child. There are many combinations that you can make with your bundle.

Choose a theme to use in your bundle

There are many combinations that you can make with your theme. There are many themes that you can choose from, such as “birthday party” and “household task.” We’ll stick with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme pack for this blog post.

Choose your main item

Amazon’s bundle guidelines state that every bundle must have a main, central item. Amazon bundles must be in a specific Amazon category. This means that you need a main item to help determine the category. Your bundle will be placed in the Toys category if your main item is a toys. Your bundle will go in the Home & Kitchen category if your main item is a toy. You should read Amazon’s bundle guidelines before starting because bundles aren’t allowed in certain categories.

Choose the complementing items

After you have chosen the main item, you can choose the complementing items that will make up the remainder of your bundle. The bundle should have all the items that work together and compliment each other in a logical way. To illustrate, I need to ensure that my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Pack fits the TMNT theme. I don’t want to include a random boardgame that doesn’t have anything to do with TMNT.

Some people may want to add candy or food items as a complementary item. I do not recommend that food and other items with expiration dates be included in your FBA warehouse. Some people like to create Halloween or Easter bundles. They include a note that the listing includes “basket includes space to you to add candy” rather than the actual candy.

Bulk Purchases

You want to maximise the sales from your Amazon listing and bundle ideas. You should be able send as many bundles to FBA as possible, and be able replenish your listing as necessary. Bulk buying will help you save money and increase the amount of units that you can send FBA. Look for sources that can supply multiples of your main item as well as your complementary items.

Cover the items properly

It is important to choose a method to protect all bundle items and make sure they are protected. A polybag may be enough in some cases, while a box is better for others. You want your bundle to be protected and tightly packed as these items will be handled by UPS/FedEx/USPS personnel.

Use a “Do not Separate” sticker

After you have wrapped all your bundle items in a bag or box, you can label it with a “Do not Separate” sticker. This will notify warehouse workers that you do not want to separate the bundle. These labels can be printed by a Dymo Printer. I use this method when I need to print them .

Make an Amazon listing

You will also need to create an Amazon listing for your bundle. Here are some key items that you will need when creating your Amazon listing.

  • You should take high-quality pictures of your bundle. For more information about how to ensure that your listing contains the correct photos, search the Amazon guidelines.
  • Keywords, product description, and bullet point should be great. These words will be used by Amazon to help customers find your bundle. Make sure you use the words customers will use to search for your bundle.
  • A unique UPC. Amazon will only allow UPCs that have been associated with a specific brand. They must also be part of the GS1 data base. You might have bundles that include a few brands. So what should you do? To apply for a GTIN exemption , please visit this link. Yes, I know that is a lot of acronyms all in one paragraph.
  • Learn how to create profitable listings. The Wholesale Bundle System is a great way to learn how to create product listings that are profitable.

This is how you create a profitable Amazon bundle. Create an idea, choose a theme, pick your main item and any other complementary items. Then package the bundle well and label it. Finally, create the listing to send it to Amazon.

If bundles seem like a great fit for Amazon, I urge you to create your first bundle to see if it can help you make some money.