How to do Dropshipping Without Getting Permission?

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It’s legal to purchase items and then sell them at a profit. Dropshipping products without the permission of the supplier is legal? I will answer this question in this article.

Dropshipping without authorization from the supplier is legal. Your supplier should be notified if you want to have a better representation of your brand, product and yourself. Your relationship with your supplier can have an impact on how you market your product.

Dropshipping is an exciting business that many people are starting to dropship.

Today’s article will share with you dropshipping legal insights and tips to help you better understand the supply chain to avoid any problems that could affect your business.

Don’t let this go!

Is it illegal to dropship without informing the supplier?

Dropshipping, a form of retail fulfillment and supply chain management, allows you to sell products from other suppliers without having to stock or ship anything.

The partnership is essentially a business relationship, but there are no contracts between the parties. The process is more fluid and flexible because you don’t have to meet the supplier in person.

This is mostly a hands-off process for the store. The merchant does not have to order inventory nor fulfill orders. The product is taken care of by the third-party supplier.

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Dropshipping is possible without notifying the supplier. However, it can sometimes be very damaging to your online business and reputation. Here’s why…

Imagine you order X product for $49.99 and receive an invoice for $19 with your company name printed all over it.

This is how your customers will feel about you and your site. This is not a way to get positive feedback or reviews about your website.

What is the best way to dropship without informing the supplier?

You can also drop ship the item without notifying the supplier. This includes physically picking up the item and shipping it yourself.

You will be able to have greater control and it can even seem legal.

It is up to you to decide what product to purchase and who to resell it to. For example, you can buy a product that you think is cool from a local supplier and then sell it to others with your packaging. It’s perfectly fine!

You don’t have to be restricted to one place or area. For a small monthly fee, there are companies that can be your virtual warehouse. They can stockpile, fulfill, package and ship your products to your customers.

Printful is a great example of such companies!

“Printful” is an online order fulfillment and warehouse service that fulfills orders and ships products, including clothing, accessories, home and living items, for online businesses.

Printful: What are you really capable of?

  • Print on Demand – Start an online business without any inventory All orders are fulfilled on demand and shipped immediately!
  • Personal customized orders Printful lets you create unique products for friends and family, as well as special occasions. You can create customized t-shirts, phone cases, socks, laptop covers, and many other products.
  • Fulfillment – This feature is the best part about Printful. Printful can manage all your inventory, so you can sell custom print on demand products as well as other products from other suppliers.
  • Complete branding With Printful you can create a brand for your entire business. You can create your packaging, send a custom invoice, and include a note.
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Printful is a great option if you are looking to dropship products without notifying the supplier. You can order the product online and have it shipped to your warehouse in your name.

This allows you to rebrand the product and send it with custom packaging. This will not only make you stand out from your competitors, but it is also legal.

Dropshipping: What Are the Issues?

Dropshipping is not illegal or unlawful under any laws or policies of any government agency.

This model is legal in most countries, so you will need to follow their tax laws.

Dropshipping is plagued by problems and difficulties caused by unreliable suppliers. Unreliable suppliers can have the potential to destroy your entire business.

Dropshipping can be a complicated process. Unreliable and unverified suppliers could cause mistakes and hinder you from achieving your goals.

To avoid legal hurdles, stick with trusted and verified suppliers with good ratings, feedback, order volume, and a positive rating. This will help you to build creditability and propel your business to new heights.

Spocket is a great place to connect with trustworthy and reliable suppliers in your niche.

Spocket is a supplier directory that connects you to verified, reliable and trustworthy suppliers, mostly from the USA, UK and EU.

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You can find my in-depth review of spocket here.

Dropshipping Trademark Products

As with any business, it is important to pay attention to copyright issues.

It is better to request the necessary legal papers and invention certificates if you wish to promote a product that has a trademark.

Some countries require that you register for a certificate in order to adopt a business.

Avoid big brands and trademarks. This will limit your options.

You can’t use the name, product or logo of licensed resellers if you aren’t licensed!

Avoiding this can save you lots of trouble. Instead, try to get involved with products where a logo isn’t important so that you have better rebranding possibilities.


Dropshipping allows you to create an online side-hustle and is flexible enough that you don’t need any inventory.

It is a flexible business model because you just need to find a trusted supplier so that you can sell their products online. Then, let them take care of the packaging and shipping.

Selling online, particularly selling products from other people’s, requires strategic thinking. I recommend that you build a strong relationship with your supplier.

Customers don’t know anything about your business structure. Your site will allow you to set your own policies. If suppliers don’t deliver according to your specifications, customers can raise concerns with you.

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Spocket directories can help you get a head start as you can rest assured that all suppliers are reliable and trustworthy.