How To Do Keyword Research For Dropshipping?

No matter what type of online business you run, we can all agree that you want your websites to rank high in Google search results.

This is because most people won’t spend any time ondr pages after the first. People tend to stay on the first page so it makes sense that more people will see your site if it is there.

I have done a lot dropshipping keyword research,. I will tell you about one that has worked really well for me recently: KGR (or the keyword golden ratio).

KGR is truly a game-changer in Google ranking. Let me tell you why and then show you real results.

What is KGR?

My case study today aims to explain why KGR and high-ticket dropshipping go together. But it won’t make sense if you don’t know what KGR means. This is where I’ll start.

KGR stands to represent “keyword gold ratio.” I don’t know if Doug Cunnington came up with it, but he did at least make it popular.

What is it exactly? It’s a way to help you rank in Google using specific keywords.

It’s not easy math, but I’ll explain it. Divide the “allintitle”, search volume results to determine if your keyword falls within the golden ratio.

Answers should not exceed 0.25. Any higher than that will indicate too many competitors for your keyword, which can reduce your chances of ranking.

Sometimes I exceed 0.25 (250), which has worked for me before. It’s worked well for me on some content sites that I reached 1000 search volumes (10).

My rule of thumb is that as long it works, if the search volume is set to 250, it’s fine to use.


Let me now tell you why KGR and high-ticket dropshipping are so perfect together.

Doug Cunnington actually had me on his show once, which you can view . It got me thinking about KGR. I went back to the show and checked how many articles were included in the golden ratio.

If you don’t know who Doug is, he’s the one that popularized this method and he runs

Surprising results! It was something I didn’t plan, but it turned out that 95% of the best performing articles on our content websites fit into KGR.

These articles did very well. Some articles were ranking for the top terms, but this was mostly accidental.

Our focus is on dropshipping high-ticket items. We also have content websites and earn around $2k-3k per month from them.

There have been many strategies that we tried on these sites. We’ve figured out the best strategies that work for us over time.

When I tried to apply KGR on some of our articles, I discovered that there was significantly less competition. This may seem obvious, but it is important to remember.

This way you can earn more than an Amazon affiliate. Anyone can search for keywords on Amazon. Many people don’t use the KGR for Google to verify their terms.

KGR is the most efficient strategy we have used. It has the best results and required the least effort. Dropshipping high-ticket items would be a great option if there was less competition.


Before Doug invited us to his show, we had already started a content website to complement one of our dropshipping shops. KGR (or other keyword tools) were not used at that time.

We were simply looking at what Google’s autocomplete had to say and then jumping on them. We believed that even if a site was worth $10,000, it would be possible to quickly recover that investment if it had even one sale per month. Because the site is focused on high-ticket items we can make anywhere from one to several thousand with each sale.

KGR (which gives you more visitors) and high ticket dropshipping (where you only need to make a few sales because your margin is higher…and the results are expected to be stunning!

KGR will help your sites rank consistently, which will increase the number of people who notice your site and visit it. Your chances of selling increase because there will be more people browsing your store.

Although it sounds great in theory, let’s see the actual results.

My findings were published on the site that I will use to share them with you in April 2013. It’s important that you note that not all articles were KGR. However, there were a lot that were accidentally.

Six months after our first article was published we were receiving 110+ organic hits per week and it was only increasing. This was with approximately 75 articles.

The site can get 100 visitors per day and make sales. You can increase that number to 1,000 and you will see even more sales.


I hope you enjoyed this case study.

It almost seemed like it was designed for high-ticket dropshipping. It makes sense that you can make a huge profit with very little effort and sales.

You can increase the chances that one person will buy from you by having 100 more organic visitors. Dropshipping is a high-ticket business, so every sale counts. That’s a lot of money. You can see my point by looking at this post about the amount we make on every sale.

KGR can help you get more visitors naturally. This is definitely worth trying.