How to Find Your Shopify Catalog id? 2 Steps

Your Shopify store can generate significant revenue on its own, but it is better to integrate it to other social media networks to increase sales. Let’s suppose you want to add Shopify to Instagram. How can you do this?

To add the shop to Instagram, you will need the Shopify Catalog ID. This information is not available on Shopify.

Remember that the Catalog ID differs from the Shopify ID. This is a single login that allows you to switch between stores quickly and keeps your password the same for all of your Shopify products.

This is how you find your Shopify Catalog ID.

Shopify Catalog ID From Facebook

You will need a Facebook Commerce Account to complete this process. You can connect your Shopify store to Instagram and Facebook shopping by creating an account.

Method 1 – Facebook Business Administrator

Once you have created an account, follow these steps to obtain your Shopify Catalog Identification:

  • Go to Facebook Business Manager
  • Click on Additional Tools
  • Next, visit the Commerce Manager to select Settings
  • Choose Catalog in the settings
  • This is the Catalog ID of your store.

Method 2 – Shopify Admin

These steps will allow you to find your Shopify Catalog ID.

  • Go to your Shopify admin
  • Select Facebook then click on Customize shop
  • Click on Shopify Commerce Account.
  • Select Shopify Product Catalog

This is the Catalog ID you will need to enter in Instagram to link Shopify with Instagram Shopping.

How to locate a particular product or variant ID for a Shopify product

The process for finding the product ID or variant ID of a particular item is slightly different. This does not relate to Facebook. It is the product ID for a product in your Shopify shop. This is not to be confused with the Product Control.

  • Go to Products in your Shopify admin
  • Select the product ID number that you wish to obtain
  • Look for the number following products/ in the product URL.
  • This Product ID can be entered in any field that needs an ID number

This will be done for each product individually.