Shopify Booster Theme Review and Alternatives

Dropshipping is a difficult decision for entrepreneurs. The right theme will help you increase conversions and make more.

Booster is a popular Shopify theme for dropshipping. You might have seen one of its commercials on Facebook. What are the features of this theme? It is why there is so much hype about it. It will it really help you to convert more sales?

You’re probably wondering why this theme is spending so much money advertising. This Shopify Booster Review article will discuss in detail what Shopify Booster can do for you, the pros and cons, and what it costs. This article will help you decide if this theme is right for you, whether it is worth the cost, and if it suits all your needs. Let’s get into the details.

About the Booster theme

Justin B. and Mark L. founded Booster Theme, a tech company. Their dropshipping business was their first venture and they have enjoyed great success. Booster was founded by them after they had spent many years dropshipping. Booster is a dropshipping company that has been created by a duo who have dedicated their energy, time and knowledge to helping dropshippers solve their problems.

Today, more 6700 Shopify dropshipping shops are using Booster as a way to increase their revenue. Mark and Justein want their customers to get the best out of their theme so they have more than 19 employees. They will fix bugs and improve performance, as well as provide support for their customers whenever they need it.

The Booster theme features

Notifications about sales

Sales notification is a popular feature for eCommerce businesses, as it boosts conversion rates.

Each time a customer makes a purchase in your store, it becomes a notification. This notification will be displayed whenever other customers visit your store. This social proof is used to show your customers there are others who buy from your store. This will increase your credibility and encourage customers to buy.

Product Upsell

This feature allows you to upsell your customers other products while they shop on your website. This feature will recommend products that are related to a customer’s search for a hat to them, such as a T shirt or pair of pants.

You shouldn’t assume your customers are familiar with everything in your store. They probably won’t take the time to look through every inch of it. Customers will often leave a website after they’ve found what they want. Customers would not know what products you sell, so it is important to display what you have.

This is the heart of upselling campaigns. You can use a low-cost, non-profitable product as a way to drive traffic to your site and then upsell to them with products that are profitable.

Cross-sell Collection

This function is similar to the Products Upsell feature. This function allows you to market products together, which can be complementary.

This feature allows you to show customers a collection of products, which are often combined, and offer a discount to encourage them buy the entire bundle.

This feature is very similar what you see on Amazon. Amazon will suggest that you purchase the appropriate batteries if you are looking to purchase a torch. This is an upsell.

Currency Converter

This feature automatically converts the price to the currency where your customer is located if you sell internationally. This will allow your customers to know the price they must pay immediately.

Exit Discount

Many people are reluctant to purchase because of the high price. Offer a discount so they will reconsider their decision. This feature will not only help you keep visitors coming back, but also allows you to collect customer emails that you can use to nurture your customers and sell more products later.

Mega Menu

Mega Menu can make your store appear larger than it actually is. You can display multiple product categories on one board. A store that has more product categories will look bigger.

This isn’t the only benefit. This mega menu will allow your customers to seamlessly navigate through many categories within your store. Your web interface will have a higher conversion rate if it is more intuitive.

Free Shipping Optimization

Booster offers a special function to help you identify free-plus shipping products that are important in your strategy. This function will detect any free-plus shipping items in your store and create a unique button. So when customers see free-plus shipping items in your store they are able to clearly identify what it is and not get confused with other products.

Countdown Timer

This feature will help you create urgency for products that are currently on sale. Countdown Timer lets your customers know that stock for a product is low and that the discount will soon end. Both of these pieces of information complement each other so your customer will be able to immediately take action if they don’t want to miss out.

Optimized Cart Page

Mobile optimization is key to ensuring that the cart page does not miss any sales from mobile devices.

Optimized product page

The product page for the Booster theme is very well-designed. It contains all of the information you need to inform your customers. All the information you need can be found on one page: trust banner, scarcity, urgency, product description and shipping options.

A Booster demo will help you get a better idea of all the amazing features of this theme.

The Booster theme: Pros and cons

The Booster theme has its pros

These are the great benefits of using the Booster theme:

Amazing features. All of the amazing features I have described will be available to you. These features are rare in Shopify themes and they must be purchased separately by users as Shopify apps.

Product page – This is one of the most important pages on a website. The information on this page, as well as the way it is presented, will greatly influence your chances of converting a sale.

Booster understands the importance of this page and has designed it as clear as possible. Your customers will be able to concentrate on product images, discount deals, and the add/to-cart button.

Mobile optimized . This theme is optimized for mobile devices because there’s a lot of traffic from them these days. Mobile responsiveness can increase conversion rates and help you close more sales, not only from PCs, but also from mobile phones and tablets.

Multi-lingual site. If the customer is not from your country, Booster will automatically be translated into another language.

Excellent support. After you have made your purchase, the Booster team will not leave you hanging. They will be there and can help you use the theme to its full potential.

Cons of the Booster theme

Booster has its drawbacks, despite all the great features and benefits. Let’s find out what those disadvantages are.

First, Booster updates can cause you to have to reinstall the theme on your store if they are available. It can be frustrating, but it doesn’t mean you have to install every update. Just install those that are most important for your business.

Booster’s user interface is excellent, but there are cheaper themes with a similar user interface. Booster’s many features are what make it stand out. You don’t have to spend $179 to get this theme . It’s better to look for a cheaper theme that still meets your needs.

Pricing for Booster themes

What is the cost of Booster with all these features? First, Booster works just like other products. The more you purchase, the greater the discount.

The Single License Plan costs $179 for a single Shopify store. Two licenses can be purchased at $298 each for two Shopify storefronts, or five licenses for five Shopify stores at $497 each.

The following features are included in every license that you buy:

  • Native English support 7/7
  • Unlimited access to the Booster Support Center
  • Security Booster Theme
  • App for theme updating
  • Marketing tools integrated

Top Shopify Themes Like Booster

Are you looking for a Booster Theme Alternative? You are done waiting! Here are the top Booster Themes alternatives, with their pros and cons. Why wait? Let’s jump in and see if you can find the right theme.

The Booster theme is a great option and has many benefits. This blog has the best alternative to the Booster theme.

There are many Booster themes that you can choose from, which we will discuss in detail below. However, the two we recommend most are Turbo Theme and Flex Theme By Out of the Sandbox. They are a popular choice among Shopify theme users, even though they come at a higher cost. These themes offer great features and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Turbo theme is a great deal. It is less expensive than the Booster theme, and comes with free lifetime updates. There is also a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Another paid theme is the Flex. Out of the Sandbox, which is owned by Shopify, developed it. They are known for creating themes that are superior to others. It is also possible to examine it yourself to see if you think there is a better theme than Shopify’s.

Flex theme, like the Turbo Out of the Sandbox Theme offers many features that will serve the four main benefits of the Shopify owner.

  • You can customize the look to build a memorable brand and increase trust.
  • To provide a better user experience for customers and visitors, and to convert potential customers into loyal customers, increase the functionality.
  • You can increase the average order value by using it as a platform for cross-sell, upsells and collecting emails.
  • You can add all functionality and customization features to the application without having to use third-party and external applications. It will allow you to:
  • You can save money by spreading your savings over multiple periods.
  • Reducing the amount of requests and updates that you have to handle can help you save time and reduce your stress.
  • It will protect your online store from hackers and other threats.
  • It will improve your user interface experience.

eCom Turbo

eCom Turbo is a fantastic theme with great properties. This theme has the best features: it usually includes price, title and photos. The theme also includes the Buy Now button for mobile. This theme has all the essential features.

A small fee is required to receive a money-back guarantee, lifetime technical support, and lifetime updates. This theme is rare and affordable. The eCom Turbo theme is well-known for its high conversion rates among users. This is an essential feature.

Deputy Theme

The theme is free to download, but you may have to pay a small fee if you want a premium version. This theme is a great alternative to eCom Turbo. You should use the upgraded theme, as you can’t set up your entire store with the free one.


All types of devices are compatible

This is a free theme that can be customized with new options.


CTA tabs are the most important feature in this theme. The charges for this theme are also relevant to other themes. You can easily add functions to this theme such as changing fonts and buttons.

This theme allows you to customize many features. You can customize the announcements, upsell, and newsletter groups and integrate them with the uploader files. This theme can be used with different plug-ins, which makes it more affordable than other themes.


  • It can be used in larger stores.
  • It looks great on mobile devices
  • A demo version of this theme is also available.
  • It is elegant and affordable.
  • You can also customize it.


Shoptimized templates are created by experts. This theme is most popular and well-known for its features. This theme is also very affordable.


The best theme is the universe. It has multi-purpose functionality. This theme was created by Outlane University for Shopify stores. This theme is suitable for many stores including furniture, electronics, footwear and footwear. They provide regular updates in a variety of languages and support if necessary, including English, Dutch Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Superstore Theme

Superstore is the ideal theme for anyone looking to create an amazing Shopify store that can be used on both mobile and desktop browsers. It is also the best theme to use for large stores and wholesalers. Shopify allows you to customize your store and make it perform with maximum flexibility, power and performance.

This theme comes pre-set in four styles. These come in a variety of colors and layouts with different schemes. You can choose from any of these layouts, and you can customize the features to suit your needs.

We think the SuperStore theme is our favorite. Although it can be expensive, this theme can make your brand popular and create wonder. This theme is used by many big retailers, not just on Shopify but also in other stores.


eComSolid can be used to create medication themes and give your models autonomy. You don’t have to purchase it from the Shopify store. Other apps are also available.

It is a common belief that the first impressions are important. This theme can be used for dropshipping, printing, or establishing your online brand.

Turbo Theme

This theme is the best alternative to Booster Shopify Theme. It’s the product of one of the Shopify subsidiary companies. This theme is superior to other Booster Shopify themes. The Turbo Theme includes five Turbo themes:

  • Portland Turbo Theme
  • Florence Turbo Theme
  • Seoul Turbo Theme
  • Chicago Turbo Theme
  • Dubai Turbo Theme

The most interesting thing about Turbo Themes is that they all have the name and address of a city. The Portland Turbo theme is the most popular and is well-received. These themes are known for their flexibility and features. You can customize your theme according to the needs of your store, audience and niche.

Other features that increase customer trust can be added to your store. You will see an increase in conversions and AOV without having to pay extra. To add additional features to other themes, you will need to either pay an extra fee or subscribe to a monthly plan.

This theme allows you to save money and put the money in other areas to increase your business. After the customer leaves your store, they’ll receive a pop-up allowing them to enter their email address for the coupon codes and offers via email. It can be used as needed by your store and business.

Last words

Booster is likely to offer everything you would expect from a Shopify theme. Booster is not expensive, as there are many premium themes available on Shopify that cost the same but don’t have the same features.

Our Shopify Booster Theme Review – one of the most popular themes for Shopify dropshipping – I think you understand what the Booster theme offers. With that knowledge, you can make a decision about whether or not the theme is right for you. You shouldn’t base your decision on the hype surrounding the Booster theme. Instead, you should make it based on your specific needs.

It’s all about the booster theme, and its best alternatives. My suggestions for the Booster theme are as follows: It will be most profitable, useful, and valuable. It is a great theme with many innovative features.

The best thing about the Booster theme? It is constantly improving. The Shopify theme market can benefit from its advanced features at an affordable price. Have you used the Booster theme? Use it right now. You will have an amazing experience. Don’t forget about to leave feedback in the comments section.