How to get a Free Shopify Certification? Newbies Tips

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A certificate proves your skills. There is no Shopify certification. TemplateMonster is here to help you earn a mark for your skills. You can pass our test and prove to everyone that you’re a professional developer.

Although certification won’t make your Shopify developer a master, it will help you to continue learning and improving your skills. Consider enrolling in a Shopify course if you don’t have enough knowledge.

A TemplateMonster certificate will also boost your portfolio. Customers are more likely to trust developers who have been approved by a familiar company.

TemplateMonster can help you get a Shopify Certificate:

  • boost your portfolio;
  • create a better CV;
  • have more opportunities to get hired for a better job.
  • Apply for Promotion;
  • Learn more about your skills.
  • You might even learn something by passing this test.

What’s Shopify Certification?

Shopify certification is simply a way to get official documentation that highlights your skills as an expert in Shopify. Although anyone can become a Shopify developer right now, certification increases your earning potential and improves the chances of getting hired.

You can get a certification if you have completed the rigorous testing and hard work required to perfect your skills in areas like theme creation and app development. You can improve your skills and diversify your offerings with new talents. And you can prove yourself by passing an examination.

There are many types of Shopify certifications available today. When building your credentials, the first decision to make is whether you want a Shopify certification directly or one offered by an educational group.

  • Direct Shopify certification You can develop your skills by taking an exclusive range of courses on the Shopify Partner academy. Shopify will commend you, making you more credible.
  • Third-party certification: An accreditation granted by another educational institution such as Coursera and Udemy is a third-party certificate. These courses offer additional guidance and knowledge from professionals not affiliated with Shopify. Although you won’t get Shopify certification, it will give you something to add to your resume that could help increase your chances of getting hired.

Who can benefit from Shopify Certification?

Shopify doesn’t have any ranks or formal education so it is difficult to identify who is truly a professional in Shopify development. Shopify employees need to be recognized for their talents. Even those who don’t work in web development companies:

  • freelancers;
  • outsourcing specialists;
  • employees at an outstaffing firm that uses Upwork or other freelancing platforms;
  • Shopify academy coach;
  • is the author of Shopify courses.
  • and Liquid specialists that want to enrich their CV with Shopify experience.

The Certification test will demonstrate how proficient you are with Shopify extensions. No matter your Shopify skills, you can give it a shot. We will help you understand Shopify Developer requirements in any case. We will also help you to match their requirements.

Are you looking for ways to become Shopify certified

Shopify is one of the most widely used ecommerce store-building platforms in the world. Shopify is used by more than 1,000,000 businesses to connect with customers. The system is continually evolving to meet the needs of store owners.

Shopify’s impact on the web-building market is a huge opportunity for developers. You can learn how to customize Shopify themes and create Shopify apps. This will make you a highly sought-after professional in digital sales.

As Shopify developers become more in demand, so is the competition for today’s would-be experts. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd and possibly earn more job opportunities by becoming Shopify certified.

How to become Shopify Certified

It doesn’t take much to become Shopify certified. If you are willing to work hard and put in the effort to improve your skills, there are many ways to build your resume. These are the steps that you will need to take.

  1. Choose your Shopify Certification Route

First, you need to decide whether Shopify is going to give you certification or a third party group. If you want to stand out, you can do both. Each course will take a lot of time and focus. Do not try to take on too many courses at once.

It makes sense to focus on Shopify Development and build your credibility by taking a Shopify course.

You will need to visit either the Shopify Partner site or the Shopify Plus Academy in order to access the courses. Shopify Plus Academy offers a training program that is only available to Shopify Plus users. You can also create a Shopify Partner account for free to learn skills.

To sign up for the Partner Academy, you will need Shopify. From there, you can browse the courses.

  1. Choose Your Shopify Certification Courses

Shopify allows you to take multiple courses at once, as we’ve already mentioned. You’ll want to limit the number of courses you take at one time, as it can distract from your focus. Instead, focus on the areas you are most interested in finding new opportunities.

Shopify Academy offers many training options. There are also many other learning options offered by third-party providers. The Shopify Partners website offers the following courses:

  • App Development Certification: The Shopify app developer certification allows users to improve their app development skills via Shopify and showcase their unique abilities. You will learn best practices and develop skills that you can use in your projects. Customers will also be able to see your certification.
  • This certification is for theme developers who are looking to work as Shopify theme developers or freelancers. This course will test your knowledge about Shopify themes. It includes insights into custom styling and Liquid Language, front-end tooling, SEO, accessibility, theme-specific app integration, and other topics.
  • Fundamentals and operations of online stores: This course is extremely useful for freelancers who want to work with business owners. It will show you how to set up and manage online stores. This course will give you tips that you can share with clients about maintaining strong store operations.
  • Partner program basics: This course explains the many perks and opportunities that you have as a Shopify partner. Learn how to maximize your development in the Shopify Partner Program, how to use your skills to grow your business, and how you can leverage your strengths.
  1. Keep improving your skills

After you have earned certification in the areas that are most important to your business, it is time to keep learning. Shopify is an evolving landscape for ecommerce entrepreneurs. It is essential to be able to adapt to this changing ecosystem.

Shopify’s Partner Program also offers other educational tools, including:

  • Project Management Challenges: This video series is offered by Shopify’s successful partners and offers tangible tips for overcoming common problems while working with Shopify. Learn how to manage your projects and scale up your team.
  • Designing to convert: Designing to convert is a bonus course in the Partner Academy that provides insights into everything, from intuitive UX creation and smart defaults. Learn how design can reduce cognitive load and improve conversions.
  • Business basics: This certification provides valuable insights into sales, marketing, and project management techniques, as well advice on how to work closely with Shopify merchants. Even pitching clients can be learned.

You can also learn more about Shopify by obtaining certifications such as:

  • Build your own Shopify store. This Coursera course will teach you the basics of building a Shopify shop in just an hour.
  • Shopify Theme Programming: This 4-hour course teaches you how to program Shopify themes with Liquid and JSON. JavaScript is also included.
  • Become Shopify Expert: A comprehensive course about how to create incredible ecommerce store experiences using the Shopify ecosystem.

4 Must Shopify Certifications

  1. Business Fundamentals My personal bread and butter. This certification includes marketing, sales, project management techniques, and advice on working with Shopify merchants. It is crucial to be a Shopify Service Partner to know how to pitch clients, negotiate contracts, anticipate scoop creep, and so on. This is generally good advice that will help you quickly identify any gaps in your knowledge.
  2. Product Fundamentals Here you’ll learn about the technical side to Shopify. You will learn how to navigate the Admin page and what you can do to solve common technical issues. It is not a difficult task to answer all the questions, but it was a great way to learn what question to ask when you encounter a problem.
  3. Theme Design:Themes is the name of the theme you will see on Shopify. Shopify offers both free and paid themes to merchants. Where do the themes come from? Shopify Service Partner, it’s you! These certifications are the most difficult if you’re a newbie to UX design and coding. Theme development is essential because, as a Partner, creating custom Themes (and apps) for Shopify Theme Store can be a great way to bring your creative problem-solving mind and passive income to the Shopify community.
  4. App Development:Like theme Development, Shopify allows partners to create apps that solve merchant issues within Shopify. These apps can be used to generate passive income, but it is not easy to develop and get an app approved for sale. If you are able to understand Shopify and create apps, or have the unique ability to solve problems for clients, then App Development may be your specialty as a Service Partner.

Shopify offers many online courses. To see the types of questions they ask, I recommend that you take these exams as soon as possible. Also, make sure to note any areas that seem particularly difficult. These exams can be taken as many times as necessary, but questions change every time. You’ll get a better understanding of what information you will need to learn in order to pass certification exams by working through the courses. You’ll also be able to identify gaps in your knowledge. (Hi, Coding, it’s me again). To close these gaps, you can outsource client work in the area. This will help you discover your strengths.

How do I get a Shopify Certification?

Shopify has their own academy portal called Shopify Partner Academy, where you can obtain a Shopify certificate. You can choose from a variety of certifications depending on your interests. Log on to the website and learn more. Register for a partner academy account to view the courses you are interested in. You can also take exams at the academy to complete your certification and get your certificate in a few simple steps.

Shopify certificates cover many areas such as store operations and partner programs. They also include app development. Shopify owns and has accreditation so you can access the exams. They also provide materials and content for their programs, which are available to students who have registered for the exams. You can take these exams online immediately and are available to anyone who is interested.