How to Start Wooden Watches Dropshipping Business?

This post will share the top dropship watch suppliers in China, USA, and UK. Here are some tips and tricks for dropshipping watches.

You will find some benefits to dropship watches in the first section.

The second part will include a list listing dropshippers of watches in the USA, UK, and China.

The last section contains tips and tricks for choosing the right dropshipping watch vendors and selling the watches online. There are also Q&As about the dropshipping watch industry.

So, let’s get started…

Dropship Wooden Watches Online

Globally, over 1.2 billion watches get sold annually. There are many products in this watch market.

You can sell smart watches, field watches, dress watches, aviator and dive watches. As a practical tool, you can sell watches to athletes. You can also sell watches as fashion accessories.

Statista estimates that the Watches sector in Europe generated a total of USD$11.716 billion revenue in 2019. The CAGR for this revenue between 2019-2023 is 1.1%.

The Watches industry in the United States generated USD $9.387 billion in 2019, according to the US Department of Commerce. Between 2019 and 2023, this revenue will grow at 0.8% per year. China’s Watches sector generated USD$80.346 billion for 2019

These figures show that the watch industry has a lot to offer. You will see that the watch industry has a lot of potential for growth.

You could also decide to sell accessories such as jewelry and cufflinks. The watch niche is a great place to be if you love jewelry, fashion, style, and design.

Tell us about your business. How did you choose what products to sell?

My father and I have been working together for eight years. Many of the critical and highly technical parts that are needed for pumping systems have been developed by us. Our skills are extremely useful in many industries. Apache Pine was born just over a year ago, when I couldn’t find any wood watches that matched my outdoor style. My 3D knowledge and my father’s extensive experience in mechanical engineering helped me design, develop and test wood watches. Apache Pine is the name given to a rare tree that can be found in Idaho near our house. This name reflects our passion for the natural world. This passion is so deeply ingrained in our company’s soul, it was essential that we found manufacturers who reflected these same values. We were able find wonderful suppliers who share our passion for the environment. All products are made and tested in Rocky Mountains.

How did you get your first sale? What channels generate the most sales and traffic?

Instagram is a great example of social media. It allows us to focus our attention on our niche market. In our first few months, Instagram was a key part of our advertising strategy. Our brand was also helped by our loyal customers. Our instagram still receives a lot of traffic, mostly from user-submitted photos and contests. We have 3 Instagram pages that allow us to connect with each group: @apachepine 49K; @apachedownhill 17K; @apoffroad13K.

Let us know about your back-end business. What apps and tools do you use for managing your store? What are your methods for shipping and fulfillment?

To show social proof on our site, we use InstaPhotos to upload user-uploaded content, and the Product Reviews app for product pages. We hand pack all orders and have them fulfilled in Pocatello ID twice daily. Shippo is our preferred shipping partner.

Benefits of Wooden Watches

According to the business media company, Forbes, people who wear traditional watches are more successful. They are more productive, punctual and organized, and they are more tolerant of quality and style. It’s comforting to know that the watch is still available in an age where smartphones are making traditional watches obsolete.

Do you want to buy a wooden watch? You might be interested in learning about seven top benefits of wood watches.

What is a WOOD WATCH?

Wood watches are timepieces that incorporate wood into their design. Wood is used in the casing and strap. The internal watch mechanism works in the same way as a traditional watch.

Since the dawn of time, wood has been used in making things. Wood is a versatile and sustainable material. A skilled watchmaker can use the natural wood grain as a starting point to create a timepiece that is unique.


Wood is a renewable resource. Wooden watches can be made from either a previously used or sustainable source. The sustainably sourced wood means that any tree that is felled to make wooden products is replaced. The management of forests ensures that resources are not exhausted.

It is important to ensure that wood products come from sustainable sources. Destruction of forests without planned replacement of the trees means loss of habitat, reduced forest diversity, and interference with indigenous peoples. It also causes harm to the natural ecosystem of the earth that supports life for all.


Each wood watch is unique. The wood used to make a watch is a natural product. It grew, not was manufactured.

They are made in sufficient quantities to be economically viable. They are identical copies of each other. Quality watches, even the most expensive, are manufactured and polished to exact specifications and measurements.

Each watch has a unique wood grain. There are no two watches that can be identical. Wood watches are unique because they have the original grain that was formed over many years of tree growth.


Metal watches are very heavy. Metal watches are heavier than those made from wood because of their dense nature. A wooden watch is light and pleasant to wear, even though its internal workings are made of metal.

A wood watch is a great choice if you prefer a large watch face and a more chunky design. Large watches can be quite heavy, but this is not true with a wooden watch. You may feel like you don’t have a watch.


Wood watches age and change with time. A wood watch develops character in the same way that antique furniture does. Wood watches develop a sheen with age, wear, and polishing.

A wood watch’s surface tells its story. This is nothing to be concerned about. The wood’s character can be preserved by aging gracefully, making it more beautiful with each passing year.

Watches can often be passed down from generation to generation. Wood watches are a great family heirloom due to their attractive age. It reminds the owner of the history of the watch as well as the legacy of its previous owners.


Wood watches can be beautiful and unique, but they are still very affordable. Wood watches don’t have to be expensive. It’s possible to buy a very attractive, quality men’s or women’s wood watch for under $100.

Take care of your watch to ensure it lasts many years. For the best care of your watch, follow the instructions provided by your watch manufacturer. Wood watches can be polished with coconut oil or beeswax, but this should not damage the mechanism or glass parts.


There’s a watch design that suits your needs, no matter if you are looking for something formal or casual. Some designs are suitable for both. You’ll be amazed at how elegant antique furniture can look in formal settings.

A lighter and more chunky design is best for those special occasions. Wood watches look great with outdoor styles such as hunting, fishing, or hiking.

A wood watch can communicate your commitment to the environment. Wood watches are appreciated by people who appreciate their sustainability. Attractive design and style are not the only way to show eco-friendliness.


People with sensitive skin may find it difficult to wear watches. Some alloys and chemicals in metal watches or plastic watches can irritate skin. Wearing a watch can be uncomfortable, or even dangerous.

Because the case is made from natural materials, wood watches are less likely cause skin reactions. Wood is more warm than metal, and it doesn’t get as hot as metal. A wood watch is therefore less irritating for the skin.

Wood watches for you

Wood watches are a great way to express your opinion on the environment and have a stylish, elegant piece of beauty. A wood watch can make you stand out as a unique individual. A wood watch is a thoughtful gift that shows you care about the recipient and the planet.

Dropshipping Watches Europe

Dropshipping customers can import products from our shop in their shops and sell them to their customers. We will ship the products you order directly to your customers.

Order process

  • You can sell an item by placing an order in our shop as soon as possible. Make sure to include the address of the customer when you place the order.
  • Within 1 to 3 business day, your order will be processed and ready for shipment.
  • We send you an email proforma invoice after your order has been processed. It contains all information for payment and item availability.
  • We anticipate receipt of payment within 7 days of reservation.
  • We will ship the item to you within the next business day of receiving payment.
  • You will receive the final invoice and shipping details via email for every order.

What are the costs?

We charge in addition to the item’s price

  • Dropshipping fees of 2.90 EUR per order
  • The Shipping cost overview shows the cost of shipping and packaging per order.
  • The order fees according to the overview Fees of payment methods.

Please note that the fees and charges detailed above will not be displayed during your order process in our shop. All applicable fees and costs will be listed in the proforma invoice that will be sent to you after your order is placed by email.

Payment methods

Dropshipping orders are accepted using the following payment options:

NOTE: Payment of an order can only be made after receipt of the proforma bill (not to confuse with the automatic order confirmation). It is not possible to pay immediately during an order. Bank transfers from overseas require that the sender add all bank fees to the payment. This can be requested from the bank. We calculate the fees for payment according to the overview Fees.


You can find the Shipping cost overview.

The order will be shipped no later than the next business day after receipt of payment or upon receipt of payment confirmation by If payment is made in advance, goods may be shipped as soon as the order has been processed.

Every shipment comes with a delivery note. This note contains only the information of the dropshipper and the receiver, as well as the item number and quantity. We can add your delivery notes or invoices to each package upon request. No prices or sender addresses for shipping contents.

DHL will send you the status messages and shipping notifications via email.

Please refer to Shipping for more information!

Minimum order quantities and minimum order values

Dropshipping orders do not require minimum order amounts or order values. Dropshipping orders are free of minimum order fees and minimum order costs.

Dropshipping customers have the option to have their orders delivered to their own home address. We must calculate dropshipping fees. These orders will not be considered wholesale orders if they exceed the minimum order value or minimum order quantity.

Product import

You can import items from our shop into your shop. Dropshipping customers are provided with various CSV files that make it easy to import the items from our shop.

CSV files can be downloaded in German, English, and French languages. They include products from the categories “BRAND WATCHES”, and “BRAND JEWELRY”. CSV files can also be sent to other systems by sending an example file. You can download the CSV files and get more information by subscribing to our dropshipping service.


  • Dropshipping customers may not mention the company “ILA Uhren GmbH”. You may use product names, EAN codes and item numbers from our range.
  • You are responsible for all aspects of the products we offer. We are not responsible for any problems that may arise from copying or selling our products.
  • Only a 4.50 euro surcharge is allowed for the dispatch of goods to non-EU Member States.
  • Tax-free intracommunity deliveries must always be followed.