How to Tell if a Website or Store is Dropshipping?

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Answer 1 by Amanda Huntington:

Some are not obvious, but others are very professionally done. However, they are often difficult to spot.

  • You will often see trust or guarantee badges everywhere, especially on the checkout page and product pages.
  • Only an email address, not a phone number, is allowed.
  • Email address says “”, not “”. This means that the individual didn’t pay for an email address like G-Suite.
  • Images are usually not in a live space. They are often placed on a white background. Dropshippers may not have the item in stock.
  • Shopify layout
  • AliExpress has a lot of products at significantly lower prices, so take a look
  • AliExpress dropshipping product descriptions can be found on the site. Dropshipping site owners may modify these descriptions to be more accurate.
  • Regular use of emojis throughout the site, including in the discount bar
  • There are many countdown timers and discounts that will make it difficult to buy.
  • Sites often look messy, such as with misspelled words or confusing design.
  • The shipping and return policies are exactly the same as Shopify’s default shipping/return policies (which you can find all over the internet).

Answer 2 by James Hussey:

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shopify dropshipping store set up

DropShipping is the easiest and fastest way to determine if a store is selling your products.

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DropShipping will take between 14 and 30 days to deliver your products. They will also state that their products are from ‘warehouses around the world’.

Checking for poorly crafted or misspelled sales pages is a good idea. People try to quickly create websites to make quick cash.

Random images are another important indicator. People rarely take photos of their products. You end up with multiple images that are all branded, none branded, and poorly done images.

Another thing to check is sales pages. They often contain gimmicks or apps that increase ‘social proof,’ which can sometimes make it look very spammy. Sales popups, inventory countdowns, and sales timers are all possible on regular sites. However, they are rarely combined with other pressure sales tactics.

Answer 3 by Tam McClure:

All other people have had great answers. Another way to tell is long shipping time. If they state in the product description that shipping takes more than 14 days, it is likely they dropship, unless they are handcrafted products.

Dropshipping is used by Amazon, Walmart, Nordstrom and Amazon to increase their product range without the need to store inventory.

Answer 4 by Dan Dong:

Although it’s difficult to identify, dropshipping sites are great places to purchase products.

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Answer 5 by Entrepreneur Sumo:

It is best to verify the delivery date. If the delivery time exceeds 2 weeks, it will be shipped from China.

Drop shipping companies are now able to fulfill US orders through US fulfillment centers.

Answer 6 by Victoria Brown:

Drop shipping stores usually have longer delivery times. To find out more, visit the delivery times page. Dropshipping is when your order arrives in 30 days. Thank you.