Product Mafia Vs FindNiche Which is Best and Reasons?

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Dropshipping is a popular business model that can make you money without investing much. However, it won’t work unless you have the right strategy and plan for running the business. Dropshipping tools are essential to your business. These tools include niche analytics tools like NicheScraper, Ecomhunt, and FindNiche. With these tools, you can discover profitable businesses without spending a dime.

I will analyze and compare two popular niche analytics tools, FindNiche & Product Mafia to help you choose the right analysis tool for your dropshipping company.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

What’s FindNiche?

FindNiche, a niche analytics tool, is available for AliExpress & Shopify. It gathers information from over 1,000,000 products, 11,000 Nichs, and 700,000. Shopify stores. It helps you find the most popular and profitable products in your niche.

What’s Product Mafia?

Dropshipping tool Product Mafia allows you to conduct product and advert research. This tool is used primarily by Shopify store owners to conduct product research. There’s also an ad spy function that allows users to access all the analytic data about successful Facebook ads for winning products.

UI design – FindNiche makes it easier to use, Product Mafia is more difficult

You can easily understand the unique function of FindNiche by visiting its homepage. It also offers a 2-minute video demonstration on how to use FindNiche. Visitors will enjoy a simple visual experience with the website’s main colors, which are white and blue. The header navigation bar contains four main navigations: Products, Niches and Top Shopify.

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Product Mafia is more serious than FindNiche. The homepage’s main color is black which is somewhat mafia-like, while the page contains more colors. It doesn’t seem to have a homepage which introduces product features and provides helpful guidance. It also features 4 main navigation bars: Product Spy and Ad Hunter. FAQ, Blog, and Product Spy is the homepage. This page will be displayed every time you visit the Product Mafia. This page actually looks like Thieve&Droppoint. The interface design is very similar to Thieve and the countdown setting to unlock the product is very similar to Droppoint.

Mafia also supports live chat. Click it to jump to another page on Facebook. Although FindNiche doesn’t support live chat yet, the message box is located in the lower right corner. Write down your question and FindNiche staff will usually respond within 24 hours. The message will be sent to your registered mailbox if you aren’t logged into FindNiche. The message will be displayed again when you log in to FindNiche.

Product analytics – More products are available in FindNiche

Product database

AliExpress is the main source of FindNiche products. The robot captures FindNiche product data. It tracks meaningful data from large raw databases and updates the data every hour. These products are ranked according to various indicators. It now receives a massive daily update of data.

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We don’t yet know how much data Product Mafia has, but we do know that its products are from AliExpress and Amazon. You can check the product details page to see if they come from other channels. There should be many products. This is not true. Product Mafia updates about 5 products per day. To access the majority of them, you will need to activate the Pro plan.

Search and filter

Product Mafia has very few filter conditions. The following figure shows the product filter conditions:

Type of product:
Untapped Product
Special product

Baby &Kids
Camping &Outdoors

Sort by:
Majority of Orders
Highest Engagement
Selling price: Most expensive
Selling Price: Lowest
Highest Profit Margins

Dropshipping products can be sorted using FindNiche:

AliExpress Keywords and URL
Top Country
Total Orders
Order last X days
Order last X days growth
Star Rating
Shopify Sellers
Ship from
Support Paypal

It’s easy to see that FindNiche is far superior to Product Mafia in terms of product database. FindNiche also has many filter conditions which can help narrow down your search and pinpoint niche products. FindNiche also offers “filters recommend”, which presets some combination filters conditions such as Optimization potential and New Hot-selling. Users can click one button to get a list with related products. This is extremely user-friendly. You can also save your filter settings.

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Product Information

We can search FindNiche for products using filters criteria to get a long list including thumbnails, prices, star ratings, reviews and today’s order.

Enter the product details page and select a product. We can view more information about this product such as shelf dates, product performance, founded dates, etc. You can also add this product to your favourite list. The AliExpress store will sell it. And the best part is that you can link directly to the Shopify store. This will allow you to not only locate suppliers, but also rivals. You can also look into their stores, including their management and marketing strategies.

The situation with Product Mafia is very different. You can view the product detail page by clicking on it. This will show you the product picture, estimated profit resell profits and description. However, this is a static graph. The graph you are viewing is unchanged.

Another powerful feature is the ability to directly promote this product on your Shopify and Woocommerce stores. You can also link directly to AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay pages corresponding to the product. Other product information is limited. Only a few products can be viewed for free, and many of them require payment in order to unlock.

 Top Shopify Stores – Only shown in FindNiche  

FindNiche provides a complete list of Top Shopify. You can select from categories or top countries. It displays the address, target country and ranks of these shops. You can also look at your competitors and the stores that are doing well. This will allow you to get inspiration by tracking data changes and store operations. You can also see the opening date and time of the new store.

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Product Mafia does not have Top Shopify, however, it does offer winning Facebook ads that can be used to find your competition.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Pricing/membership plan

FindNiche offers three subscription options: Pro, Elite, and Free. Any plan can be subscribed to. You can also recommend FindNiche to friends and unlock the Pro version free of charge.

Product Mafia seems to only have one plan. However, there is no introduction. You only pay $1 per month and it charges $49 per monthly.

Product Mafia also offers an affiliate program where you can earn a commission.


FindNiche provides more product data than Product Mafia. FindNiche is the best option if you’re concentrating on product selection. Product Mafia does not just provide products, but also advertising content. His content is not very deep but it is extensive. His affiliate program, however, is very attractive.

FindNiche is a Shopify store and product marketplace that focuses more on Shopify products. This allows for a better positioning and audience. Dropshipping practitioners should still use FindNiche to choose their award-winning products, rather than Product Mafia.