Inspire Philippines Shopify Dropshipping APP Review

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Dropshipping made possible in the Philippines

Sell online and start selling without any physical inventory

No need for a warehouse. Online sales are possible without the need to purchase stocks in advance. We take care of the order fulfillment so you can focus on selling.

Shopify Pricing as Low as $19.99/Month

You can sell high-quality products quickly and easily with just a Shopify/Woocommerce website.

Lazada and Shopee prices as low as 2,999 PHP/month

Choose your market and then choose from our catalogs your products! You can sell whatever you like, with no restrictions.

Over 700 of the most popular and successful products are available to you

Inspire manages all aspects of product sourcing, packaging and shipping, as well as payment collection.

All the leading platforms in the Philippines allow you to sell

Inspire Dropshipping can be used with top platforms in the Philippines. It’s the dropshipping model. We pack, ship and sell what you have sold. We support the following platforms: Shopify. Shopee. Woocommerce. Messenger.

Sell online and start selling without any physical inventory

No need for a warehouse. Online sales are possible without the need to purchase stocks in advance. We take care of the order fulfillment so you can focus on selling.

Cash on Delivery

The COD payment option is one of the biggest hurdles that online business owners in the Philippines face. Inspire Dropshipping takes the responsibility off your shoulders so that you don’t have to. While we take care of the logistics, you can focus on your core business activities while we handle all the details.

Automated Product Imports

Dropshipping is a business that we understand. With just a few clicks, you can add products to your online store.

Automated Order Monitoring

Keep in touch with sales and orders. Transaprency is available with your order status. This allows you to communicate with customers better and answer their questions about shipping status.

Import Product

Select the products that you would like to import into your store.

Add Markup

For profit margins, adjust your store’s product prices

Get Sales

Online marketing is a great way to market your products. Advertise and gain customers.

We ship

We automatically ship every order from stores with Cash on Delivery

You can cash out

Profits from web sales can be withdrawn and withdrawn.

Our Story

Did You Know that most eCommerce startups fail within three months?

It is filled with costly and unnecessary steps. It is not surprising that 90% of ecommerce shops close within 120 days after they start.

The worst thing is that if you don’t have enough capital to start your business, you are more likely than the 90% to fail.

You can raise money to purchase bulk inventory but it is not guaranteed that you will sell all of it. However, for most Filipinos, spending hundreds or thousands of pesos per month is simply not an option.

A better way must be found – an easier way.

I felt the need to e-commerce in the Philippines in 2019, but realized all the difficulties. There were a few services that tried to fill that market gap. However, none of them did a good enough job to satisfy my clients.

As an operations guy and the former Director of a leading collection agency in the US and the Philippines, I know that clients are the most important thing. The money will follow. My team and me decided it was time to come up with a solution. Something that would inspire entrepreneurs of all ages, and that could show them the potential of dropshipping as a business model. Inspire Dropshipping is the name of our business.


  • The Philippines had no organized suppliers
  • Customers were not offered Cash on Delivery by major parcel and shipping companies.
  • Bulk orders from overseas suppliers can be very costly and will need to be shipped to the Philippines.
  • When you run an online shop in the Philippines, such as warehousing, logistics and other costs, operational expenses can skyrocket quickly.

These problems did not frustrate us all.

These frustrations were shared through the mentoring, talking and collaboration with other online sellers.

We set out to create a system that makes eCommerce more efficient, structured, and profitable.

  • Application of ecommerce systems that are compatible with the Philippine market
  • Only work with reliable suppliers
  • Our own warehouse is where we store our products
  • Create an app to add products to eCommerce platforms (Shopify or Woocommerce).

After two years of planning, optimizing, and development, the Philippines will not see a better local dropshipping system. Every detail has been carefully planned and implemented. Literally, built by Filipinos for Filipinos.

We are now open to taking in dropshippers to Inspire communities where they can.

  • You can easily sell the most popular and profitable products online, without having to order bulk quantities from overseas suppliers.
  • They can lower their costs of running their business by not having to rent a warehouse or hire a packing crew.
  • Automate dropshipping in the Philippines and still have full visibility of customer orders via order tracking
  • Customers can offer Cash on Delivery options without opening an account with any major payment provider in the Philippines.
  • Concentrate on the things that drive their dropshipping business. Marketing and Sales
  • You can continue to learn and keep up with other online sellers from the Philippines.

Inspire Dropshipping is 100% certain to make local ecommerce more profitable, easier, and more satisfying.

Who should use Inspire Dropshipping

Inspired Dropshipping is a way to make it easy for people to sell in the Philippines online. No inventory. We take care of the order fulfillment so you can focus on selling.

What are the requirements to use Inspired Dropshipping

Inspire is compatible with WooCommerce and Shopify. You will need an online store that is hosted on one of these platforms.

Inspire works with WooCommerce

Inspire is currently only compatible with Shopify. Woocommerce integration is still being developed.

Inspire offers Cash on Delivery to Orders?

Yes. Our main feature is Cash on Delivery. We believe COD is the best payment method in the Philippines, and we offer it to our customers. We collect payments on behalf of our customers, and doppshippers have the option to cash out their profits at any time.

Inspire Dropshipping:

Shopify makes it easy to find fast shipping and top-quality products from the best suppliers of PH and add them directly to your Shopify store with just a few clicks

Inspire’s entrepreneurs have great voices and make great choices. They are heard. Our goal is to offer a complete solution that meets the needs of our clients.

Dropship for Faster Shipping

Shipping is easy with our extensive network of warehouses and partnerships throughout the Manila region. Customers will be delighted!

Lowest product cost

We know that there is competition out there and you need rates that are competitive. Inspire offers a 30%-50% discount on all retail prices so you can be a strong player in the dropshipping marketplace.

Get your inventory auto-updated

Keep track of the stock status of your products and don’t sell items that are out of stock. Inspire will manage inventory for all products so that your products are always available and ready to ship.

It’s easy to fulfill your order

You just need to advertise and make sales. Our App will record the transactions and notify our team so they can process them without you having to be involved in the logistics or order confirmation.

Keep track of your orders with real-time tracking

Every step of the process, you will know exactly where your order is. With information about the order’s progression, you and your customers can be assured of your safety.

How do I install Inspire Dropshipping?

You can install the app by going to Shopify App Store. Search for this app using keyword Inspiration Dropshipping. You will need to click Add app and enter your store URL. The app will be installed after confirmation.

Uninstall Inspire Dropshipping App?

To uninstall the app, you simply need to go to, find to Inspire Dropshipping app and click the garbage can to uninstall this app.