Intelligynce vs Ecomhunt Dropshipping Spy Tool Comparison

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If you want to create an eCommerce business, compare Intelligynce vs. Ecomhunt carefully.

Starting an eCommerce business is a fantastic concept. It is the most dominant trend and business in today’s atmosphere.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

The era of E-commerce has taken on a new light as the globe has moved on from traditional commercial practices.

So, to get started with Ecomhunt or Intelligynce and build a successful e-commerce firm, you’ll need to be familiar with both.

This is precisely what we’ll be looking at throughout this essay, so stay tuned!

Overview of Intelligence

The software allows you to search over 2.5 million products for the most significant product research. Intelligynce is a simple and approachable specialty.

It’s a lot easier, and it aids in promoting your store to the public by successfully running it online.

It looks through hundreds of thousands of Shopify Stores to locate niche products.

Ecomhunt Features

Winning Products

It is critical to stock your stores with new and intriguing things by generating sales and introducing new products.


This Chrome extension is without a doubt a lifesaver. It allows clients to find, use, and examine their competitors’ authentic Facebook and social media promotions and see the total amount of activity, how long the ad has been running, which countries have clicked on it, and other helpful information.

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Ecomhunt introduces AdHunter, a tool that reveals your competitors’ Facebook ad performance.

Even though this plugin is free of charge, you will require an Ecomhunt account to use it.

The Shopify Apps

Ecomhunt clients get access to a plethora of additional apps and expansions! It enables you to find and add Shopify extensions to your store.

These plugins aren’t strictly necessary for individuals who use EcomTurbo as a theme. In any case, people who are just going through the motions might learn about the Top 5 Shopify Topics, which they will undoubtedly enjoy.

Lectures and training

One of the things that are sometimes overlooked is whether or not the clients or individuals attending such meetings are familiar with e-commerce or business transactions.

Ecomhunt, on the other hand, is sure that this can be assured by having a dedicated component on Webinars and training, as many of their clients are new to this technique. Clients who are experts in their fields can also benefit from the training material and improve their abilities. Usually, such prepared fabric is sold for a high price elsewhere. However, it is included in the Ecomhunt enrollment fee. As a result, it is free of charge for individuals.

Social Systems Engagement

For any e-commerce company owner ready to offer hot items online, Ecomhunt might be a winning item device that makes a difference in the length of winning items. Each item is hand-picked by e-commerce experts to ensure that it is brand-new and has high social media interaction with hot bargains on other popular e-commerce stores.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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Expertly Saves Time

EcomHunt saves you the time and effort of searching the internet for popular and quickly selling items. Perhaps you’ll be able to focus on more critical aspects of your e-commerce business. EcomHunt updates various items for its customers daily, all of which are well curated.

It happens to express all of the genuine feedback for each segment.

So, get started and try out all of the enhanced features.

Features of Intelligynce

Shopify Stores

This look job is essentially identical to the item look work, except that you are looking for stores rather than specific things. The purpose for this is typically the same as the item look – to help your own e-commerce business grow, find competing businesses and enquire about their products.

The same channels are used here, with social media allowing you to direct your style to stores with a specific amount of fans or likes, ranging from under 1,000 to over one million. Store channels are similar, with activity, everyday discounts, money options, and the tiniest and biggest cost channels.

Hot Products

In most cases, a more recent is included in the look work, which removes a lot of the mystery of locating a hot item. It’s beneficial for newcomers to the e-commerce market, as it provides a list of high-selling things you can easily choose for your store.

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It’s changed every week, so it’s a good idea to get there early before other customers notice, as the more competition there is for an item, the less of a hidden gem it becomes.

Store Inspector

When you’re browsing for stores, you may utilize the Store Auditor feature to get instant access to all kinds of information for each one you find. This is a fantastic feature because it provides portions of nitty-gritty information on each store, such as when it was last altered, daily specials, the Shopify topic, and username.

Intelligynce also allows you to view the activity analysis for any store. This provides:

  • Information on the activity history.
  • The total number of visitors from month to month.
  • The average number of guest page views.
  • The average time spent per visit.
  • Activity by country.

You’ll also be able to audit each store’s competitors to evaluate what they’re doing well to promote their stores and products.

Exploring Commodities

Intelligynce is a helpful software package that allows you to browse over 250,000 Shopify Stores and over one million goods. Identify and exhibit goods in high demand, and you will be victorious.

It enables you to search for products on the E-bay and Amazon marketplaces.

Powerful Filters

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It provides you with fantastic and sophisticated search filters. It has an easily affordable price. Intelligynce’s outstanding features include unlimited goods and reviews. It comes with a Google Chrome add-on. It provides you with access to excellent vendors and product search tools worldwide.

The Final Word

As a result, it is necessary to mention that Intelligynce and Ecomhunt have distinct characteristics that distinguish them in their own right. It’s almost as if they’re the most powerful tools for helping you establish your online E-commerce business and serving and assisting them in reaching new heights.

So, don’t wait any longer!! Grab it right now!!

Benefits: What do you Get?

Store Inspector

In Shopify products and stores, all of the details are plainly stated. You can examine things available in stores such as Amazon or eBay to understand how they work and then set up selling your products to generate money or profits.

Store Information

You may spy on Shopify products and stores, and you can even sell them at different rates. You can also acquire information about different stores such as Amazon and eBay, which will help you get sales for your Intelligynce products.

Estimated Sales Information

You’ll be able to see thorough information on any of the store’s actual sales earned by selling their goods. You will learn how to sell your products in a store and how much profit or revenue you may expect from your sales.

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Traffic Analysis

In Intelligynce, with the features you are utilizing to get an audience and get sales for your specified products or shop products, there will be a gathering of a vast audience that targets traffic to your products.

Facebook Ads Information

Facebook Ads are one of the quickest and easiest ways to market your items and generate revenue. You may reach a broad audience for your items by advertising them on Facebook Ads, which will allow you to reach people all over the world. Easy access to Facebook via social media accounts and simple returns on items purchased through these adverts.


One should target a segment of the population that is appropriate for your products, or who can buy them, or who can access information and acquire insight into your products, making them feel more likely to buy them, which will help you gain sales.

Engagement and Evaluations

Reviews and engagement can help you promote the value of your items and increase sales and revenue for products sold in Shopify stores. There will be a lot of users looking at your Shopify products that are offered in Shopify stores, and you’ll have a lot of competition, but you should build your product to be unique and stand out from the competitors.

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This will increase traffic to your site, aiding in audience interaction and product reviews, depending on their quality.

Pros and Cons of Intelligynce vs. Ecomhunt

Both have advantages and disadvantages. The following benefits and drawbacks explain what makes it distinct and superior to others.

As you may be aware, an e-commerce business sells products from various brands. It assists small businesses in growing their businesses in various ways through various integrations, interfaces, plugins, or software tools provided by a particular website or software tool that assists in targeting a large audience for sales. The benefits and drawbacks of these instruments are listed below.


  • Intelligynce is a search engine for products. E-commerce is an excellent instrument for this purpose.
  • It helps you save a lot of time. It’s quick and straightforward.
  • It is simple to use.
  • It is not necessary to acknowledge the software on research tools.
  • Ecomhunt provides Facebook insights and adverts to users in Ofer to learn about the products sold daily.
  • They will be able to determine which countries to target and their age and gender.
  • It also assists consumers in locating the ideal things for them by utilizing trending products.
  • It also keeps its users informed about other hot-selling niche products.
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  • Intelligynce’s price options are divided into numerous payment ways.
  • Monthly payments provide outstanding value for money, and they are only $29 each month. You’ll have to pay every month, and it’s ideal for e-commerce enterprises looking to expand profitably.
  • Ali Inspector is a program that must be downloaded to your computer. With a one-time $149 plan, you get access to all features with a one-time payment. Ads in the form of slideshows are not possible.
  • If you want to utilize Intelligynce but aren’t sure how long you’ll use it, an annual payment of $99 would be a good option.
  • Ecomhunt should expand its product line.
  • There are no free memberships available. It gives you little information and no on-demand date, and it gives you some insights into how the site operates, but it would be wonderful to see more.

Intelligynce vs. Ecomhunt FAQs

Does Intelligynce offer May free trial?

Unfortunately, Intelligynce does not provide a free trial. However, you can begin with a monthly subscription of $49. It is relatively cost-effective. You’ll have to pay every month, and it’s ideal for e-commerce companies looking to expand their tiny firms to new heights. 

What exactly is Ecomhunt?

It provides details on which Shopify stores are selling the most excellent products. It also shows users Facebook ads for a particular product. It attracts target audiences interested in the items, resulting in increased earnings and revenues, which aids in the successful growth of enterprises.

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What services do these two offer?

Traffic Analysis is a service provided by Intelligynce, including traffic sources, organic and sound search terms, social traffic levels, audience interests, and related sites. It contains Facebook Ads and targeting, profitability, engagement, reviews, links, offer coupons, and analytics. Ecomhunt adds new products daily. The professionals check all of the products that are posted.


Intelligynce is a Shopify analysis tool that can help you find the best Shopify products and stores that produce a lot of money. Lee’s product program creates many niche keyword ideas, evaluates the bestsellers, and identifies the best drop ship products for your e-commerce store. There is a unique discount coupon code available.

Intelligynce can be accessed from any internet-connected device, such as a laptop or smartphone. It includes useful features such as Shopify items, Shopify stores, and Hot products. It has a complex mechanism running in the background that gathers all the data every two weeks and ensures that it is current and fresh.

If you’re using Google or another search engine, finding this information on your own is nearly impossible. There are over 2.5 million products in Shopify’s database, which is a vast amount of information that you can access at your fingers. This data applies to all Shopify items and stores, but it does not imply that you must sell your products through Shopify.

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This is only for investigating new things you may put into your e-commerce businesses. You can sell on any e-commerce platform.

Ecomhunt will keep you up to date on the latest hot dropshipping products that you may add to your business. These products have been hand-picked by Shopify professionals, so you can be sure they’ll succeed. Furthermore, they will provide you with product information, including the pricing and sales price at which you should sell it for the margin or profit you will make.

Ecomhunt assists you by displaying new products daily. They’ll send a link so you can go ahead and look for it on AliExpress. They will supply you with Facebook targeting.