Is Dropshipping on eBay Worth It? Important Tips & Tricks

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What is eBay?

eBay is an e-commerce platform where you can offer your items online. Like other online markets such as AliExpress and Amazon, eBay’s user base has actually been increasing quickly for many years. In 2019, the platform reached 182 million users. The growing volume of users on the site has actually brought in online sellers trying to find clients to increase their sales.

You can browse, bid on, and purchase practically whatever on eBay, from fashion jewelry to vehicles. The sellers publish their items with beginning quote on the The consumers are most likely to bid on the most affordable beginning quote. Clients can bid the products for a specific time period set by the seller till the greatest quote lastly lands the sale.

Nevertheless, a seller can include a “Get it Now” alternative on his item page to manage the rate of the item and to enable the purchasers to purchase the product, without bidding at a fixed price.

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Dropshipping on eBay

Although dropshipping is entirely legal yet eBay has some constraints on it. Dropshipping is not prohibited however is limited in some way. It is technically enabled on eBay that you can meet orders straight from wholesale providers. It implies that if you buy a bulk amount from a wholesale provider, you can market those items on eBay.

Moreover, you can’t offer items from another retail site like Amazon and you can’t dropship on eBay,” purchasing the items from another market that ships straight to your purchaser are not permitted on eBay”. For that reason, dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is not permitted. You can’t note something on eBay, bought from Amazon, and after that dispatch it to your eBay consumer. eBay is stringent about this policy, they will never ever reduce or eliminate these limitations.

Tips for Creating a eBay Dropshipping Strategy

Dropshipping is nearly as old as mail orders and direct marketing. The premise is straightforward. First of all, you put an ad selling what you do not have. Then, by sending the money for it, the customer “buys” the item. You will then collect a part of the money and buy it at a lower cost (usually wholesale) from your provider, with your supplier shipping going directly to your customer. Everybody’s ideally glad.

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If it works well, drop shipping is a business dream, an opportunity to play with the perfect intermediary without an overhead–you have no inventory, no shipping hassles, and no shopfront. You simply accept money in quantity and send the money you accept to a third party a little smaller and keep it as a profit.

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Tips to avoid errors when dropshipping via eBay

Naturally, things are seldom so simple in actual life and the direct marketers who experience dropshipping know that in most retail shipping companies that do any volume usually have a constant stream of “carcasses” to deal with.

While such hiccups may not have a statistical impact on a traditional dropshipping scenario for your business, they can differ from success to failure on eBay so you must treat your eBay dropshipping business like an eBay business first and a dropshipping shipping business a distant second.

Keep Close Tabs in Completion Times

The best way to this is to send active emails requesting feedback from your customers, or to complete a kind of satisfaction survey after a reasonable time is spent to do so. You will soon hear again if the orders take longer than you think.

This is important as online buyers and eBay generally expect a better service as other direct marketing buyers and, if shipments are delayed for whatever reason before shipments are sent, negative feedback and reversals in payment charges may seriously damage your prospects for success.

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Monitoring stock issues

You need to monitor stock problems in the marketing on eBay much more critically than you do when selling via other direct marketing channels. Coordination of the means available to you with your supplier(s), but do not give your supplier exclusive fulfillment times and availability. Sales of eBay are contracts and “backorder” or “cancelation” cannot be allowed due to non-disposable situations.

Once someone purchases an item, you will deliver the item promptly or a non-performance violation is possible for the seller— a process which can be started by buyers only ten days after an auction is complete if they haven’t received their order yet. Just a few of these (usually in numbers you can count on, even if it depends on the volume of sales) and eBay will close you down for good as a seller.

Be ready for communication with Returns

On eBay, your sales and ability to make both depend on your feedback score— an initial score given to you not as a provider. If your customer has a return problem, or is not happy with it, then it will be publicly accepted by yourself as a seller–and will have a negative effect on future sales.

That is why as an eBay seller, you could consider it absolutely necessary to mediate in return and exchange problems after they have been fulfilled in ways not needed to sell through other pathways.

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Beware of product quality and purchaser expectations

In the traditional Direct Marketing environment, eBay and online purchasers have higher trading expectations than their customers. You expect a photo and a clearly defined list of items in your auctions and you expect to receive an item the same as the one that you “purchased” via your auction listing.

Thus, you must select a wholesaler and a product catalog that will not change stock or suppliers without telling yourself — or on the other hand you must make clear in your lists that when your customers receive the item it may vary significantly from the listing— things that will be bad for eBay and will likely harm sales.

It can seem as a matter of course, but too often it has returned to bite new eBay sellers, so mention should be made. You must fulfill the order regardless of how much the final price is, even if it is below your cost if you list using the auction format.

If you can’t satisfy this requirement, sell only with fixed-price listings (i.e. Buy It Now) or ask to get serious financial rapid sand and to lose your shirt or to shut down for non-performance — which took up some of the best and lightest eBay almost overnight.

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As you can start seeing, running a successful eBay business involves two major concerns— first, retaining your good feedback and compliance under eBay policy to ensure you are able to send further and secondly, having to fulfill your auction expenses quickly and at the cost of closing. This includes all costs, overheads and/or unforeseen losses that can accompany a proposal.

Take these two tensions between e-Bay culture and business models and you will be on your way to a successful e-Bay shipping company as are so many others.

eBay dropshipping guidelines and conditions

In order to dropship on eBay, you initially require to comprehend what is and isn’t permitted.

According to eBay’s dropshipping policy, you can’t acquire products from another merchant or market that ships straight to your consumer.

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What does this mean precisely?

It suggests you can’t dropship from locations like Amazon or AliExpress, and if you do, eBay might lower, conceal or eliminate your listings completely.

That’s not all however.

Failure to adhere to eBay’s policy might likewise lead to decreasing your seller score, purchasing or offering constraints, loss of purchaser or seller securities and even account suspension.

Prior to the policy, eBay sellers had the ability to dropship items from practically anywhere, which naturally caused dissatisfied clients who ultimately harmed the eBay brand name.

You can check out in an eBay thread how clients seemed like they ‘d been lied to, after purchasing on eBay just to get an Amazon parcel and Amazon invoice inside for less than they paid.

Naturally, this triggered eBay to generate a dropshipping policy that limited sellers from continuing to do this.

So, the only method to dropship on eBay is to meet orders straight from a wholesale provider.

It is likewise a requirement to pay listing charges for each of your items, even if they do not offer, and warranty shipment within one month.

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Benefits of dropshipping on eBay

Supplying you follow the standards, eBay dropshipping does have some terrific advantages, specifically for brand-new sellers and start-ups, as barriers to entry are exceptionally low.

Here are the benefits:

No in advance investment.

Maybe the best benefit of eBay dropshipping, is the reality that you do not require to acquire stock in big amounts in advance (just as long as you can discover a wholesaler who enjoys to dropship to your eBay clients).

Easy to get going.
What’s more, due to the fact that you do not require to purchase stock, it’s truly simple to start with practically no money at all. All you require to do is established an eBay Seller account and discover a wholesaler to dropship in your place.

Benefit from eBay’s audience.

eBay is the world’s biggest and most widely known auction website for purchasing items online, which implies it currently has a substantial, faithful client base.

By beginning your dropshipping organization on eBay, you’ll basically access to a huge audience with absolutely no work from your side.

Save money on marketing efforts.

Along with profiting from a ready-made consumer base, dropshipping on eBay suggests that you do not require to invest loads on marketing like you would do typically; countless online purchasers will see your listings anyhow.

Dropshipping is versatile.

A great deal of sellers wish to begin an online service as an experiment together with their day task, as a method to make more money and test the water.

Dropshipping on eBay is something that anybody can attempt from throughout the world– all you require is access to the web– so it can be totally versatile around your life.

Grow with very little risk.

Scaling your dropshipping organization on eBay is simpler than a conventional online shop, offering you have great connections with your provider.

Why? Due to the fact that as you offer more, the work just is up to them, suggesting you can grow your organization without the dangers and expenses associated with common growth, such as workplace, overheads, extra personnel earnings, storage facility lease and so on.

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Downsides of dropshipping on eBay

On the face of it, eBay dropshipping looks like a no-brainer, however there are an entire host of downsides to take into account prior to proceeding with it, specifically given that eBay presented its stringent dropshipping policy.

Here are the drawbacks:

Difficult to discover a dropship provider.

Maybe the most significant drawback of dropshipping on eBay, is how hard it is to develop wholesale relationships with providers, as extremely couple of will provide dropshipping services unless you can show you can move item.

Frequently need to purchase stock wholesale.

As constructing dropship relationships with wholesalers frequently requires time, you’ll likely discover that you need to purchase wholesale stock upfront in order to show your sales record to them.

Obviously, this absolutely beats the point of dropshipping and implies you risk purchasing stock that may never offer.

eBay limitations.

There’s only one legal method to dropship on eBay, which counts on you discovering a wholesaler that wants to run your dropshipping service.

eBay sets a lot of other constraints for sellers too, such as how you need to interact with your customers and present your brand name. And failure to adhere to these constraints might result in major effects for your eBay company.

You’re accountable when things fail.

According to eBay, you are totally responsible for the safe shipment of the product within the time frame mentioned in your listing.

Nevertheless, you’re dependent on the provider to dropship for you, who is under no commitments to provide within this time frame. This mean they might lack stock and wait a month to ship if they like, and they ‘d still be no consequences for them at all.

Yet the unfavorable feedback you would undoubtedly get on your listings might lead to account suspension, not to mention an extreme drop in sales.

What’s more, any refunds to the purchaser are the obligation of the eBay seller just.

Do not own your clients.

Dropshipping by means of eBay implies you do not own your consumers, rather you’re assisting eBay develop their brand name whenever you make a sale.

Consider it, if a pal asks where you got something from, you’ll state “eBay” and not the eBay seller’s service.

Not just that, however you can’t produce an e-mail list to remarket to– it’s simply not possible.

High competitors.

Due to its low barriers to entry, dropshipping on eBay is an enticing service design to great deals of online sellers much like you, implying the competitors is intense.

Particularly viewing as lots of sellers will be offering the specific very same item as you, you’ll need to focus your efforts on other methods to stick out, which can be extremely time consuming.

Low earnings margins.

With such high competitors, you might require to keep reducing your rates to stay a feasible alternative to consumers.

What’s more, eBay charges listings charges (after the preliminary 50 complimentary) and the platform will use up to 10% of your overall list price, additional decreasing your revenue margins.

For that reason, in order to reasonably earn money dropshipping on eBay, you’ll need to keep a substantial sales volume monthly.

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Finally, is Dropshipping on eBay worth it?

The answer to this concern truly depends upon what you’re wishing to attain through eBay dropshipping.

If you’re simply attempting to make a little money on the side, then dropshipping on eBay could be a fantastic choice, without any in advance investment and really restricted risk included.

Nevertheless, if you wish to construct a long term, unforgettable brand name, with healthy earnings margins and be entirely responsible for the advancement of your online company, then eBay dropshipping is not for you.

Rather, we advise you focus your efforts on discovering a platform that enables far higher modification.

We hope this guide has actually offered you with clearness over eBay dropshipping, and assisted you to come to a conclusion regarding whether it’s worthwhile or not for your organization objectives.

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