Is Shopify a Free to use eCommerce Platform?

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Shopify is free for those who have experience selling online. Here’s a quick overview of Shopify for anyone looking to start an e-commerce website.

It’s basically an eCommerce platform that allows users to quickly build online shops and sell their products and services. Shopify POS allows merchants to sell their products in person.

Shopify was founded ten years ago. Tobi, the founder of Shopify, created it because he realized that selling products or services online was very difficult without an e-commerce platform or website creator.

Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform that helps businesses of all sizes succeed. Shopify supports all types of businesses, whether you run a small shop or sell online.

The main question most people want to know is “Is Shopify free?” Continue reading to find out the answers you are looking for before you create your online store.

Shopify is it free to use?

Who doesn’t love free things? We all do. Shopify is different. You can still enjoy a 14-day trial. You can then set up your store and open it to the public. To continue selling, you will need to purchase a plan.

Shopify offers four pricing options. These are:

Each plan has its own unique features, so each company can pick the right plan for them without spending money on unnecessary features.

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Shopify is Free to Sell

Shopify allows you to test it for a period of time, but then charges you for the full service. You will need to purchase a plan in order to set up an online shop and sell your products and services. These are your options.

Basic Shopify costs $29 and allows you to sell unlimited products and services. This plan is best for businesses with a large product range. Shopify does not limit your file storage or the number of products you can store. This plan also includes ‘Abandoned Cart Recovery’ features. This plan does not include professional reports or gift card features. Telephone support is another important feature that makes this plan worthwhile.

The Shopify plan costs $79, but it has lower credit card rates and offers more features. Shopify plan users pay only 0.3% for credit card payments. This plan also includes professional reports that can provide valuable insights into your store. An app also offers gift cards.

Advanced Shopify is their most expensive plan. This plan is $299. This plan has the lowest credit card payment. It also offers the most affordable shipping to the United States. Shopify Advanced is the right choice if you want real-time shipping. This means that Shopify Advanced will automatically calculate shipping costs for you. This plan also includes an advanced report creator that allows you to create custom reports.

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Shopify Plus is an enterprise solution. The Shopify Plus e-commerce platform is highly scalable and available starting at $2000 You will receive support from a team to help you set up and launch your ecommerce store. Support is available 24/7. Your Shopify developers team will have more access to Shopify’s system for customizing your website. Plus, you will have two more clone storefronts that are for internationalization.

Shopify is Free for 90 Days

Shopify just partnered up with the government in Canda to create a program called “Go Digital Canada”. This program will give you a Shopify 90-day trial for free.

What is Shopify Free Trial 60 Days?

Users used to have the option of a 60-day trial. This was possible if a Shopify partner or expert created a store for your business. The offer cost $5 for a fiver. Shopify’s 60-day free trial is no longer available. Shopify’s 14-day free trial is no longer available. You can still test it out to determine if it is right for you.

What is 21-day free trial shopify?

Shopify initially offered a 14-day trial period. Shopify allows users to use all features and create an online store to test whether Shopify is right for them. Shopify then offered 60- and 90-day trial periods. Shopify no longer offers a 60-day trial, but the 90-day free trial is still available. Shopify offers a 21-day trial period. Contact the customer service team to get a seven-day extension on your 14-day trial period. You will then be able to receive 21-days of trial.

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Shopify 30 Day Free Trial: What’s it all about?

At the moment, the 30 day free trial is inactive. Shopify users can only get a 14-day free trial. If you have valid reasons, however, you can request a seven-day extension and a 21-day trial period.

What are the Best Ecommerce Platforms Similar to Shopify?

Here’s a list with free Shopify alternatives

  • Square Online (free plan), unlimited products, 2.95% transaction fees and three payment gateways.
  • Weebly (free plan: 2.9 percent Shopify transaction charges, and three payment gateways
  • Big Cartel (free plan), 0 percent transaction fee, 3 payment gateways, 5 products
  • Constant Contact (free plan), 3 percent transaction fees and two payment gateways. Also, three products.
  • Wix (free trial), 0 percent transaction fee, 4 payment gateways, unlimited products
  • BigCommerce (free trial), 0 percent transaction fee, five payment gateways and unlimited products
  • Squarespace (free trial), 0 percent transaction fee, unlimited products and seven payment gateways
  • WooCommerce (Free Installation): Seven payment gateways, zero transaction fees and unlimited products.
  • Magento (Free Installation): More than 10 payment gateways, zero transaction fees, unlimited products.
  • OpenCart is free to install: More than 10 payment gateways, unlimited products and 0 percent transaction costs.
  • PrestaShop (free install): Zero percent transaction fees, more that ten payment gateways and unlimited products

Is Shopify Pos Free?

Users will be required to pay monthly fees and set rates depending on the use of Shopify POS.

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The Shopify basic plan costs $29 per month, which includes transaction fees. This is 2.9 percent and thirty-cents for online sales, and 2,7% for in-person sales. Shopify users don’t have to pay additional fees if the Shopify payment system is being used to process payments. You will need to pay an additional 2 percent if you use a third-party payment gateway. Basic plans offer two accounts for staff, unlimited file storage and products, shipping discounts, as well as support and website.

Shopify plans that cost $79 per month will require you to pay 2.6 percent, thirty cents for each transaction and 2.5 percent for in-person sales. The rates drop to one percent if you use a third-party gateway rater than your Shopify Payment Gateway. This plan includes five accounts for staff, gift cards, abandoned carts and access reports.

Advanced Shopify plans are the most expensive and offer the most Shopify features. Online transactions cost 2.4 percent, thirty cents each, and in-person sales 2,4 percent. An external payment gateway can be used for an additional 0.5 percent. The package includes fifteen staff accounts, shipping rates displayed during checkout, and an advanced report-builder.

Shopify Plus is also available for businesses. Shopify Lite is also available for small businesses.

Shopify lite will cost you $9 per month and an additional 2.9 percent, thirty cents, and $2,7 percent respectively for each credit card transaction.

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Shopify Email is Free

Shopify users can send 2,500 emails per month to all subscribers who have paid for Shopify plans. These terms are used to calculate the cost of email:

  • Emails are counted according each email ID to which they were sent. Sending one email to 700 addresses will result in 700 emails.
  • Emails that aren’t used within the month will not be added to the next one.
  • You can send up to 2500 emails. Each 1000 email will cost $1.
  • A subscription is not available. It’s simple to put it this way: Shopify Emails charges users only for the content they send.

Shopify Partners is it free?

Shopify’s Partner’s Program is available to everyone at no cost. You can experiment with a variety of test stores. You will also make a monthly income for each client reference, theme design, and built app.

What are the Shopify Alternatives Free?


It’s a self-hosted platform that allows for e-commerce. It uses WordPress. Woocommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform that can be scaled and customized. This is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to reach long-term goals and keep everything under their control.


This e-commerce platform is dedicated and features advanced marketing features, including abandoned cart emails. This platform is great for digital marketers or organizations looking for scalable solutions.

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This is the ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses. It has a user-friendly interface with step-by-step guides (tutorials), which assist in setting up processes.

Big Cartel

It’s an ecommerce solution for artists, creators, and influencers. It is simpler to use than other ecommerce solutions because it has a smaller number of features. Big Cartel is an excellent choice for large companies.

Check Out These Top Free Apps for Shopify.

Here’s a list with the best Shopify apps:

  • Get a Printer
  • Review of Product
  • No Shipping Charge
  • Shopify SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero
  • Printful
  • Contact Form – Improved
  • Klaviyo
  • Oberlo
  • Kit
  • Digital Downloads
  • Swell offers rewards and referrals
  • Use promo codes
  • Compass
  • Image SEO – Bulk Image Edit
  • Upsell and cross-sell products
  • There are infinite options
  • UserGems
  • Sales Notification via MPS
  • Ultimate Sales Boost
  • Give and Grow
  • Tidio Live Chat
  • Trust Badge
  • Privy
  • PushOwl
  • Form Builder

How to extend Shopify’s free trial?

Shopify users can enjoy a 14-day free trial period. If you wish to extend the trial period, contact customer support with a valid reason. They will extend it for seven more days. This makes it a 21-day trial period.

Additional Shopify Features

Shopify’s free QR Code Generator

Shopify QR code generator lets you enter any SMS, phone number, URL, text, or URL. The QR code generator generates QR codes that you can use anywhere with just one click. These codes can be used to increase traffic, sales, and customer interest.

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How to Find the Best Shopify Themes for Free?

To find the best Shopify themes, you must first understand what makes a theme great. These are the essential elements of Shopify-free themes:

Customization and Appearance

You don’t have to use the free theme you choose. It is better to choose a free theme that allows you to customize it and makes your brand look great. Online stores are all about style and design. Make sure you choose a theme that you can customize and allows for customization.

Mobile and Web Responsive

People will abandon a website that takes too long to load on mobile or the web. When choosing a theme, ensure it loads quickly on desktop and mobile. You don’t want to lose customers or let sales suffer because the chosen theme takes too long to load.

Find the right match for your brand

You don’t just need to choose a theme that looks good and allows you to customize the Shopify website design to suit your needs. You must ensure that the theme’s overall appearance matches your brand. Everything must match your brand, from the color scheme to the fonts and logos to other customizations.

Customer Support

There will be many questions when you build an e-commerce shop. You will need prompt and reliable customer service to help you set up your store. Consider whether the Shopify theme offers customer support.

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What are the Shopify Free Images Features?

Shopify gives away Shopify images for free. This includes product photography and lifestyle images. You can download content to help you create a professional brand. These stock images are free and high-resolution, which you can use for commercial purposes.

How to Set up Free Shipping on Shopify

No Shipping Charge for Orders Above A Set Amount

These are the steps to follow:

  • Navigate to your Shopify administrator. Click on Shipping and open the settings.
  • You can edit the text to add free shipping.
  • Click the Add Rate button in the rate segments.
  • Add a rate and enter a name. Next, put the minimum order value and maximum order value.
  • For free shipping, check the rates.
  • Click Done.

No Shipping Charge for Orders Above a Fixed Weight

Follow these steps:

  • Go to Shopify administrator. Go to settings. Open shipping.
  • Click Edit to edit the area you wish to offer free shipping
  • Click on the Weight segment to add weight.
  • Enter a name and the maximum and minimum order weights, and then check the shipping cost.
  • Click Done.

What is the Best Shopify Free Theme?

These are some of the top Shopify themes:

* Brooklyn.
* Narrative.
* Fashe.
* Annabelle.
* Boundless.
* Venture.

How Want a Free Card Reader from Shopify?

The chip and swipe reader can be purchased at the Shopify Hardware Store in America.

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This is how to pair Shopify and connect your POS.

  • Shopify POS
  • Tap store
  • Open Hardware.
  • Select ‘Connect card reader’ from the screen.
  • Once you have landed on the screen for selecting readers, click Connect under the Chip and swipe reader.
  • Release the button on the card reader’s right side. The light will start flashing.
  • Once you have seen the card reader, click on Available card readers.
  • Connect by tapping.

What is Shopify Free Logo Maker?

Shopify makes it easy to create your logo in no time. The only thing they need to do is give the details to the logo generator and watch the magic happen. Shopify’s free logo generator is easy to use and free. You also have tons of options. Shopify’s free logo maker makes it even easier.

What are the Free Shopify Page Templates (PDF)?

Shopify is the best choice for setting up an online e-commerce shop. Shopify offers over 100 templates free of charge and premium Shopify templates you can use to create pages.

Shopify: Free Slogan Maker

Slogans are attractive and help people remember your brand. Catchy slogans are the best way to grab customers’ attention and interest. The Shopify slogan generator is free and will help you do just that. Shopify’s slogan generator makes it easy to create attractive slogans for your online shop.

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Which Shopify theme is best for blogs?

  • Wookiee: multipurpose.
  • Shella: The ultimate theme for Shopify.
  • Basel: A responsive theme for an online store.
  • Fastor: Multipurpose sections theme.
  • Gecko Responsive Shopify theme.

Shopify Offers Oberlo for Free

Oberlo’s base plan is completely free and can be used to place unlimited orders. Oberlo works only with Shopify, a paid platform.

How to Cancel Shopify Free Trial

This is how to cancel your Shopify trial for free:

  • Go to Account Settings.
  • You must log in as the owner of the store.
  • Check out the section on status.
  • Choose a reason to cancel.
  • Confirm cancellation

How to Shopify: Extend Your Free Trial

To extend your trial by seven more days, you can contact customer service to request an extension. Your 14-day trial will be extended to 21 days.

What is a free version of Shopify?

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial. You can open your store during this period and make it available to the public.

What is Shopify Free Domain?

Shopify makes it easy to register a domain name for your ecommerce website. Shopify allows you to purchase a domain. You can also use an existing domain or get a free one.

How to Get Free Shipping on Shopify

Open Shopify.

Navigate to Settings–Open Shipping, then General Profile.

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Click Manage Rates to shift to the Shipping To section.

Select the countries where you wish to sell your products. Add shipping costs based on weight.

This setting allows you to sell your products internationally. Customers who buy a product at a regular price will get free shipping. If they buy a product at a regular price, shipping costs will be $7-$28 depending on the item’s quantity. Next, select the weight you wish to use for regular price items. After you’re done, you can move on to the next step. This will allow you to set prices at 0.00 and weight at 1.00 kg for any items that you want to include in ‘Free Plus Shipping’.

What is the Free Shopify Upsell app?

Easy Upsell allows you to sell additional products to customers and encourage them to purchase more when they check out. Customers will often accept offers that are too tempting to pass up.

How to Use Shopify Page Builder for Free

Shopify offers several free page builders. These page builders allow you to personalize your pages and make them look completely different. Drag and drop is all you need. You can change the order of articles, content, and products. You can do anything you want for nothing!

Which Shopify theme is the best?

Debut is a well-known name. It can be customized to your liking. It is also very easy to use and extremely fast. It is suitable for most stores, as it covers all your inventory well and is flexible enough.