Is Shopify a Safe and Legit eCom Platform?

Shopify, an eCommerce platform used by more than 600 000 merchants around the world, is well-known to most. Shopify has been voted the best eCommerce platform in the year by developers around the globe for over five years.

While online shopping is convenient, it is important to ensure that you are secure and that your personal information is not shared with anyone. It is important to evaluate whether Shopify is a safe platform.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

This article is to answer the most important question: Can I buy from Shopify Stores safely? You will also find some tips to keep you safe online shopping. Let’s get started!

Shopify is a safe platform?

What criteria can make an eCommerce website secure? Five key security factors are important to consider when evaluating a platform. These security criteria are also protected by Shopify. These lines provide more information about each of them:

Credit Card Data

Payment security is the first thing we need to think about. This refers to your Credit Card Data. When you charge customers, they usually enter their credit card number. Tokenized is one example of a payment gateway that doesn’t store credit card data. Some payment gateways, such as Tokenized, don’t require that your credit card data touch the server. This means you will need a secure, PCI-compliant server to handle the transactions. You can also help customers shop with no security concerns.

What happens if your customers’ credit card information is stolen from your website. Those customers will be gone forever. You will also be more likely take responsibility by bringing legal action. Some brands have had to deal with this type of problem. Some brands were able to regain their brand value, while others remained the same. However, the fact that a person’s credit card data, name, and email address is stolen can lead to the theft of money, which is what customers and merchants don’t want.

Shopify is PCI Level 1 compliant for credit card processing. This means that the platform already meets the highest standards for server compliance and the highest standards for payment processing. Even if you don’t have a Shopify account, Shopify is PCI compliant. This allows you to securely process your payments. You can accept payments without worrying about credit card security.

Inserting code at the checkout can make this process insecure. Data can also be easily accessed. Shopify has made it impossible for store owners to customize the checkout process. This can be annoying for some people.

Customer Data

You, as a merchant will have the ability to collect a lot about your customers during checkout. This data will usually be stored in the database. These data can include name, address and email addresses, product orders, passwords and so forth.

If you’re a store owner, it is important to ensure that your customer data is secure and that you can securely store customer data according to the laws of your country. Each country has its own data protection laws, which business owners must comply with. If you fail to protect your customers’ data, you could face legal action and even fines. You should add HTTPS to your domain name. This can be activated with an SSL certificate. Shopify stores require a wildcard SSL certificate because they may need to protect subdomains. You can also choose any type SSL certificate that you think will best fit the site’s structure.

Shopify has taken a number of steps to protect customer data over the years. The Shopify integration can be used to collect customer information and then automatically update it securely. Shopify takes precautions to prevent data leakage by restricting login attempts and making sure that only the app developers have access to the data required to run the apps. Shopify’s ecosystem makes customer data very secure.

Fraud Protection

Fraudulent orders are also possible. If people do this, they will likely lose their money. These fraudsters will quickly find their easy target and hit you hard. The industry you work in will determine the severity of your problem. There are certain products that are more easily defrauded than others. To avoid fraud, you need to take steps to protect yourself.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify has a strong fraud prevention system that flags fraudulent orders. You will have the ability to review your orders before they are processed. You will also have full control of the entire setup. For example, you can decide whether your orders should be fulfilled manually or automatically. Orders that are flagged suspiciously will be investigated and dispatched. The problem lies often in an address mismatch, multiple attempts at different cards, and other issues.


SSL is an essential element for online businesses. It is essential that all content and scripts on your website are served over SSL. SSL will allow you to secure your payments and stop deceitful scripts from tricking your website and customers’ browsers.

Shopify stores come with SSL in every store. The SSL will work in your store even if you don’t load any insecure scripts. Shopify will include the SSL certificate in your monthly fee and you don’t need to pay additional fees.

Admin Security

Store owners must answer these questions with care.

  • Is your admin area secure and protected?
  • Are there any security measures that can stop brute force attacks?

If an attacker gains access to your admin account for your store, they will have access to all of your website’s content and may even take control of it. Hackers will have a greater chance of targeting your online store if it is running smoothly.

Shopify offers a secure back-end that allows users to access merchant privileges. Account owners will have the ability to create staff accounts with different privileges. You must take security measures to authenticate and block access and protect admin and staff accounts against brute force attacks.

Answered: Can I buy from Shopify Hosted Stores?

The general answer to this question is yes. Shopify stores are completely safe. We cannot avoid being scammed if we don’t take precautions. If the store you’re going to purchase is using a reliable installment provider like: Accept payments anywhere, send money, pay online or set up a merchant account – PayPal, etc., then this section will be helpful. You can then relax as the credit page you have entered is https.

The installment you make will be processed by the installment provider structure and not your store. You can also ensure that your card details are being sent directly to the payment provider and not to a third-party through Shopify.

Shopify Store Scam: How to Avoid It

This section will focus on the quick tips you can use to avoid scams while shopping on Shopify.

Check for Contact Detail

You can check the contact information on a website to verify that a store is legit. If the contact you see only has a web form with no address, email or phone number, you should be suspicious. These online shops that are legitimate online stores will help you answer any questions you may have. It’s best to verify the contact information and get in touch with them to confirm that they are genuine.

Check out the Customer Feedback

You can also check the Customer Feedback section to see if any reviews have been posted about the website. To search for a website by name, add “fake” or “scam” to the search bar. To gain your trust, you can quickly see if the store has had bad experiences.

Whois Lookup

Store owners provide the registration details of their website to organizations when they run it. Knowing this, you can type the website address of the online store in the searching bar of after browsing the link below:

This will allow you to identify the person who registered the site you are interested in investigating. If the contact details on the website match, this brand will be more trustworthy to purchase online.

Overall Look and Feel

It is important to assess the website’s overall appearance and feel before you decide if it is genuine. Here are some things you should pay attention to. First, you need to consider how professional your site looks. It is possible to see if the site has a professional layout, high-resolution photos, and a clean language. These tips can be used to compare the site you already trust with your own and discover the differences.

How do I know if a Shopify store is legit?

SHOPIFY allows people to create their own shop. Shopify is not a scam. However, many of the sub-shopping options are.

They promote products by copy-paste of large suppliers. They get paid by Shopify and collect orders. Then THEY DIE. You will not receive your money back.

SHOPIFY HAS LEGAL REPONSIBILITIES, EVEN AS A “INTRODUCER”, AND PAYMENT GUARANTOR (THUS RESPONSIBLE TO “REFUNDS”) PayPal, which is also an obrela but is only for payments, is unfortunately covering the same/similar type of scammers.

They should not be allowed to “rest”. Already reported to EU authorities. We are now taking legal action. Payed $20 for product X and $10 shipping (on Paypal invoice, in front/covering the “seller”) I paid $20 for EU VAT+CUSTOMS.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

However, the product contained in the package wasn’t the one ordered. After 45 days of disputes, claims, the “resolution centre” suggested that I first return the incorrect product and then receive the $30 (20+10) refund.

The “trading” base is flawed/incorrect at first. I paid in advance. I want my money back. Even though I paid in advance, I am now losing 100% (20 Customs +10 Return Shipping). They do this so that you lose more money and get ZERO result. Check out the WordPress metabox

We are pursuing a legal action to get a full reimbursement of our $60 cost, as well as damages and losses, and legal expenses. We, the consumers, will always demand what we pay for.

There are many MyShopify reviews. It would be mistake to assume that all the online reviews would be the same Myshopify.

This is a huge problem for honest store owners who use a MyShopify domain for no reason and are now having to deal with the fact that other Myshopify stores are being damaged by less trustworthy people.

There are many MyShopify-stores and there is no discount code that will work for them all.

This page will be of assistance if you’re looking for a discount on MyShopify.

I dialed 1 (855) 816 3857 to speak with a gentleman who refused to help me or represent me after being ripped off at one of their stores. He told me to contact my credit card company in order to get my money back.

It was obvious that he knew it was a scam. He kept telling me to contact my credit card company. Shopify will not cover you if you buy anything. They don’t care about consumers.