List of Top and Best Selling Shopify Apparel Stores

Do you have an idea for a clothing store on Shopify that you would like to open?

It’s a great idea to take inspiration from the best. It’s also a great idea to check out what your competition is doing if you have an apparel store.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

We’ve compiled this list of the best Shopify clothing stores.

It’s not only the Shopify websites that are amazing, but often the stories behind how they got started.

We hope that these online stores provide inspiration and motivation to you to create your own store.

Shopify’s best clothing and fashion stores

Roden Gray

Roden Gray is one the most popular menswear shops on Shopify.

Roden Gray curates clothing from dozens fashion designers around the globe, instead of creating and selling their own clothes.

They are able to offer an exclusive collection of apparel that celebrates diversity and celebrates different cultures. Their high-quality products are the only thing that shares a commonality with their items.

They also have a physical boutique in downtown Vancouver, in addition to their Shopify shop.

You can visit Roden Gray’s Shopify shop.

Vintages that are loved

Adored Vintage is a boutique that sells vintage-inspired, modern pieces for “modern romances”.

Rodellee Bas, the founder of Adored Vintage, started selling vintage clothing to her friends via Myspace. (Facebook was only available for college students at that time). After leaving her job in fashion production, Rodellee began building Adored Vintage nightly.

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She had enough savings in 2012 to be able to quit her job and follow Adored Vintage full-time.

Adored Vintage sells stunning women’s clothing and donates a portion to local schools. Rodellee mentors women to start their own businesses.

You can visit Adored Vintage’s Shopify shop.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova was founded in 2006 and has been the most visited Shopify store worldwide.

The most popular Shopify clothing or fashion store is also the most visited Shopify store. They have been featured in music videos featuring celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B.

It is not surprising then, that Fashion Nova is also most searched fashion brand via Google.

Although you may not have this much fame in your clothing business, Fashion Nova is an apparel store that you can’t ignore.

Shopify Fashion Nova’s store here.


Greats was founded in 2014 and claims to be Brooklyn’s original sneaker brand.

Their sneakers are plain in design as part of their mission to make versatile products that don’t have the “BS attitude” of retro sneakers for men and women.

Greats shoes are versatile and can be worn in any style. They also emphasize sustainability and ethical labor practices.

Greats has a Shopify site that is extremely well-designed and offers high-quality shoes.

You can visit Greats’ Shopify Fashion Store.


Negative is a Shopify clothing store that’s well-designed and has great imagery.

The store’s minimalist design fits well with their brand mission to make simple, comfortable underwear for women.

This same approach to their website design allows product images to shine and sell.

You can visit Negative’s Shopify Store here.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is a menswear brand that makes high-quality clothing for men.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Taylor Stitch is known for its durability and emphasis on natural products. This allows Taylor Stitch to avoid using pesticides and chemicals that can harm workers and pollute our environment.

Taylor Stitch produces great clothing, but also a great online Shopify store.

You can visit Taylor Stitch’s Shopify Store.


Topper Luciani founded Goodfair to combat the fast fashion culture that is consumption-based.

Goodfair does not list individual items like other clothing stores, which tend to only sell secondhand clothes. They offer customers bundles of identical items such as graphic tees.

This allows them to streamline their processes and helps them save money, which they then pass on to their customers in the form of lower prices.

Goodfair’s online store features a pastel-colored theme that makes it stand out among other Shopify stores.

You can visit Goodfair’s Shopify Store here.


3sixteen, a Shopify clothing store featuring amazing imagery, is the one you should visit.

3sixteen’s website features high-quality product photos and in-situ photographs of customers wearing their products. It is almost like browsing a boutique.

Their commitment to design extends to their website, clothing, and even artist collaboration projects.

Go to 3sixteen’s Shopify Store.

Big Bud Press

Big Bud Press, a Los Angeles-based label with a small growth rate, produces high-quality clothing for all body types.

It’s not enough to ensure that their clothes are inclusive; it’s also important that they’re made ethically.

Big Bud Press uses bright, vibrant colors in their Shopify store design.

Shopify: Big Bud Press’ store.

Manitobah Mukluks

Sean McCormick founded Manitobah Mukluks in 1997 to celebrate Canada’s Indigenous heritage through footwear.

Many of their products are made in partnership with Indigenous elders or artisans. They are built to withstand Canada’s varied climates.

Visit Manitobah Mukluks’ Shopify store here.

Fitness Apparel Shopify Stores


Balance Athletica is family owned and operated. It was founded around the idea of balancing your mind and body to allow you to live your best life. Through their clothing, they aim to create a community for people of all backgrounds.

What We Like

  • Balance Athletica’s efforts include people from all walks of life
  • A beautiful video banner featuring simple shots of a model in the products, set against a neutral background.
  • You can view large, high-quality photos from the homepage without any lag in site speeds
  • To add a sense to scarcity, the PLP includes “Almost Gone” on products with low stock. The star rating of the product is displayed to show the quality of the clothing.
  • Customers can use the “quick Add to Cart” button to order directly from the PLP


Gymshark is based in the UK and sells workout clothing to over 131 countries around the world. This company started out in a garage, like many great businesses. Through stylish and comfortable fitness clothes, the founder wanted to inspire customers.

What We Like

  • In an effort to show transparency about sustainability, a report is created that shows the brand’s carbon footprint. It also lists the CO2 emissions.
  • This homepage features images taken from a recent collaboration between Whitney Simmons and Whitney Simmons, a fitness digital artist with 3.2million Instagram followers.
  • To demonstrate the stability and comfort of the product, videos are shown showing a model wearing the PDP’s clothing.
  • The Gymshark Central section of the website features blogs that offer tips and tricks for styling, conditioning, overall wellness, and more


Alo yoga is a brand that sells accessories and clothing for yoga. The brand is focused on mindfulness, community and wellness. It also makes clothing that can be worn on and off the mat. Alo has been worn by many celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.

What We Like

  • Popup copy that collects email addresses contains a pun that reads “Get it om” and includes fun yoga lingo.
  • It has a simple, clean layout that is easy to use and offers many products.
  • Below the fold is a section called “Shop Kendall Jenner’s Look”, where customers can find exactly what Kendall Jenner’s biggest fashion icon is wearing.
  • Alo Moves is a program that gives back to customers for $20 per month. Alo gives, a non-profit organization that offers mindfulness and yoga videos and activity sheets to kids in partnership with Scholastic, also provides Alo gives.


Altitude Sports is the first Canadian online retailer of outdoor gear. It was founded in 1999. It was established to promote outdoor activities by renting and selling quality outdoor clothing and other supplies. They have partnered with many brands, including Patagonia, North Face and GoPro, to sell their products.

What We Like

  • The site is a hub for many products. However, the brand did an amazing job designing it so that users can find what they need easily.
  • The homepage includes product photos from top brands, Staff Picks and new arrivals to guide shoppers in the right direction.
  • Customers can shop by activity in the gear section (e.g., running, skiing). So their products can be grouped together, such as skiing, running, and camping
  • Altitude’s blog contains many buying guides that will help you narrow down your search to only the best products.


Christian Guzman founded Alphalete to encourage people to “learn, dream more and be more.” His goal was to make tailor-made pieces, rather than screen printing shirts. The brand offers simple, comfortable and stylish accessories and clothing for workouts.

What We Like

  • Their popup only asks for a phone number. This proves that they use SMS marketing which allows them to instantly connect with potential customers via text messages.
  • The site’s design is very similar to an app. Smooth animations, curved corners and vertically-oriented content are all visible when you scroll through it.
  • Customers can choose from 23 different colors to match their workout set.
  • The brand went on the road with a group Alphaletes (brand ambassadors/content creators), to meet with fans. This was a creative and fun way of growing the business.

Should I use Shopify for my Apparel Store?

Shopify is home of many successful and exciting fashion brands. There are good reasons. Fashion stores will love Shopify as a platform. Shopify is flexible and easy to use, with many powerful features that will help you get your fashion store on the first page.

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform for managing your product catalog, displaying them in all their glory, and helping your business grow.

These are five benefits of Shopify as a fashion eCommerce platform:

Photography should be at the center

Shopify has a wide selection of themes that are high-quality and would be a great start point for your fashion store.

Shopify’s themes allow you to place photography at the center of your store. Shopify uses imagery to highlight the best features of your fashion products. Your store design can be centered around great product and lifestyle photography. This will allow customers to see how your clothes fit into their lives.

You can also use one of Shopify’s themes to create a modern, stylish store without having to spend a lot on development.

It is possible to get your store online or move over from another platform, without having to create a theme.

Naturally responsive

Shopify has a great advantage, especially for fashion retailers. All Shopify themes are responsive.

A responsive eCommerce website allows users to browse and interact with your site from any device. Mobile browsers should enjoy a great experience when browsing your site. A great mobile experience is essential, as smartphones are expected to account for 60% of all traffic by 2017.

A great mobile website can make a huge difference for fashion shoppers who are used to using their smartphones to interact with brands.

Shopify customers can shop from wherever they are and interact with you on any device they prefer.

Advanced search and filtering

Your products are likely to come in a variety of sizes, colours, and materials as a fashion retailer. It is important to allow your customers to filter down to the exact variants they desire.

Nothing is worse than finding the perfect shirt only to realize they aren’t the right size or the right color. Shopify offers many search and filtering options to help you manage your store.

It’s easy to set up all the variants you need for your products, and customers can search only for the ones that interest them. This makes it easier for customers to navigate your website and allows them to find the information they need quickly.

A website with powerful search and filtering capabilities can make the difference between customers finding the right product for them or searching elsewhere.

Great social integration

Every fashion brand should use social media as a marketing tool and branding tool.

Shopify offers many great options to seamlessly integrate social media into your website. Shopify allows you to quickly connect your social media accounts to Shopify. This makes it easy for customers and employees alike to share and interact.

Shopify also allows you to connect your store directly to Facebook so that your followers can purchase directly from your page.

Shopify’s latest feature allows you to sell directly from Facebook Messenger conversations. This allows you to recommend products and offer a more personalized service.

To enhance the customer experience, you could embed your Instagram feed directly on product pages. This will allow you to provide social proof at the point-of-purchase.

Apps to enhance your experience

Shopify’s App Store makes it easy to enhance the functionality of your store.

With apps like Sweet Tooth or Loyalty Lion, you could create a loyalty program for your store that encourages repeat purchases and fosters fashion-conscious brand advocates.

Checkout Share allows customers to share their purchases, thereby generating social proof for your brand.

Shopify apps can be used to create an interactive shopping experience for customers. Shopify lets you focus your functionality on your customers, and create unique experiences through apps.


Shopify is a great option for launching your online fashion store or re-platforming on another eCommerce platform.

Shopify combines easy setup and management with simple searching and endless customisation options. Shopify is the best option for fashion stores looking to build a strong online presence, engage customers, and showcase their products.

Are you interested in learning more about Shopify and why it is a great option for your eCommerce store. Feel free to contact , and one of our staff would be delighted to assist you.

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