8 Best Free Themes for Shopify Stores (No 3 is Top Notch)

Shopify is a great ecommerce platform and page creator. Shopify offers a complete online store, with advanced marketing tools and an affordable monthly fee. The themes and apps that you need to design and extend your store are often either free or very cheap. Shopify premium themes are often recommended by us due to their more intuitive design and extra features. However, there are plenty of Shopify themes that can be used to create modern, elegant ecommerce stores with minimal effort.

These themes are great for placing products into catalogs. They also offer options to link to social media pages and provide a quick checkout area. Additional features include product filters, slideshows and product details. The Shopify Theme Library provides a variety of themes that can be used to create completely different layouts for other industries.

Keep your wallet out of reach and read on to find out more about the top Shopify themes for free.

While most Shopify themes are free, the Shopify Theme Library has the best selection. However, there are some theme developers who offer premium themes for free.

We want you to remember that many themes have many styles. We recommend that you test these styles, and not just the one shown in the article.

Now, here are the top Shopify themes for free…


Because of its simple, clean, responsive design and efforts to keep all eyes on what matters, the Minimal Shopify template is a favorite in the Shopify community. The Minimal theme has a lot of white space, which allows you to focus on related products and banners, especially the homepage.

These are the three styles available for this theme:

  • Vintage
  • Fashion
  • Modern

You can see the Vintage style in the screenshot below. It features a modern layout and beautiful product catalogues. Fashion style is for fashion designers and clothing shops. It cleans up the design further. The Modern style adds a modern touch to your designs with a green tint and geometric lines and shapes. You can change the color at any time.

Minimal themes include a homepage video and a list with product recommendations. The slideshow functionality and product zooming are great for displaying your products. The theme also has a product filter that allows you to sort and find the best products.


These styles are part of the Debut theme:

  • Default
  • Light

You can see the default layout in the main image. It is largely white in color and has contemporary stylings and typography. It’s similar to the Light version, except that it’s used in furniture stores as an option.

Debut offers a wide range of features and solutions, including the pickup availability feature that allows local shoppers to know when their items will be available for pick-up.

You can also find product recommendations and filtering on the theme. There is even a homepage video that allows you to upload anything from YouTube and Vimeo. A promotional banner is essential for making announcements. Customer testimonials will help you increase your sales. Slideshow banners can be used to highlight your products and customers. The predictive search bar increases the speed with which customers find your products.


The Boundless Shopify theme can be downloaded for free. It highlights your products in beautiful gallery mode. This is very similar to what you might see in a portfolio.

Boundless offers the following styles:

  • Black and white
  • Vibrant

These names are great because they accurately describe the style. The Black and White style (pictured above) has a mix of light and dark colors and a large slideshow that can be viewed directly in the gallery. Vibrant style increases the size of the slideshow module, adds color and pops to the overall design.

The Boundless theme has many styles that can be optimized for large images. This makes it great for businesses with high resolution photos. It also features sticky navigation and a slideshow fade effect. These make it easy to navigate and add some life to your ecommerce site. For smaller stores, the single product gallery works well. The full-width collection images can be displayed in a stunning layout.

The homepage video also draws attention to any videos you may have featuring products or your company.


The Thalia is one of the most popular Shopify themes and is not available in the Shopify Theme Library. It’s also from a trusted developer who sells premium themes. Thalia has a simple but elegant design that is both powerful and stylish. It also features a lot of white space. Thalia is a great theme for fashion shops, but it can also be used for many other types of ecommerce businesses.

The Thalia Shopify theme is a great free Shopify theme because it offers stylish product swatches to match your variants. The Thalia swatches look like any other theme, but they are visual buttons and not a drop-down menu. A slide-out cart is also included to reduce the amount of intrusiveness and remind customers that there are products they can buy. The theme also offers advanced collection filters that allow customers to filter by price, size, and color.


Because of its simplicity and minimalist design, the Simple theme is appropriately named. This theme can be used to showcase any product, including technology items and fashion items.

These are the styles that come with Simple:

  • Light
  • Beauty
  • Toy

The screenshot shows the Light theme, which has white coloring and a nice side menu. Bright colors and bold fonts make the Beauty style even more imaginative. The Toy theme is a theme that promotes toys. It uses friendly, bright colors with playful fonts.

With the Simple theme, the feature list is quite short but it’s still important. Every product page has a product recommendation area. Image animations can be used to show transition effects and movement within your images. Customers will find the product image zoom helpful. The sidebar menu provides a unique navigational element to the design.


These are the styles that make up the Narrative Shopify theme.

  • Earthy
  • Warm
  • Light
  • Cold

The Earthy style is characterized by green, white, and black colors. Warm design elements can be used in kitchen products as well as home design. The Light style highlights the colors while sticking to a simple design. The Cold style adds depth and shadows to the colors, while providing a cooler feeling.

Narrative themes are used for brand and product storytelling. They highlight your products and provide modules that explain your products to customers. This theme can be used for small catalogs that contain many visual elements. Upload high-quality photos to the theme and showcase them in portfolio-style layouts. Fixed navigation is a great feature. The hero video can also be turned on to play when someone visits your site.

Other features include a vertical slideshow and a wide layout to bring out the pixels in large photos.


Surprise, one of the most popular Shopify themes, is another theme that’s available for free. To download the Appolo Themes theme, you just need to sign up for an Appolo Themes Account.

The Surprise theme also includes a quick view product module that allows people to quickly see the item information without needing to go to the product page. A strong megamenu makes it possible to include a wide range of products in your navigation menu. This is especially useful for larger stores. You can quickly change logos, fonts and colors with an intuitive admin panel.

This theme allows you to upload high-resolution images and offers several places for your product or sales banners. The theme can be used to create a portfolio of images, which is very helpful for selling products that require images. It is most popular in the electronics and home improvement Shopify industries, but it could be used by many other businesses.


The Express theme caters primarily to the food industry with its styles of Pantry and Bistro.

With its fast menu and softened colors, the Bistro layout is meant for a cafe/bistro. Pantry has a more natural appearance, but still features a menu and a section to highlight items you sell at your restaurant or grocery store.

You can quickly transform the Express theme into something unique for your business with its many customizable content sections. The Express theme is best suited for small catalogs. If you have hundreds of products, you might not consider it. You can highlight multiple collections with the featured products section on your homepage.

You can also slide out the cart to clear up clutter and remind customers that they have something in their cart. You can place the Quick Buy button anywhere on your website. This will speed up the purchasing process and make it more user-friendly. You can also expect a mobile-first layout and a layout optimized for online shops. Express is designed to make the buying process quick and efficient. This is a great choice for small stores.


The Fashe Shopify theme was provided by a third-party developer, and not the Shopify Theme Library. The Fashe theme can be used for many types of businesses and is easy to use from a design standpoint. To showcase your latest products, expect plenty of white space and a large banner on the homepage. The hero image has text above the image, and a button that allows users to navigate to other areas of your store.

Although the demo theme features images of fashion items, it is clear that any company can create a Fashe store and transform it into a beautiful website. The multipurpose theme also includes an extensive menu that allows you to add your contact information and social media buttons. Announce banners allow you to display your collections and categories, as well as important sections that can be used for customer support and your blog.

Overall, the Fashe theme is a strong choice with great style and functionality.


Two styles are available in the Supply theme: Light and Blue. Although the blue layout has shades of blue, the majority of the theme’s content is white. These colors can be changed to suit your brand. You can also use the header/slider feature to highlight the most important products and sales in your store. This theme is best suited for large catalogs. It’s recommended for stores with over ten to twenty products. The theme can be filled with thousands of products, without it looking cluttered.

The Light theme uses calming colors and simple fonts. The Light style is more appropriate for a yoga shop or elegant clothing shop. Blue styling is best suited for a technology or camera store.

If you plan to sell thousands or hundreds of products, the Supply theme is the best option. The sidebar offers collection filtering so customers can easily navigate through a large selection of products. These filters allow you to choose from a variety of brands and pricing options.

You also get a slideshow banner that allows you to display one or more images at the top and bottom of your homepage. Combine that with the featured collection and you are well on your way towards a visually appealing presentation of your products using one of the most popular Shopify themes.


To create a hip website, you don’t need to be a Brooklyn resident or have a Brooklyn business. Brooklyn has two styles: Classic and Playful. With its rugged appearance but clean lines, the Classic style is ideal for apparel stores. The large space below the header allows for storytelling. Playful style is a totally different style. You could use it in a fashion shop, but the clothes would be more playful or fun. Playful is more suitable for a bakery or children’s store.

The responsive Brooklyn template will be easy to use. This module makes sure that your most important products are displayed at the top of the homepage. Customers don’t even have to leave their page in order to see or modify the shopping cart slide-out. Based on the number of products in your gallery and the device being used, the dynamic product grid will move around.

There’s also a homepage video section, which pulls from YouTube and Vimeo. This section is great for creating beautiful videos that introduce your brand and show how your products look in real life.

Which Shopify theme is best for your store?

Shopify has many themes to choose from, but you should concentrate on the overall design of your site and the unique features that the theme offers.

Start by deciding if you want one of the top Shopify themes for free or a premium version. Next, make a list of the most important features you want, such as banners and filters. Next, decide how you want your brand image to appear. You can then choose from the Shopify themes for free that best match your brand image.